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Access to the ranch is given by permission only. Look for the ranch sign along 191/666 and stop at the ranch office for access. White Water Draw is a 1400-acre+ area that was purchased by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. This area offers various hunting opportunities including waterfowl, big game and small game See R12-4-108 of the Arizona Hunting Regulations for legal descriptions of Game Management Unit Boundaries. Additionally, each individual tribe controls hunting, if allowed, on the respective Reservation. For more information, contact the appropriate tribe directly. Region I - Pinetop (928) 367-4281 2878 E. White Mountain Blvd The best habitat types to find deer in include mixed conifer and pine / oak woodlands. Some of the larger bucks seem to hang out in areas dominated by junipers but with browse species nearby. Areas: Some good deer densities can still be found around the Hutch Mountain from approximately the 125 (Kinnikinick Lake) Road down to Bargaman Park

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These tiny deer inhabit most of central and southern Arizona between elevations of 3,500 and 6,000 ft. Rarely exceeding 120 lbs, with most bucks around 95-105 lbs, the Coues has become sort of a cult like creature among die hard southwestern deer hunters who specialize in finding these elusive animals with high end optics mounted on sturdy. Game Management Unit 41 With mule deer densities at about 1 deer per square mile, hunting mule deer in this unit on the best years and under the best circumstances is a tough hunt, but, the rewards can be great as some of the largest mule deer bucks in western Arizona are foun Mule deer are found just about everywhere in Arizona. White-tailed deer are found south of Flagstaff, through Central Arizona, all the way to the Mexico border. The best Coues deer range is south of Tucson to the border with Mexico. Hunting any unit east or west of the I-19 is good

Deer. Overview: The Unit 5 deer hunt includes game management units 5A and 5B. Highest densities of mule deer during hunting season occur in transition areas between high elevation summer range and lower elevation pinion-juniper woodland in Unit 5B. Old juniper pushes, chaining, and other openings also attract deer Best hunt in the state? With that being said there is hope in sight. A hunt that has flown under the radar in Arizona for decades is now beginning to surface. Arizona offers over-the-counter (OTC) archery mule deer and Coues deer hunts during prime hunting times in prime hunting units. It has become one of the most overlooked and underrated. Jul 7, 2020. Messages. 47. Im entering my senior year of high school and for a graduation present, my mom and I have been discussing a western hunt in 2021. I live in south Florida so and have been hunting tiny deer in the swamp and have no experience in western states. I have put in a good bit of research and decided on Mule Deer in Arizona

One of the best ways for a hunter to dip their toes into the world of western hunting is to grab their bow, head to Arizona and buy an over-the-counter mule deer tag. Many game units in the state offer archery only non-permit tags that require no drawing. But that doesn't mean it's easy AZ Game & Fish Dept Shooting Sports Branch 5000 W Carefree Hwy Phoenix AZ 85086-500 2. Arizona: Natural disasters like drought have had serious impacts on Arizona's mule deer population, which is estimated between 85,000 and 100,000 animals, but Arizona remains a prime destination for big bucks. The number four typical mule deer of all time was harvested in the state in 1994. More recently, a 211⅜-inch buck was killed in Mohave County in 2015, so Arizona's glory days.

COUSE DEER- what are the best units in AZ Planning a AZ couse hunt to finish my North American deer slam and looking to harvest a respectable mature buck. Not asking for any ones honey hole just wanting some honest opinions on the best units for trophy quality , population numbers , as well as public access Hunting is a great sport and pastime for many. It is much more than a hobby to those who practice it. The state of Arizona allows hunting year round. However, it is strictly regulated. It is believed that Arizona offers some of the absolute best hunting in the entire nation. Arizona is well known for [ 31 Posts. #15 • Nov 4, 2009. 28 Muleys. We have seen deer in 2 areas when pig hunting. Take the road that goes to the Rabbit Farm. There is a road that goes along the south side of the Whitlock Mtns. There are also deer in the Peloncillo Mtns, southwest of the Rabbit farm. Good Luck Arizona has some vast areas of public land, primarily US Forest Service and BLM land. The Chiricahua, Santa Rita, Galiuro, and Graham mountains are some popular choices for hunting Coues deer. The map on the left shows the distribution of Coues whitetail in Arizona and is provided courtesy of the Arizona Game and Fish Department

Hiwassee and Yuchi wildlife refuges have growing deer herds the state would like to reduce, so those areas are good for hunters seeking antlerless deer. Because of its small size, Yuchi Refuge has. Whether you're out for a trophy elk or something smaller, hunting is at its best in Arizona's White Mountains. The White Mountains area was included on Outdoor Life magazine's list of the Top 200 Towns for Sportsmen every year from 2008 to 2012. The State of Arizona & Apache Tribe Issue Hunting Permits for Game of All Size So, it's best if flying non-resident hunters arrive in Arizona the evening prior to meeting us (two days before hunting), rent a car from the airport, get a hotel room and we will meet the next day around noon in the hunt area about 1 to 2 hours from the Tucson Airport or 3 to 4 hours from the Phoenix Airport. These are the closest major airports In terms of geographic area, numbers and size, Arizona is the clear front runner for a Coues deer hunt destination. Coues range over much of the state with highest densities occurring in the south. Five of the top 10 typical archery records come from Arizona with only two from Mexico (Sonora) All 10 non-typicals were taken in Arizona

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  1. Nebraska. With an abundance of flat terrain, agriculture and private land along river corridors, Nebraska is known to most hunters as a state with great whitetail hunting. That is true, but for hunting mule deer on the eastern edge of their range, Nebraska has a lot to offer hunters. Mule deer are common in the western half of Nebraska, and the.
  2. The Arizona Strip and Kaibab Plateau have long been hailed as the world's premier areas to hunt for trophy mule deer and boast an impressive track record of producing giant mule deer bucks for the hunters that are lucky enough to draw tags in these world famous trophy mule deer hunting areas
  3. ation pays off on the Arizona Strip. Read More . Written by: Dave Loesche
  4. Being surrounded by the Arizona Strip, the Paunsaugunt, and the Kaibab Plateau; which are some of the best trophy mule deer gene pools in the world, ensures that Arizona Unit 12B will always have trophy quality mule deer bucks for the lucky trophy mule deer hunters who are fortunate enough to draw a tag in this trophy mule deer hunting area

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  1. Pima County, Arizona is excellent for hunting. In fact, most of the state is open to hunting as long as you play by the rules. As long as you have a license (and a permit if you're hunting big game), you should be good to go. Pima County offers some of the best places to camp in Arizona
  2. Best of all, these tags are also available over the counter! So while the late-season opportunities get all the attention, don't overlook a great chance to hunt deer with a bow early in the year before they've had any other hunting pressure. Overall, Arizona offers some outstanding deer hunting possibilities
  3. However, such an area actually exists in the deep canyon and open desert country of the Arizona Strip. This unique location is known to hold some of the best mule deer hunting in the entire world. Recently, a resident hunter named John Holbrook proved just how good the hunting can be in this region with an amazing buck that gross scored 239 6/8
  4. The Unit 13B rifle hunt is the premier mule deer hunt in Arizona. This hunt can be a rut hunt depending on the weather and rainfall. Arizona Hunting Unit 13A Unit 13A, on the Eastern side of the AZ Strip can be tougher to hunt than unit 13B but the quality of the mule deer that are found here is phenomenal

Unit 10 is our #1 pick for the best unit for elk hunting in Arizona. With incredible genetics, it produces 400 class bulls every year, even on the drought years. Besides the genetics, Unit 10 is very easy to hunt. The terrain is well suited for glassing. Even on bad rut years, when the elk aren't bugling, you can always glass up a bull in. Joined Dec 21, 2008. ·. 14,044 Posts. #5 · Oct 5, 2016. Welcome to AHT, Parks, Ive hunted 6a south quite a bit, The area I would suggest is around Salmon Butte, Thats where powerline cross hwy 260, Hunt to SE or to NE, stay on the top portions as if you get down in the canyons like Fossil Crk, you will find mostly Whitetails For mule deer hunt the lower hills. Around the biosphere used to be a good area. Down the river road past San Manuel is a good area. Behman Canyon and Edgar Canyon are a good start. On the south end of unit 33 by Emperita Rd is good all the way to the San Pedro. Behind El Conquistador is a good area if you can still get back there Northern Arizona Mule Deer Hunting. By Dan Fritz, aka rockymtnhunter at MonsterMuleys.com. Arizona - Unit 12A (East and West) The North Kaibab stirs the soul of every dedicated mule deer hunter - it is one of the most sought after hunting permits in the West. Its reputation for huge, trophy quality bucks is both well-earned and almost mythical Most types of hunting and fishing licenses are available online at the Arizona Game and Fish Department, or at 300 dealers statewide. The website also offers detailed information on regulations, hunting areas and more, or reach out to the Yuma regional office. Yuma is home to two shooting ranges, one outdoors and one indoors

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  1. Auction/Governor's Tags. We have scouted/guided the statewide auction tag for mule deer a total of 10 times resulting in some of the biggest deer ever harvested in Arizona. This includes bucks over 285 and 40 inches wide. This tag is for serious hunters interested in the best mule deer hunt available in the world today
  2. The Arizona OTC Archery Mule Deer Hunt is the most over looked hunt in the west with opportunity at trophy caliber bucks with an average 160-180 class bucks with annually bucks exceeding 180+. Last year we killed a 201 gross typical and a 223 non typical buck. Shots vary based on the Archers Skill set
  3. Hunting in Rim Country, you will find all sorts of wild game, enjoy challenging terrain, and experience stunning sunsets. Few states enjoy the diverse hunting opportunities that we have in Arizona and with proximity to the Rim, Payson has it all. The Town of Payson is located in Unit 22
  4. Many also hunt the late season in Arizona with a non-permit OTC archery tag. With that being said, since tags are guaranteed, these states see quite a bit of hunting pressure in certain areas. For that reason, research units and hunting areas

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The Francis Marion National Forest provides more than a quarter million acres of public-land hunting for deer, turkeys, quail, and small game. #8 - Bend, OR. Drive less than an hour from Bend and you can be fishing a stream in a desert canyon, a high alpine lake, or a spring creek. #9 - Bismarck, ND Dieringer Outfitters - We offer guided hunts for elk, mule deer, coues whitetail, bighorn sheep, antelope, and mountain lions in Arizona. We work very hard to see that you have an enjoyable hunt and take a great animal. We are out hunting or scouting year around, and have a vast knowledge of many of Arizona's best hunting units

Hunting hard should produce sightings of bucks in the 160-180 class. Expect to work harder than the other hunters in order to kill one of the better bucks on the unit. San Juan - Elk Ridge: This unit borders the Henry Mountains Unit on the map. It was once arguably the best unit in the state, but in recent decades, deer number have declined 9) Area-34-1: With some very gentle sagebrush country and plenty of deer to pick over, a hunt in this area can be a very good option for not overly experienced mule deer hunter or an older hunter wanting to get out and get after a good four-point buck. With a nine-point draw and a very high success rate this hunt is a good hunt for a nice 20. 10 Best Public Lands for Elk (And How to Hunt Them) The kings of the deer family thrive on large ranges of land. Many public areas offer plenty of room for both elk and the hunters who roam for them Re: Arizona unit 42. I live in 42. Have hunted with a bow there the last few years. Seen a few didn't get a shot. If I were seriously hunting there I would go in the White Tanks Park and hike and camp way back in the hills. There is a golf course at the south-eastern side of the tanks that the big daddy rabbits visit frequently then shoot back.

The Equality State has many incredible elk-hunting units, or areas, as the Wyoming Game and Fish Department refers to them. Some are easily drawn with just a few points, while others can take many years to pull. Area 100, in particular, is a gem that requires seniority in the draw, at least for nonresident hunters The Best Spots for Trophy Mule Deer Hunting. This mule deer hunter hunted private land in Colorado to take this 4x4 scoring over 180 B&C points. Mule deer remain the symbol of western big game hunting. Overshadowed by elk in recent years, regulars grew up hunting the West when muley numbers were high and elk numbers not nearly what they are today

When big game hunting, information is your best weapon —our maps provide area specific information to help you develop your hunt strategy. From hunting elk in Colorado, Idaho, or Utah, to tracking deer in Arizona, the details our maps provide are helpful if you plan on hunting in an unfamiliar area or you just need more information on a. Arizona has the bulk of the Coues deer hunting opportunities in the U.S. Although all Coues tags must be applied for through Arizona's annual lottery, leftover tags are usually available in the more remote parts of the state, particularly near the Mexican border 2019 EARLY RIFLE UNIT DETAILS. UNIT 1,2A,2C. The best elk units in Arizona typically share a border with a reservation or National Park. This hunt has very light hunting pressure. A very fun hunt with lots of elk. One of the better early muzzle-loader hunts in the state. Elevations from 6,800 to 10,800

These are the 10 best places for hunting elk here in North America. 1. North and South Idaho. This western state generally isn't considered the absolute best state for hunting elk, but it is quickly growing in popularity for a simple reason: the easy availability of over-the-counter tags for non-residents The tribal wildlife agency made it mandatory for people hunting in some areas along the Utah-Arizona state line to check in their deer. But according to Fort, only one person of 31 tagged out. Arizona has the best antelope hunting in the world and is the top producer for record class pronghorn. If you are looking to hire a guide to harvest a goat of a lifetime contact High Point Outfitters. Arizona Antelope Hunts Gallery - See what it's like to have a hunt with u Dallas County, Alabama, is prime deer hunting ground, but virtually anywhere in the Alabama woods provides terrific deer hunting, with a deer herd estimated at 1.75 million animals. Bow, rifle, and shotgun hunting are permitted in 170,000 acres of wildlife management areas (WMA) and a host of private hunting lodges are available

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The Irish Setter 2870 Vaprtrek Men's hunting boots are another eye-catching creation from the company that makes footwear design seem effortless. The most effective camo boot on our list and one of the best on the market the 2870 is made for less than ideal conditions when you need to remain unseen Our trophy mule deer and whitetail hunts are conducted at our Eastern Plains location and provide some excellent hunting opportunities for trophy class bucks. All archery, muzzleloader and rifle deer hunts are 5 days in duration. The eastern plains hunts are our most popular for trophy deer and subsequently book up well in advance Collecting shed antlers in national parks, national wildlife refuges or national recreation areas is also illegal. Deer Antler Shed Hunting Tips. When you're hunting for deer antler sheds and you spot one side, look nearby to see if the other side of antlers is around. Dogs can make excellent shed hunting partners when properly trained

Hunting in Arizona. Big game hunting for mule deer, wild turkey, pronghorn, and bighorn sheep occurs each year in Arizona. The hunts are administered by the Arizona Game and Fish Department and cooperatively occur on BLM-administered public lands. No gas or other services are available in the hunting areas, nor is drinking water provided So, it's best if flying non-resident hunters arrive in Arizona the evening prior to meeting us (two days before hunting), rent a car from the airport, get a hotel room and we will meet the next day about noon in the hunt area about 1 to 2 hours from the Tucson Airport or 3 to 4 hours from the Phoenix Airport. These are the closest major airports Deer. Arizona's two deer species are both represented within parks across the state. Mule deer, and Coues whitetail deer typically occupy slightly differing habitats, although species overlap is common and can be seen in some of the parks. If visitors would like to increase the likelihood of an encounter with deer in the parks, they should be. Jul 13, 2018. #1. My buddy and I got drawn for 19A in Arizona this year, which is in my backyard. My first successful big game hunt came in the form of a javelina earlier this year but this is my first deer hunt I've ever gotten to do. Growing up watching hunting shows, I've been dreaming of a nice wide mule deer since I was 15, so I'm very. Arizona Draw Odds & Information. Western Big Game, Mule Deer and Elk Hunting Social Media Site. Thousands of muley and elk photos, pics, and pictures. See Giant Bucks and Bulls harvested on film. Learn more about the sport of hunting

Founded in the epicenter of monster mule deer country, True Hunts is a foremost expert on opportunities to harvest big mountain deer. Cliff has been involved in the harvest of dozens of deer over 185″, many over 200″ and has spent years researching areas that can produce top quality bucks Staring at $1,100,000. 2,850 +/- Total Acres. Not to be out-matched by the unparalleled fly-fishing, Elk Creek Ranch also offers an abundance of world-class big game hunting opportunities. Near the base of the Flat Tops Wilderness Area, this region is a sanctuary for North America's largest resident elk herd as well as mule deer, moose, bear and upland birds Where To Find Meteorites in Arizona! 1. Black Hills Rockhound Area. The Black Hills Rockhound Area is one of the BLM designated sites for collecting minerals and gems, including fire agate. The area is located about 20 miles northeast of Safford. There is a sign near milepost 141 on Highway 191 marking the graded dirt road to the site The entire country has always been recognized as a deer hunting haven for numerous species. The best areas for whitetails are in the eastern and southern farmlands as well as the river valleys. Arizona. Arizona is the home to the elusive Coues whitetail. The downside is that it can take up to 10 years (or more) to get deer tags in this state

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People hunt for mule deer, wild turkey, pronghorn, and bighorn sheep each year in Arizona. The Arizona Game and Fish Department manages the hunts. They happen cooperatively on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) administered public lands. There is no gas, drinking water, or other services in the hunting areas. Animal densities are generally low Arizona has many surprises when it comes to hunting seasons. While many would believe that this Southwestern state is nothing but desert, Arizona's ecosystem is perfect for a variety of wildlife. If you are looking to hunt common game like quail, deer and turkey, Arizona can provide prosperous hunting Deer Hunting in Nebraska. New in 2021 beginning June 14 at 1:00 p.m. CT through Friday, June 25, residents and nonresidents may buy a Preference Point OR apply for one deer permit in the following draw units: Platte Mule Deer Conservation Area, and Frenchman Mule Deer Conservation Area. In addition, Nebraska residents and eligible resident and. Arizona's White Mountains are home to a variety of wildlife including: Elk , Deer , Antelope , Javelina , Bear , Turkey, Sheep, Mountain Lion, Squirrel, and water fowl. Fishing is a year 'round opportunity! Hunting seasons are scheduled by the Arizona Game & Fish Department. Permits are required, along with a legal hunting license, for the. Whitetail Deer Hunting (50 Viewing) Gain a better understanding of the World's most popular big game animal and the techniques that will help you become a better deer hunter

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98% Opportunity Rate. Great hunting outfitters are truly hard to come by, we have focused on the long term success of our business and reputation as one of the best Arizona hunting outfitters. Our passion for scouting, guiding and hunting is next to none. We live for the hunt and love getting our clients great results Dream Hunts: 20 Incredible Big Game Hunting Trips. From moose hunts in Canada to monster mule deer hunts in the desert, here are our picks for 20 hunting trips to plan your greatest outdoor. Shed Antler Hunting Tip #8 - Quality Spots, Quality Sheds. Just like with any kind of hunting, the better your spot, the better your results. If you search an area with a large deer population and it's loaded with great bucks, you should do well. A favorite saying of mine is an ounce of private property is worth 10 pounds of public. Of course, these areas may be far from roads and your trucks, but you may have a better chance of finding your prize in these places. 7. Find deer food. If you find areas where deer feed, you'll most likely find a lot of bucks and a lot of shed antlers. These areas are most likely those with thick foliage, plenty of plants, fruits, nuts, and.

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6 Best Mule Deer Hunting Tips and Tactics 1. Take A Vantage Point. One of the first drills I learned while I was still a newbie to giant mule deer hunting, is that despite their size mule deer are difficult to spot when they lie down Diamond Outfitters is North America's largest & most respected full-time, Veteran-owned full service outfitter. We are a family run business hunting and guiding on over 19,000,000 acres of private and public land in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Sonora, Mexico. Our guides are largely comprised of military Veterans and local First Responders We have areas and options for you to combine your Desert Mule Deer Hunt with our Mexico Desert Bighorn Sheep, a Dove Shoot, or a Trophy Coues Whitetail hunt. Our hunts are all inclusive including transportation to and from the airport as well as gun permits, trophy preparation, food, drinks etc

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Arizona Bison Seasons. #6. Arizona Bear Seasons. #7. Arizona Mountain Lion Seasons. With many easily accessible hunting spots and abundance of small game, such as rabbits, doves, quail, and many more, this state is perfect for any passionate hunter. In the desert state of Arizona hunting is more than just a hobby for many people NEW 2021-2022 Mammal Hunting BOOKLET (PDF) (opens in new tab) (effective through June 2022) includes regulations for: hunting small and big game mammals; trapping furbearers (fox, badger, beaver and raccoon, etc.); hunting nongame animals (bobcat, coyote, weasel, etc.) 2021 Big Game Hunting Digest includes: hunt seasons, tag quotas and drawing for deer, elk, pronghorn antelope and bighorn. The hunting style will be to cover ground, and you will be glassing the different area's of the unit with some of the best spotters in the business. Once a bull is located you will move in on foot and calling tactics will be used during the archery hunts, while spot and stalk will be the name of the game during the rifle seasons More of the area's attributes include mule deer with the right genetics and a management philosophy to make record-book dreams come true. With an overall estimated population of 3,700 mulies whose average age is between 4 and 5 years, the Paunsaugunt Unit draws the attention of far more hunters who want a hunting tag to go there each year than it has tags available

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It wasn¡¦t until 2007 that whitetail deer hunters could legally participate in the Nebraska Firearms Season. This was the first thing that caught my attention to the State of Nebraska Deer Hunting. Think of it. A resource of deer hunting that has literally went untapped until 2007 for non residents hunters wishing to hunt whitetail deer in. For general maps detailing the individual hunt area boundaries, visit CDFW's Deer Hunting web page. Page 3 of 12 D6 Zone General Deer Hunt Information OBTAINING DEER TAGS Beginning in late 2010, CDFW began implementation of the new Automated License Data System (ALDS). Under this computer data system, all licenses, stamps, and tag

map-of-idaho-hunting-unit-22 | Download them and printThe Best Southwest Mule Deer Hunting - Game & FishArchery Mule Deer Hunts in South Dakota | BMO HuntsTrophy Mule Deer Hunts on Arizona's famed Kaibab Plateau

Mule Deer Hunting Location - Jackson County, CO - Units 6, 16, 17 & 171. Mountain Hunts - GMU's (Game Management Units) 6,16,17,171. Our Mule Deer Hunts are free range in the Mountains of Eastern Colorado. Mule Deer hunts take place on our private Ranches in Rand, CO. These hunts take place in Late September/Early October and November during. The area we hunt is famous for and offers some of the best Trophy Mule Deer hunting in the world. This region of western Wyoming has all the ingredients for growing trophy class bucks: genetics, ample vegetation, high mountain basins, natural winter range and the necessary cover and hidey-holes that allow bucks to reach their maturity Whitetail Deer Hunting Season: Ox Ranch has an MLD permit that extends our Whitetail season further than what most ranches are allowed. Sep. 29 - Feb 28th. (archery and rifle) Origin: North America Antler Size: 8-14 points Weight: 100-403 pounds Estimated World Population: 30,000,000+ Ox Ranch Population: 750+ Whitetail deer are native to Texas, and there is no better place to hunt them than. New hunting regulations booklets available. New harvest tickets for the regulatory year. Aug- Sept: Most fall hunting seasons begin. Some Dall sheep, caribou, deer, and moose seasons open. Obtain harvest tickets and/or registration permits for big game before hunting. Turn in harvest reports within 15 days of the close of the season. Nov Big Horn Outfitters offers world-class guided hunting adventures in the beautiful Big Horn Mountains of Northern Wyoming. We offer 100% fair chase hunts for Antelope, Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Shiras Moose, Merriams Turkey and Prairie Dogs. Owners Dustin DeCroo and Rich Sweeny are Wyoming natives and have spent nearly their entire lives. The area you are put in will be decided by what you would like to hunt mule deer or whitetail deer. Keep in mind there at 8 one mile squares of deer hunting property to spread everyone out. If you want to change areas contact the outfitter after 2 days and he can adjust according to what is available at that time