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Staining is one of the best ways to perform on your white door in order to make it look weathered as well as rustic. Make sure to select a kind of color for staining process that will have a rustic finish, such as dark brown, a weathered gray or amalgam of both, made by layering stains Compliments the door nicely, I would say. That's all there is to that project! I think this would look super on a pantry door as well. Back in the day, I painted our pantry door red and loved it for years. That was up until this past year when we actually had a custom tobacco wood barn door. I love that rustic look If you're going for a distressed look that has a chipped paint-like finish, pick your base paint and get to brushing - or spraying. An Algonquin beige/brown base paired with a nice white, grey or even sage green Casement finish can really make the chipped paint look pop. It's the perfect combination to make a door look old and rustic Glaze and Dry-Brushed Paint Glaze is another way to make the door look more rustic and aged. Brush a colored glaze over a plain, painted or sealed door to add the desired color effect, such as..

Cover both sides of the door with a coat of latex -- water-based -- off-white paint with a hint of gray as the base color. Allow the paint to dry. 9 Paint the door with a light to medium shade of.. Steps: Using the side of the candle, roughly rub wax along the wood, working quickly and sporadically, leaving wax behind on the surface. Paint the entire surface with white paint and let it dry until tacky, about 15 to 20 minutes. Use a rag to scrub the surface, applying pressure over the wax areas to remove paint Rip a piece of 0000 steel wool into shreds. Place it in a glass bottle of white vinegar. Set aside for 24 hours somewhere where the smell won't bother anyone. Once the steel wool is dissolved, brush it over the door Apr 2, 2013 - How to paint interior doors to be a statement piece! {plus: how to glaze using wood stain.} Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Prime with Kilz then paint with latex enamel gloss paint (2 coats). I really like either navy blue or dove grey for a farmhouse rustic look. Gk on Sep 25, 2018 You don't have to sand all the paint off--you can just sand the damaged areas so they are smooth and then sand the rest lightly so the shine is dulled

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  1. Grilles simulate or create divided light and have a historic look that fits right in with your rustic décor. Consider six-over-six casements or four-over-one or six-over-one double-hung window configurations in a traditional wood to really boost your rustic look
  2. This video demonstrates how to stain distressed wood for the barn door project. Watch Part 1 to see how to distress wood before staining
  3. Step One: Sand and Tape Off Hardware or Remove Hardware Before you start, make sure to protect your door hardware with painters tape, or to remove it. You'll also want to spread a drop cloth underneath the door to protect surrounding surfaces and the floor beneath
  4. Let me show you a super simple way to add an awesome aged texture to wood to give it that old, distressed, weathered look of barn wood, pallet wood, etc. I'l..
  5. How to get a Rustic Finish on New Wood in 4 steps! Getting a rustic finish on new wood can be tricky and there are several methods how to attain it. This is just one way that I get an old wood look made easy. Getting a rustic finish on new wood is very easy. This step by step DIY is for everyone and creates that old well worn look we all love
  6. g wax. This part was much more fun and exciting! I had never heard of li
  7. ed the size of our doors. (This will completely depend on your project.) Make sure to take into consideration the width of the lattice used to frame out the door. Once you've deter

What is really clever about this barn door is the paint job. At first glance, it looks like there is a lot of heavy metal trim on these doors—but look more closely! You will notice that the metal trim on the doors is actually just more painted wood. Source: younghouselove. 43. Make a Miniature Sliding Barn Door for Your Peephol Such a unique, rustic-looking finish! Here's a look at it in better light. . Here are my new shelves up in the living room now! Just the perfect size to add a little personality to this little section of the room. . Do you have any smooth, boring furniture pieces with a melamine-type finish on them that could use a little more rustic. Make a super cool garden arbor using old doors. It is sure to be a conversation starter. Use clean white doors, like these, chippy painted doors, or distressed wood doors for a variety of options. The more weathered and chippy, the more rustic the look will be Beaded cabinet doors and ones with more intricate pelmets and filials will create a more Georgian manor house feel, while flat-fronted styles will add sleek lines to an otherwise rustic look. Painted kitchens are popular and also ensure there's an easy refresh option when the inevitable wear and tear on a busy family space takes hold

Rustic style kitchen often makes you feel like you are in a small cottage overlooking the mountain view or that vintage kitchen space that looks like your mother's late 70s photographs. Mounting a wooden cabinet that has glass doors on top of a white cabinet with a polished wood countertop makes you feel the later atmosphere I love this project. I'm fixing to start on my doors and black has always been the color I was going to use because I love the richness of it. I recently redone the walls surrounding the door in question with old fashioned barn tin on the bottom and rustic pallet boards on top with stained 1×4's as the trim and chair rail

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  1. This step is going to reveal the original finish, which in this example is white paint. Finally, soak a rag in coloring agent and buff it into the edges. Immediately wipe away any excess. To make the finish look even more aged and rustic, you can lightly buff more coloring agent into the matte paint throughout the entire piece
  2. From rustic to industrial to sleek and modern, barn door hardware comes in a myriad of styles and colors to suit any decor. For a casual farmhouse vibe, stick to hardware with an aged bronze patina and pair with a milky-white door. For best results use our tips for painting doors. Check out what it takes to create a rustic looking barn door
  3. Here's a list of three awesome ways YOU can create your own rustic looking furniture! #1 Build It!: You can build your own rustic furniture from repurposed pallets or wood from a big box hardware store. Ana White offers all kinds of tutorials on how to build rustic furniture
  4. To create a tumbled, organic look, have your stone mason recess the grout so that the fireplace looks to be dry stacked. A raised hearth creates extra seating and a place to store firewood. Next to a roaring fire is also a great place to sneak in a bed. Hire a fireplace expert to create this look. Sethbennphoto
  5. The Rustic Beauty of Natural Wood. Renewable, timeless, warm, and custom designs are characteristics that make natural wood an appealing material for farmhouse style. This detached three-story barn-style garage was built entirely with recycled wind fence from old farmhouses and features a guest suite above the garage
  6. To create my rustic header and window trim, this is what I used: 2x8x10' pine board for header. 1x4 construction grade pine for the casing around the window. 1x3 construction grade pine for the trim between the windows. 8 1/2x3 galvanized lag screws and washers to attach header. Miter saw for cutting the trim
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Of course, not every single farmhouse piece you ever make has to be made completely out of wood. If you're still interested in making something farmhouse inspired but you're not into the idea of woodworking or adding lots of heavy wooden finishes to your room, check out this mirror from Growing Up Gantt instead. They guide you through the process of making the mirror look like a classic. Just 3 simple steps! Let's get started. First, I dry brushed the frame with white paint. Chalk paint would probably be ideal, but I just used white ceiling paint. If you aren't familiar with dry brushing, you simply dip the very tip of your brush in paint and dab off any excess, then apply over your surface

A sliding barn door is a creative solution for rooms with a tight layout since it opens and closes without disrupting the layout of a space. Unlike pocket doors, you won't have to tear out the wall to install this type of door. Here are some easy steps to adding some rustic charm to any room 2. Using a paintbrush - Dip a brush into the glaze, wipe of excess. Brush glaze onto door by going in the director of the wood grain. TIP: Use a rag to wipe off portions of the applied stain; this will result in discolorations that will help the wood look worn not too dark and fake. Finishing the stain 17. Elegant rustic with white concrete countertop. White concrete and wooden accents can dramatically change the interior decor scene to bring in an agrarian look that is nonetheless stylish and fabulous! A wooden cabinet space set in an all-white countertop looks marvelous and works especially well for smaller spaces with a curving cooking. Here's my latest trial - using red paint to make a vintage old barn look for rustic garden signs and other crafts. The finer the steel wool, the faster it works, but all I have right now is some coarser grade steel wool, salvaged from a demolition project. Don't look at it too closely, it may have had mice chewing on it If you don't already, you should subscribe to our blog so you get an email every time we publish a new blog post (not more than 2 times a week TOPS)! You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you don't miss ANY of this madness!. There are sooooo many different methods and techniques out there for distressing or aging wood to look like rugged old barn boards

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  1. My current project is a lot of fun. I am making shelving and cabinetry for a walk-in master closet. The fun part is in the finish. My client has chosen to have the work done in pine, with a rustic, old barn look. The wood will look old, and worn; but it will not be rough, it will be smooth to the touch
  2. Here, the wood almost turns gray with traces of the original wood peeking out. Get this look by spraying the wood with an oven cleaner. Make sure it is lye-based since lye is a corrosive substance. After, spray the wood with a layer of white vinegar. The result is a perfectly aged gray wood. 3. The Blow Torch Metho
  3. How to Make New Wood Look Old, Weathered and Rustic. I have a confession to make. All the wood that you saw on my art studio wall is not exactly old or salvaged. Will you forgive me if I share with you the Secret to Make New Wood Look Old, Weathered and Rustic?. In order to have enough wood, I had to buy some new pine boards off the shelf at Lowe's
  4. Whether in a cabin, a cottage, a farmhouse, or a new-build in the suburbs, creating a rustic look is easy. It starts with a mix of textures and materials such as weathered wood beams and stone fireplace surrounds, wood and metal furniture paired with leather and natural linen covered seating, and natural sisal and cozy wool rugs
  5. Replace or Add Rustic Frames, Doors and Knobs. Aside from refinishing and creating texture, you can scour antique shops for genuine antique or reclaimed wood, knobs, pulls, and handles. Old barn woods are perfect materials that represent the rustic look and they are less costly too
  6. Why sure! They also asked to feature my rustic wood flag with the iron star in a roundup of Fourth of July Decorations. And that was a yes from me too. The wood flag is not the conventional colorful flag and I like the rustic look. You can see how I made the neutral color flag here. My DIY flag above is still my favorite. I made it back in 2014
  7. Other easy rustic projects like rustic wooden boxes and rustic garden signs that benefit from these paint techniques can be painted with country sayings. Weathering and distressing the boards before you build your rustic craft, then again after to give it a well used and well loved look is the key

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  1. Creating Bi-Fold Faux Barn Doors. Last year, we turned the guest bedroom closet into our craft supply storage closet.We had to empty out the old room to create the nursery.. Part of our nursery makeover was to do the bi-fold doors in that room.We went for kind of a modern slatted look for those doors
  2. How to make a Plain Wood Board Look Rustic. To make a Rustic Wood Sign, I first stain the board with a dark stain. Then, spray paint the whole board with white spray paint . It will probably take a few coats of paint to cover the board if you are using a dark base stain. I like to use spray paint because paint and a brush tend to smear the.
  3. Allow the varnish to dry for two days and reinstall any hardware, drawer fronts or doors that you removed. Warning If your pine items have a very knotty appearance, it will be almost impossible to make them look exactly like oak, as the grains of the two woods are too dissimilar
  4. There is a reason why rustic pantry door is included in our list. The reason is that rustic furniture has a timeless appeal. Of course, this includes rustic pantry doors as well. Rustic pantry doors, just like any other rustic furniture, bring a classic, old, and unique vibe to the room. Rustic pantry doors are also flexible as well
  5. Barn doors have a distinctive look, usually featuring a wooden board that goes across diagonally and a two-layer frame that adds depth to its design. You can find the plans for such a door on jennasuedesign if you ever want to build one yourself from scratch. This white sliding door is excellent for the bathroom and looks beautiful from both sides
  6. However, we've figured there is one simple change we can make to improve the look of the rooms in our house: a closet door makeover! We have plain bi-fold doors, and they're the worst! So on our quest to spruce them up, we've found 18 closet door makeovers that made us say wow
  7. Rustic Wood Valance. open kitchen with wood accents and brick walls. Sometimes, the best curtains are no curtains at all. A long plank of wood forms a valance in this rustic industrial kitchen. This wood valance can easily be an inexpensive DIY window treatment with a few nails and some pieces of wood

Below are some further examples of how with some basic materials, you can make your Ikea furniture look vintage. Mid-Century Sliding Door Console Table from Lack Shelves This long console table/TV stand by Canadian Adam Wu is one of my favourite vintage Ikea hacks and just goes to show how much a simple set of hairpin legs can transform a piece. F-2500™ Folding Patio Doors. Integrate these stylish, energy-efficient, and affordable fiberglass patio doors into your Farmhouse design. Higher tiers unlock elevated style and customization. Windows and doors in this portfolio are built from real wood, vinyl, and fiberglass made to last

A large white farmhouse sink occupies the center of the room, framed by simple open shelving and an oversized window. The look is completed with a grey butcher block countertop, adding an industrial touch to this stunning space. 7. Rustic Reclaimed Wood Cabinet Old world style rustic wood entry doors. These unique exterior doors are made from distressed mahogany or knotty alder woods, and have classic accessories such as grilles, clavos and a working speakeasy. We are Houston's best source for discount castle doors. And don't forget, we also ship anywhere in the USA, from San Diego to Boston The touch of the steel is a strong rustic look in a bathroom and straw basket gives you the atmosphere of calm and old to make your bathroom seems warm. Raw Wood The touch of wooden material in the main sport of your bathroom is enough to make your bathroom looks rustic, but raw wood material is also possible to be used as an exquisite vanity. The best trim color should coordinate with the paint color and finish of your walls. Colors like white, cream and grey always look good! Or, you can paint the trim around the door black for a seamless look. The 5 Reasons to Paint Your Interior Doors Black. They add instant drama to any space; Black doors make builder grade doors look more expensiv These homeowners softened the look of their California home by whitewashing the red brick paver path leading up to their front door and painting the dark brown exterior white. Matte black trim and a matching door and sconces create high-definition architecture. Palm trees and tropical plants provide a striking contrast to the white farmhouse.

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Barn doors are a popular pick right now, bringing a charming, rustic element to your space. Swap out your traditional closet door with a closet barn door or add it as a transition between two rooms to really make a statement. Sliding Doors You'll most likely find these as closet doors If you need a new headboard and you want to give your bedroom a great country look, you can create a rustic headboard that looks like an old barn door. This project can be done with just about any material you want but if you really want the rustic look, you can use pallet boards and old barn wood

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In order to complete the look of a rustic kitchen, antique metals can be used as hardware to adorn your cabinets. Rather than sleek stainless steel or silver hardware, rubbed brass, wrought iron, distressed gold or bronze pulls and knobs can be used to give the warm and cozy look of your perfect rustic kitchen How to make an Oversized Rustic Wood Sign. Having a really small apartment means I can't just keep making wood signs like crazy because I have no place to store them, so I planned it carefully when I made it for my Christmas wood sign last year. Making it reversible makes it the perfect wall art for any occasion and season The white salvaged door was installed against the bedroom wall, serving as a headboard. They could have restored the piece to make it look cleaner, but instead it was left untouched, showing all its history and character. via averielan 7. Place Touches Of Silver And Gold. View in gallery. No matter what else you put in your china cabinet, metallics are a must. The glint of silver and gold will bring your dishes up to date and will make things look a little more modern for your dining room. (via Jersey Ice Cream Company) 8. Decorate For The Holidays

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Halton Rustic. November 5, 2018 ·. Basement storage goals! We are thrilled with how these authentic barnboard doors turned out for this basement storage solution! Functional and stylish! Contact us today for a free quote! 1414. 1 Comment. Like Comment Share A rustic theme adds a country feel to any home, space or surface. Buying antiques to achieve this look in your home can be costly. However, creating a rustic look on a wall or piece of furniture is possible using two different colors of paint, some elbow grease and the right tools. Follow some basic steps to make. They look beautiful. I have been looking for a way to spruce up our pantry doors as well. We are about to begin a kitchen renovation and I had planned to paint them the same color as the cabinets but it might be cool to paint them with some sort of accent color. I love how yours turned out. Visiting via~ Liz Marie Blo

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2. Apply a white wash mixture to the wood. To create a whitewash paint mixture, we mixed about 1 part water to 1 part white paint. We ended up making the mixture a bit thicker with paint and less watery to achieve our desired finish. Next, apply the white wash paint mixture to the wood in long strokes with a paint brush Now for the tutorial on making your doors charming and pretty! I used a piece of MDF that was 4 inches wide I had on hand leftover from the paneled wall, cut it the length of the door and nailed it up. Then I measured what length my crown needed to be and cut. (You will set your saw at 45 degrees for both ends of the crown, just flip the. Over the top is a vintage white and gold metallic wall ornament. This simple idea creates a more interesting display than just hanging pictures. via thequaintsanctuary. Rustic Ladder Shelf. via charmingimperfections. DIY Rustic Letters With Flowers For Wall Decoration. Make a statement or spell a name with these Rustic Letters with Flowers Using the high quality paint brush, lay off the varnish in the direction of the grain. 2.When 1st step is dry, prepare your glaze by making a mixture of TB colorant by a 1:6 ratio with glaze. Depending on how big of a piece you are glazing, start by making a small amount, you can always make more. 3 Re-sand the Furniture. To distress the finish (and make the painted surface look more naturally weathered), take the sander back to the surface of the furniture when the paint has dried. With emphasis on the edges of the furniture, use the sander to gently remove some of the paint and primer allowing the underlying wood to show through

Shiplap is a common rustic decor farmhouse feature. This type of wood paneling is an easy way to make your living room look like a farmhouse from a past era. Pick wooden boards with a few scratches for a feeling of age and wear-and-tear. Shiplap can be installed vertically or horizontally for different looks Plus the white washed finish of the dining table and chairs give such a beautiful rustic look. Source: Rachel The Ponds Farmhouse 22. Gingham and charcoal grey. I love the addition of the black and white gingham chairs that help to add pattern and character to the area

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Below, learn two ways to cheat time and make your wood furniture and decor look like it's been around for years instead of fresh from the store. Vinegar/Tea Method. White vinegar. Steel wool. TUTORIAL: Sawdust Sisters. Trays are popular to decorate with and with farmhouse decor the more rustic the better. This DIY wood tray is easily made with 1x4s. A little white paint and some twine wrapped handles complete the farmhouse look. Use the tray for serving or as a decorative base for your other decor 5. Panel the walls of a rustic bedroom. (Image credit: Ikea) It doesn't get more rustic than wood paneling and nope, you don't have to live in a log cabin to get this look. They are loads of DIY paneling kits and tutorials you can follow to add paneling to any wall using planks you can pick up at the hardware store This closet door idea is a combination of a mirror and a bar slider that will make the door slide back and forth. It offers easy access and comfortable usage. It's ideal to be installed in your room when you decide to combine rustic with modern design. That kind of combination is quite popular nowadays. It would make your closet door ideas. Light colours reflect more light and will make a room feel larger. Dark colours will make a room feel more formal but cosier. A distressed finish, achieved by sanding back the top coat, will give your room a laid-back look that's perfect for a rustic feel

Jenny of Little Green Notebook painted her PAX a handsome gray and added crown molding to the top to make it look more like built-ins. Wallpaper on the inside, and mirrors on the front, finish off the custom look. IKEA played with the doors as well, adding colorful paper to BERGSBO doors, for a simple and happy decoration. As seen on Livet Hemma How to make new wood look like old barn wood. Stain the wood and let it dry completely. Apply a large amount of joint compound in the direction of the wood grain with a putty knife or a regular knife. Use the putty knife to rake most of the excess joint compound off of the wood. Rake in the direction of the wood grain

Pair of Rustic Distressed Double Doors, French Doors, Bi-fold Doors, Pantry Doors, Farmhouse Doors, 14 3/4 x 79 Each Door, 29.5 x 79. FallenStones. 5 out of 5 stars. (27) $895.00 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites Directions: The first step to making new wood look old is taking things around your kitchen and garage to replicate the markings of use over years and years. Old reclaimed wood has all sorts of really cool ways of showing its age: saw blade marks, rusted nail holes, worm trails, hardware imprints, anything that tells the story of its life, so. 3. Make Sliding Barn Door Media Console. Give your master bedroom a complete makeover with a sliding barn door. This free tutorial by shanty2 chic on a sliding barn door gives you enough room to add a rustic space in your media unit. Place some lovely decoration pieces on both sides of your doors to give a nice rustic finish. shanty-2-chic. 4 Make a bigger statement and give your entrance a front door with sidelights. Entry doors with sidelights feature glass panels that can be placed on one or both sides of the door. Or, create a stunning impact with double entry doors. Aside from the grandeur it brings to your home, it can make tasks like getting large furniture inside easier

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Krosswood Doors 72 in. x 80 in. Rustic Knotty Alder Full-Lite Clear Glass Unfinished Wood Right Active Inswing Double Prehung Front Door Model# PHED.KA.400.60.68.134.RA JELD-WEN 36 in. x 80 in. 3 Lite Craftsman Black Painted Steel Prehung Left-Hand Inswing Front Door w/Brickmoul The white version has an advantage over the other 2 darker colors, in that the hardware stands out more. I think this makes it look more rustic, although the lighter shade gives off a more modern country feel. Barn Door Kitchen Island has Quality Craftsmanship

White Kitchen Cabinets Ideas. There are certainly a countless amount of ways to remodel and style your kitchen using white kitchen cabinets. Whether you're in the mood for a glossy, modern look, or you want to keep things rustic with distressed wood, you can use the color white to emphasize your personal style and character This Rustic Red Pie Safe painted with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint is a great way to learn about using milk paint. Don't buy new, learn how she refinished old hardware to get these Rubbed Bronzing Cabinet Knobs. A slightly different finish can make any item a statement piece, like this White-Washed Patriotic Flag Sign

3. Hang a mirror to create a fresh view. A mirror over the fireplace is a choice that suits many different interior styles, and it has its place as farmhouse living room wall decor, too. Select. Beaded cabinet doors and ones with more intricate pelmets and filials will create a more Georgian manor house feel, while flat-fronted styles will add sleek lines to an otherwise rustic look How to Achieve the Modern Farmhouse Look. A very popular trend in home design styles is the modern farmhouse. It embodies a rustic, warm and comfortable design aesthetic that is very inviting. Milgard windows and patio doors were used in this beautiful, 4,000 square foot, new construction home that featured the modern farmhouse style

To mimic the rustic look of French country decor in a more modern way, opt for a jute rug in the living room. Then upholster a classic Louis XVI-style seat in a fun, contemporary fabric and adorn. Love the look of this finish, really has an old raw wood appearance that I would like to try after seeing your results on the little night table. I have two pine pieces in my bedroom - a 2 door cabinet with a 2 drawer base about 60″ tall and a matching chest of drawers about 48″ tall

Rustic Door: Here's a really gorgeous rustic door used as pantry door. Pantry & Laundry: This example isn't exactly a traditional barn door, since it acts more like a closet slider, but the styling is similar — and look how smart!So much is packed into that closet: laundry, microwave, pantry! Glass Door: This glass door lets in a little more light and gives the sliding functionality. Add an extra brace on the back. When I finished building the headboard I added an extra brace between the top and bottom of the headboard and nailed from the back to keep the boards a bit more stable and flat. The plans didn't call for that but I'd recommend it, unless your wood is really straight. Stain is stinky

These homeowners were looking for new garage doors to complement the age and character of their 1950s farmhouse-style garage in rural Vermont. This winning makeover is brimming with rustic farmhouse charm thanks to new Clopay Gallery Collection garage doors. Crisp, white Clopay Gallery Collection doors add the perfect pop of contrast and prove. Rustic Modern Bedroom Makeover with Twin Beds. Don't miss this incredible before and after bedroom makeover! Get twin bedroom ideas for girls or guests with this white farmhouse bedroom. Some interior design makeovers are like sprints, while others are more like marathons. It's been 2.5 years since we purchased Little Pax Ranch, so I.

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A rustic country cottage has a totally different look and feel from a rustic cabin in the woods, and it has a lot to do with the colors used in each. Country cottages are more light and airy, so if you want that kind of style, then decorate with lighter woods and different shades of white, beige, cream, and touches of grey (just don't go. They're typically more rustic with natural elements, or snowy or icy blue. Some great winter greenery options are eucalyptus, juniper, evergreen, bay, and magnolia. You could use fresh or artificial! There aren't a whole lot of flowers blooming in the winter, but white artificial flowers can look lovely for winter

What a great addition to rustic fireplace mantels. 9.5″ Diameter x 12″H; 7″ Diameter x 9.75″H. Stonebriar Victoria Station Tabletop Cloc k - Click here to shop. This unique clock measures 12.5 inches in height and 12 inches in width and is the perfect size for a mantel, shelf, or on any tabletop. Our elegant clock features a vintage. Refine the rustic look by whitewashing salvaged planks; it's an easy and affordable way to add character to walls. 19. Make a Multihued Mosaic Photo by John Granen. Customize plain sheets of white mesh-backed floor tile with colorful accents. Design a pattern, pop out white tiles, and replace with colored ones of the same size and shape Rustic Sliding Barn Door Wood Storage Cabinet, Farmhouse Wood End Table for Kitchen, Living Room, Country Style Furniture, Antique White, 32 H 1.0 out of 5 stars 1 $186.99 $ 186 . 9 Your Rustic Furniture Store San Carlos Mexican Imports, LLC 2756 S.E. Loop 820 Fort Worth, TX. 76140 1-877-671-0157 or 817-732-7975 customerservice@sancarlosimports.com FAQ and Policie

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