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Craft Basics - learn how to make a tassel. Making a yarn tassel is super quick and easy to do. You can make a tassle with fingers or a piece of card. You ca.. A quick tutorial on how to make a yarn tassel. Use a bunch of these for a garland or one to decorate a present.See more of this project here: http://www.th.. Wondering how to make tassels out of yarn and attach them to your project? A simple way to jazz up any knitted or crochet project is to add a tassel to the c.. In this video you'll learn how to make a yarn tassel and attach it to a crochet or knit project. I use a small book and sharp scissors to make my tassel but. How To Make Tassels Out Of Yarn Youtube Video. via Naztazia, Youtube. You can make Tassel Earrings or add tassels to your curtains and tablecloths. They also look gorgeous on blankets and bags. We are sure you can think of many creative ways to use them and this video is extremely helpful

Jun 6, 2018 - Learn how to make tassels out of yarn with our Youtube Video that shows you how. They are great for a scarf, curtains and all your projects. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures 4 METHOD 1: How to make a tassel with YARN. 4.1 STEP 1: Prepare the cardboard. 4.2 STEP 2: Wrap. 4.3 STEP 3: Finish winding. 4.4 STEP 4: (optional) Create a loop. 4.5 STEP 5: Tie the tassel. 4.6 STEP 6: Slip off the cardboard and cut the bottom. 4.7 STEP 7: Create the head of the tassel. 4.8 STEP 8: Hide the ends Hook the yarn under the tab on the right side of the tassel maker or set down to hold it in place. Step 4: To create a center tie/cord, fold an 8-inch strand of yarn in half and tie a thick knot in the end

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  1. First, decide on the length of the tassel you want. Cut out a piece of cardboard that is 1/2 inch longer than this. Your fingers can replace this if you are in a hurry. I think I have seen someone use a fork to make tassels. (If you are not using the cardboard make a bundle of threads which are about 18″ long
  2. Step 5: Wrap Top of Tassel. Now cut another piece of yarn to 24″ long. Make a loop on one end of the yarn and place it towards the top of the tassel. Next, wrap the yarn around the top about 1/2″ down and wrap 7 times making sure the loop is hanging out at the bottom. Once you have wrapped the yarn around 7 times take what is left of the 24.
  3. Pinch 2cm below the top tie of your tassel, using your long tail wrap the yarn tightly & evenly around the tassel, repeat this 8-10 times aligning your wraps below the previous wrap. Once you have wrapped to your desired amount, thread the tail onto a tapestry needle, place the needle under & out of the first wrap, make a knot

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Tie a tight knot then wrap the yarn around the same spot 3-4 times. Knot again and tuck the ends inside the tassel. *See Photos above and below. I like to use a crochet hook to help pull the ends to the center of the tassel. Step 6 (photo above): Trim the free ends of the tassel to even them out. Step 7: Attach a tassel to your project using. The groove will help you cut the yarn perfectly. Next, fold the yarn in the same direction, but keep the twisted cord on the opposite side. Now, get a new strand of yarn and tie it around on the top such that you create the famous bobble of a tassel. Once you finished tying a tight knot use a tapestry needle to weave the ends through the middle Step 1: Start Making Yarn and Wool Tassels: What You Need. Image Credit: photo belongs to the author. To make tassels with yarn, you can use any acrylic, cotton or wool yarn that you have. You can use one color of yarn or several different colors to make your tassels. I have a tutorial on making multicolor tassels here Fast and fun to make, yarn tassels can add a decorative touch to clothing, home decor, holiday gifts, Halloween costumes, and more. Here are six simple steps to your sew-free success: Wrap yarn around cardboard 20 times. Thread tapestry needle with 12″ of yarn and tie top of tassel snugly. Remove needle, leaving tie to [ Cotton - Durable and soft to the touch. Wool - Undeniably warm and cozy. 1. Sari Silk Yarn. Check current price on Amazon. Silk is a super smooth, and soft material that makes a great option for making tassels. Allow me to suggest a great silk yarn that is highly suitable for making tassels

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Mar 6, 2019 - Learn how to make tassels from yarn and add them to jewelry, clutches & bags. DIY Tassels are an easy way to make your purse & clothing projects stand out 26. Lay the tassels out where you want them and mark about 1/4 in on the canvas with a pencil. 27. Use something sharp like an ice pick or a seam ripper and make a hole in the material. 28. Take the tassel and thread it into the hole and tie the end on the underside of the dropcloth materials. 29 DIY Tassel Garland with Thrifted Ya Tassels are so easy and fun to make, and this garland is a great way to use DIY tassels in your decor! The yarn I used for this DIY tassel garland was from the thrift store, so the total cost for this garland was only around $3

Feb 20, 2019 - This tutorial shows you how to make a tassel out of yarn and then attach it to your knitwear. Mimi uses tassels in her Boho Bag design available here: http:/.. Step 2. Cut a piece of your lightest blue yarn to roughly twice the length of your outstretched arms (ours was 1.5m (1½yrd)) and fold it in half. Tuck the two cut ends under the first two warp threads on the left side of your loom and let the ends hang down. Lift up the next two warp threads and pull the loop end of the yarn across the threads. Supplies to Make a Wood Bead Garland with Tassels and Skeleton Keys. Twine - I used cotton twine for a soft look, but jute, or yarn or butchers twine would work too. Just make sure it doesn't have a stretch. Step 3. Hunt down some orphaned skeleton keys that you no longer have a door fo Cut a small length of yarn and slip it under the top of your tassel (between the wrapped yarn and the cardboard). Tie it off as tightly as you can. Cut the bottom of the wrapped yarn (the opposite side of what you just tied). With another small piece of yarn, tie a bit of a bobble (again as tightly as you can) Fold over one side so all the yarn ends are facing the same direction. Tie another piece of yarn, cut to 15 long, around the looped yarn and wrap around the yarn a few times. Knot the ends to secure. Make additional tassels - 4 for each throw pillow. Trim off any loose hanging ends. With a needle and matching thread, sew the top of the.

DIY Yarn Tassels: Finish Wrapping Yarn. Wrap yarn until you have created the level of thickness you would like to achieve with your tassel. This will vary depending on the type of yarn you are using. When you've finished wrapping, cut the yarn evenly with the bottom of your cardboard. From: Erica Reitman I needed about 25 feet of yarn for my tassel. Cut the yarn off at the bottom of the piece of cardboard, after your last wrap. Step 4: Place one of the 24 inch pieces of yarn under the top edge of the wrapped string and tie a knot. Step 5: Cut the wrapped yarn along the bottom of the cardboard. Remove the cardboard, being careful to hold the. Step 6: Trim the ends of the yarn. The last step when making a yarn tassel is to trim the ends. Place the tassel between your index and middle finger to level out the yarn pieces and then cut the ends so your tassel doesn't look messy. Now you can also make the tassel shorter if you feel like it's too long Cut the yarn on the opposite end from where you tied it. Take another piece of yarn and wrap it around the tassel near the top about ½″ -1″ down. Wrap it around several times then tie it in a knot and hide the ends of the yarn in with the other strands. Using the yarn that you tied onto the top of the tassel, tie a jump ring to the top

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You can make your simple throws or the blankets look all stylish and gorgeous with the tassels being added to them at the lower edges. These lofty tassels are so damn easy and fun to make yourself at home out of the thick yarn and a cardboard piece and then adding them to the throw trims at equal distance, and it would be all ready to add oodles of charm and beauty to your bedding and the. The most common tassels are made out of yarn or embroidery floss. They are most often used to decorate knit hats, scarves, and blankets. Did you know that you can also make tassels out of paper and leather or suede? Paper tassels make great garlands for parties, and leather/suede tassels make great additions to boots and purses Material Matters. You can make a tassel out of just about anything -- yarn, needlepoint thread, and even humble packing twine. The only limit is your imagination. Fibers with lots of texture, such as a lace-weight mohair, yield full, soft, fuzzy tassels. If you want casual sophistication, opt for a rustic plant fiber, such as linen or fique Easy tassel making. After tying the wrapped floss together in the center I folded it in half holding the long tie ends and used another piece of embroidery floss to go around the bundled floss about 3/8″ inch from the top and tied it off. Embroidery floss tassels. Once they are all made I trimmed them to the same length

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  1. The size of the yarn you use should be commensurate with the size of the tassel you want to make. For a stubby, more full tassel you'll want to use a thicker yarn. For a longer, thinner tassel you'll probably want to use a thinner yarn. I knew I wanted to make long tassels for this blanket, so I was happy when I found this Comfy Cotton Blend.
  2. Tassels are the fun part of yarn crafting - you don't have to count stitches or take yourself too seriously when you make them. They can show off your yarn in different ways than standard patterns may allow, which can be really refreshing! In the video tutorial below, learn my best tips for getting perfect tassels every time
  3. I like my tassels nice and fluffy, so I wrapped the yarn many times to achieve a full, fluffy look. If you want a thinner tassel, just don't wrap the yarn around as many times. These can be made from yarn of any weight category, and from many other types of string as well. I added tassels to my Watercolor Skies Afghan, as well as my Peaceful.
  4. Take a yarn needle and thread the remaining yarn into the needle. Thread the yarn through the tassel upwards and again back through the tassel downwards. Repeat this process twice. 7. Trim excess yarn to make the tassel even. 8. Take the two pieces of yarn at the top of the tassel and tie a small loop (not pictured). 9

First off, you need to learn how to make a simple yarn tassel. How to Make a Yarn Tassel. Supplies. yarn (I went with Red Heart Super Saver in Burgundy, Hunter Green & Soft White.) scissors small piece of cardboard. Directions. Begin by cutting a small slit in one end of your cardboard. Grab your yarn(s) and put the tail(s) in the slit you just. 1. Cut your beading thread into segments to form the trailers. The trailers are the individual strings on the tassel that make up the tassel's skirt. They can be any length you want, but you need to make sure to cut the thread about 3 inches (7.6 cm) longer than the length of the finished skirt Give it a bit of a groom to neaten it all up. ‍. ‍ STEP 5. Cut another strand of yarn 20 in long. Holding the top string in one hand, smooth out the strands a bit, and grab tightly in the other hand. Tie this tightly around the top section of the tassel. My ties are about 1 down from the very top Just make sure you drill a small hole into the cups and add thin yarn instead of the thick rope. That way you have single tassels to hang somewhere without the heavy and thick cotton rope. The hole saw drill bit is for drilling holes into the bottom of the wooden cups

Step 3: Make a Knot. Take a piece of yarn that's about 15-inches long or so. Tie it on the outside of the yarn loop you have created, about an inch from the top. Tie a knot, then wrap both ends around the loop and tie a double knot. Trim the ends or incorporate them down into the tassel - it is entirely up to you Tie a piece of yarn around the loops of yarn, about an inch or so down, depending on how long your tassel is. Cut all of the loops to make the tassel fringe. If the ends are uneven, cut them to make them even. If you so desire, you can also wrap the top part of the tassel to give it a different look like the picture below

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Add fewer by - 10 stitches and more by + 10 sts. You can adjust the stitches according to your size. The larger the shawl, the easier it will be to tie behind your back/waist. Cast off loosely and weave in all ends. Make 3 tassels and stitch to each corner point. You can see a tutorial on how to make tassels here I'm showing you how to make a tassel out of yarn and also how to make a tassel out of embroidery thread. Think of it as two tassel making tutorials in one! The steps are the same but you'll be able to see how to make both kinds of tassels as we go! First fold your yarn/thread back and forth on itself until you have a nice little bundle Steps. 1. Work around a wide ruler or a piece of stiff card (such as from a cereal box). Cut or fold it to an appropriate width, about 1.5 inches (4cm). You can adjust the length of the tassel by making this object wider or narrower. If in doubt, start with a card that's a little wider than you want Jan 15, 2018 - DIY Capped Tassels, make a tassel using a cone cap and eye pins for Buddha Beaded Necklace, pillow tassel, lamp tassel pull, fan pull, tassel necklace, easy. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe. STEP 4: Cut an additional piece of yarn and insert it through the top hole of your tassel. Grab a tapestry needle and insert the yarn through it and through the corner of your triangle scarf or your other crochet project. As you can see now, your tassel is almost secure to your crochet piece. STEP 5: Finally, secure the tassel to your crochet.

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3. Cut all the yarn on the opposite side. 4. Tightly double knot a piece of yarn near the top to make the head of the tassel; this creates the rounded top of the tassel. 5. Tightly double knot a piece of yarn underneath the previous piece of yarn, if desired for design. 6. Cut the ends of the yarn to create a clean and even finish . 7 How to Make Yarn Tassels Garland: I braided 3 long pieces of jute together. Then added jute tassels and 1″ wooden balls to each end. 6 Yarn tassels and more wooden balls were spread out along the braided jute. You can copy my look or change up the patterns, beads, colors, number of tasselsanything goes. Have fun with it To make beaded tassel earring • Follow the method given above to make two tassels of the same size. • Attach hooks or ear pins at the top of the bead cone or bead cap. And voila, you have your beaded tassel earring! Take out the artist in you and make use of the empty matchboxes in your house Now that we have the materials list out of the way, let's start with the leather tassels. DIY Leather Tassels. If you have a Cricut Maker (or Explore), go ahead and download the tassel SVG cut-files I shared at the SVGs - Stencils section of the VIP Patch. If you are using a 1/2 copper coupling, then upload the small tassel file to the Cricut Design Space and set the height of the.

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Fold the yarn loop in half from the center tie and then tie another scrap piece of yarn about 1 from the top of the tassel. Cut the bottom loops in half to make the ends of the tassel, and trim them evenly. Create 3 more tassels for your pillow. Next, use a yarn needle and pull the top yarn pieces of one tassel through the eye of the needle You can use any yarn or string to make tassels but I was wanting some with a rustic look! So for today's project, I'm using jute string! decide on material. First, determine what material you want to make your tassel with. For this project I chose a heavy weight jute string. If you are looking for a more delicate tassel, I recommend a light. When I pulled out a handful, I abandoned packing (any excuse for a break) and created a tassel that I really love. It will find its way into my future junk journals and art books for sure. Tassels can be made with yarn, crochet or lacemaking thread, twine, cord, leather, and much more

Lay the 8 piece of yarn under the tassel close to the wire wreath. Tie the 8 piece of yarn in a knot. Place the tassel in your hand and trim the ends with scissors. Flip the tassel over so it sits and covers the wire wreath. Repeat these steps with the next yarn color. Continue until you fill-up the whole wire wreath Step 1: Wrap tassel color around clipboard several times, then slide the wrapped yarn off the clipboard. Step 2: Tie the first color to the tassel about 1/3'd of the way down. No need to knot it. Step 3: Wrap the first color around the tassel several times, working over the loose end. Step 4: Cut the first color and tie the ends together

I wanted a tassel garland for a workshop event and I was searching everywhere (well, Etsy) for a colour palette that made me happy but was getting nowhere fast (and lawd do I ever have to do everything at 100mph). Then I realised I didn't need no paper garland, nope, I could just make a yarn one instead. Hurrah for lightbulb moments Step 1: Wrapping the yarn. To make your tassels, start by wrapping yarn around a book or other flat surface many times (here we wrapped approximately 15 times for a medium fullness tassel). Step 2: Cuttin process. Slip the yarn off the book, keeping the yarn in place as much as possible (Make a larger tassel by using a wider piece of card/ruler and wrapping more thread around it.) Step 2. Cut a second piece of embroidery thread 14 long. Fold in half. Thread the folded end of the second string under the loops, so that there is a loop on one side and two tails on the other side. Step 3. Pull the 2 tails through the loop, and. You should end up with seven to nine tassels total. To make one tassel, wrap the yarn 50 times around an 8½ [22 cm] long book (or cardboard rectangle). While the yarn is still wrapped around the book/cardboard, loop a 36 [91.4 cm] piece of yarn through one end of the wrapped yarn and knot tightly Make sure the knot is securely pulled tight over the glue and trim the ends. You might want to clamp the knot if needed. Adding the tassel detail to the knotted bracelet. I love making tassels and in this case, they are the perfect detail again for this bracelet. I added a knot to the two strings where I wanted the tassel to start

How to Make Pom-poms: 1. We will start by cutting out the 2 circular shapes, you see in the picture below - the size of the circle will determine the size of the pom pom so make sure to decide before how big you want them to be. View in gallery. 2. Place 2 cardboard circles in front of you. View in gallery. 3 The smaller the string, yarn or cord you choose, the smaller the knots will be. If the yarn is too small the knots will not be very visible. Yarn might be a material best suited to a micro-macrame project for use in jewelry making for example, rather than for a larger project like a wall hanging. Can you macrame with jute? YES

Step 5. Remove the card pieces. Cut another piece of yarn about 15cm (6in) long. Tie it around the top of the tassel approx 1cm ( 3 ⁄ 8 in) down from the knot. Wrap around the tassel a couple of times then tie in a double knot. Pull the wrapped yarn ends inside the tassel Take another piece of yarn and position it about 2cm (or as required) from the top of your tassel. Leaving a tail, wrap it tightly about 5 times around the top of the tassel Use a yarn needle to secure the wrap, making sure you weave in both ends Instructions. Step 1 - You need the notebook and the yarn for this first step.Wrap your yarn a number of times around the notebook until you have a good thickness. Step 2 - Cut a length of yarn and place it underneath the yarn that is wrapped around the book, push it up to the top and tie, securing with a knot.If you want to add pom poms or beads on top of this tassel, it is a good idea to cut. Making the Blossom for your Tassel Flower. Start wrapping the yarn you chose for the blossom around your fork. Make sure that both ends of your green yarn are pointing towards the handle of your fork. If you are using an extra thin yarn like I did, I recommend wrapping the yarn around your fork around a 100 times

For a thinner tassel, wrap fewer times. 2. Once you think your tassel is about the right thickness, take your scissors and cut the edge where your yarn end is. 3. Then, cut out a long strand of yarn that will serve as the tassel's hanger. Use it to tightly tie the yarn bundle's center together. 4 Now that you know how to make a tassel from yarn, to spruce it up a bit and pull off the boho vibe, just slide 2 natural wood beads on over the tail (larger on the bottom) then tie a knot at the end to secure. You can even use the white yarn only then paint the beads red and green if traditional is more your style. SO simple 1. Wrap yarn around the book/cardboard 10-12 times if you use only one color. If you want a multicolor tassel, combine 2 color yarns, hold the strands together and wrap them at the same time 5- 6 times, like in the photo collage bellow. Knot the ends to make your work easier. 2 This DIY yarn ghost tassel garland is adorable by My Inspiration Corner on YouTube and Halloween festive. All of the items can be purchased at the Dollar Tree store and cost less than $5 to make. So, this is a great Halloween Dollar Tree DIY idea for those that want to do arts and crafts too Tassels are similar to pompoms. Making a tassel doesn't necessarily need a tool. But you want your strands to be uniform in length. I've often used a hardback book to wrap yarn around and get equal lengths of yarn. You can also just measure out the length you want and cut and cut and cut and cut each length of yarn

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You can make tassels out of anything, even thread. Some ideas for using these is on scarves, as a zipper pull, on a bag, on pillows, as earrings, as necklaces, as cat toys I mean, the list goes on and on. Since they take about 2 minutes to make, you might find yourself making more than enough. Have fun TASSEL MAKING: Take a book approximately 8in wide and wrap your yarn for a total of 25 times. Then, you will cute a string about 6 inches long and tie it to the top. This is where you will tie your tassel to the blanket. Cut your tassel at the bottom to make the fringe all even Find out how how to make a huge tassel from supplies found at the dollar store for $9 which includes twine, yarn and a mop head. Such an affordable and easy tassel project that looks great with any home decor Pulling taught on the thread against the pencil, wrap the tail around the tassel to create a neck. 4. Run a scissors through the bottom loops and cut: 5. Using one of the cut threads, tie a double knot with the tail to secure the neck of the tassel: 6. Cut the ends of the tassel to give a cleaner, more uniform appearance Another great craft project to make for the holidays are tassel gift toppers. This simple yarn craft is perfect for kids who like to be involved in holiday decorating and gift wrapping. Plus, learning how to make tassels will give them the ability to make plenty of other craft projects, helping to fuel their creativity