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Advisor. Speaker. XEALOTS. . Adam is a fantastic catalyst and mobilizer of people. His skill in cross-cultural influence is immense and I have always admired his creativity and passion. Adam blends catalytic leadership with contextual insight in a way that few are able to achieve. He gets it and I highly recommend him Our cultural consultants combine their expertise with a genuine passion to educate you about their respective cultures. Click Learn More to get more information about each cultural consultant and their services. If you're still unsure contact them on their personal page. We also encourage feedback to ensure we provide the best possible. At EMIC Cultural Consultants Collective or EC3, we create & foster complex & diverse conversations on race, culture and ethnicity including critical self reflection, growth, change & advocacy. We are an anti-racist organization and collaborative community of diverse professionals

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We are your partners in developing global readiness! Here are four reasons you will benefit from working with us: Our perspective is truly international, informed by our diverse cultural backgrounds, which include the U.S. and South Korea as well as our experiences moving abroad, returning home, and living in multiple U.S. regions (including the Southwest, Upper Midwest, South, and Southern. A&B Cultural Consultants was formed by Dr. Bob Mutaw to bring the same expertise in cultural resource compliance provided by large engineering and environmental firms with the efficiency and cost effectiveness of a small business Cultural Tour Consultants is a boutique tour operator creating customized, international tours for performance and other special interest groups. Whether you are a director interested in creating the perfect jazz festival or choir tour, an educator looking for a specialized art and architecture tour or a restaurateur or brew master interested. Cypress Cultural Consultants, LLC (CCC) is an archaeological and environmental firm based in Beaufort, South Carolina with a branch office in the Atlanta area. Our recently expanded organization will now allow our clients the ease of a one-stop environmental permitting process with the following services

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  1. Cultural Resource Consultants, LLC (CRC) is a Washington State certified (# W2F0024849) woman-owned small business offering a wide range of professional and technical services related to the identification, evaluation, and management of heritage resources.Established in January 2001, CRC's office is based in Seattle though our team also includes archaeologists based in central and northwest.
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  3. Contact LOCATION 25 N. Market St. Suite 246 Jacksonville, FL 32202 ☎ CONTACT info@karukacultural.com (904) 270-946
  4. A consulting firm with projects with some of the best-managed companies throughout the United States and North America, our clients are committed to culture change as a long term journey. Culture Change Consultants, Inc. has the longest track record and broadest inventory for implementing culture-based strategies that reduce accident rates and.
  5. The Culture Consultancy Organisation Culture Assessment TM is a fast and highly effective method of measuring your culture. Identifying positive enablers and inhibitors to performance, strategy or transformation our assessment provides practical actions to align your culture with future ambitions
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If you're looking to transform your company culture, here are 10 amazing consultants that can help you with your cause. These standout HR leaders have vast experience with evaluating company culture, identifying areas for improvement, and providing a real action plan on what to do next. 1. Melissa Daimler, Principal, Daimler Partners Cultural World Consulting founder Dr. Patricia Stokke holds a doctorate from Drexel University in Educational Leadership and Management with a concentration in Human Resources Development. She teaches at the undergraduate and graduate levels in global management, international business, human resource management, business, government, and. Maria A. Karamitsos explains common mistakes that authors make when writing about other cultures and how cultural consultants can help A Coaching & Consulting Practice Dedicated to Building Great Places to Work. We believe culture drives engagement, attracts top talent, retains current talent and ultimately improves the bottom line. Through Assessment, 360 Feedback and Coaching. we help people get to the next level in their career. / 3 / 3. Culture Consulting

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Born from our very own cultural transformation, is the culture consulting arm of our company called Compass. Visit Site . ENHANCE YOUR VIRTUAL CULTURE. As we navigate through the impact of Covid-19, we have the opportunity to grow together and come through this crisis stronger than ever. Compass offers two immersive experiences that will. Cross-Cultural Consulting Services (CCCS) is a consulting firm that provides support to private and public sector entities in the fields of international social development and educational reform. We specialize in two broad fields: helping development projects implement the Indigenous Peoples policies of the Development Banks (World Bank, IFC. Cultural Business Consulting (CBC) provides coaching in cultural competency to enable globally diverse corporate work teams to function harmoniously with a deep appreciation of the dimension of culture, enhancing productivity and profitability. The master facilitators that lead CBC programs study the nexus of culture and business, politics and. Culture is behavior at scale. Companies that create a winning culture are 3.7 times more likely to be top performers. Our proven approach to culture change is based on behavioral science and can transform your organization

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Cultural consultants are community leaders with extensive knowledge of their own culture and how services can best be delivered to meet the needs of their community. Cultural Consultants is a service supported by the Minnesota Board on Aging that provides cultural expertise and professional services to providers across Minnesota Cultural consulting: Cultural understanding is a core value at ABRIDGE; it is also a strong predictor of foreign student success and a necessity in our global society. Therefore, ABRIDGE prioritizes coaching, exercises, and immersion opportunities that familiarize students with American culture, values, and expectations

The Cultural Consultants. 50 likes. We are a team of Cultural Anthropologists with PhDs who help media and corporate clients navigate cultural representation Cultural Property Consultants, LLC specializes in heritage management, archaeology, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, project management, cultural security analysis, as well as monitoring, reporting, and fact-finding investigations in the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond

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This is where leaders come to learn. We empower everyone from community advocates, allies, and activists to HR professionals and c-suite executives to disrupt the status quo in order to create cultural change. Our goal is to address racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, xenophobia, and others Cultural Consulting and Sensitivity Reading. Are you creating something which features ethnicities, cultures, religions, or other identities that are not your own? Hell yeah! Representation makes the world a safer, better, more interesting place. But you gotta get that representation right—and it's not easy Archaeological and Cultural Education Consultants. Archaeological and Cultural Education Consultants (ACE Consultants) was established to assist agencies, organizations, communities, and tribes in the development of accurate, high-quality educational materials that are based on archaeological, anthropological, and traditional (Native) cultural information Australian Cultural Consultants (ACC) is a professional cultural consultancy firm with staff who are highly experienced in their field of language and culture. They have at their disposal over 4000 NAATI Accredited Translators. Our team is committed to provide you with the best possible customer service and assistance to you or your company Cultural Resource Consultants ® LLC provides expert professional services for cultural resource management throughout Alaska. Founded in 1975, CRC is the oldest Alaskan-owned and operated cultural resource management firm in the state. CRC meets federal and state guidelines for a small business, is woman-owned, and is well qualified to undertake a wide variety of projects involving.

balanced culture consulting helps your organization achieve incredible results throug Our diversity and inclusion consultants deliver evidence-based, best-practice solutions for developing a culture of inclusion and innovation in your organisation. Our transformational services and innovation reflect the breadth of expertise and experience of our diversity and inclusion consultants Culture Build a high-performing workplace culture rooted in Deep Trust and High Expectations Organizational cultures characterized by both Deep Trust and High Expectations™ are most effective at delivering superior employee engagement and sustainable business results

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PACE At a Glance. Our mission is to train and equip personnel who provide educational assistance to families serving in international settings. PACE offers TCK education consultants online resources related to key TCK/cross-cultural education topics, as well as opportunities for online interaction on key topics HRA provides cultural resource management, historical research, and litigation support for public and private clients across the country. Since 1974, we have been helping our clients use the past to solve present-day problems We help individuals and organizations develop the values of curiosity, empathy, and compassion, so they can demonstrate the cultural capabilities of Openness, Awareness, and Responsiveness. We start with an organizational culture audit and follow this with a dynamic blend of training and consulting: we listen to your needs, consider your.

Organizations today need to be agile and responsive to the community in order to create and sustain equity and social justice for those they serve. Creating spaces where equity and justice are core values is not only the right thing to do, it's a business imperative. CCSI's Cultural Competence team specializes in helping organizations become culturally [ 7 Bison Cultural Consulting (7BCC) is a Native owned cultural resource management firm based out of the Crow Indian Reservation and provides multiple services including cultural resource management and environmental services. Our team members bring expertise from a wide range of knowledge Culture is the way people act based on the purpose, mission, values and principles of behavior the team and/or company stands for. With only about 2% of companies having an on-purpose culture that everyone knows and lives, there is a lot of room for huge success if leaders, managers, employees, teams and companies embrace and start with culture

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Culture and Co provides a suite of cultural consulting and training services to government, not-for-profit and corporate. Our inspiring team of consultants and trainers are industry experts with firsthand refugee/migrant experience The Inclusive Leadership Institute is an organization designed to lead change in today's organizational culture. We help bridge the gap between Inclusion and Leadership. About Culture Consultants. Culture Consultants is the consulting arm of Inclusive Leadership Institute.. We are a Culture, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leadership Consulting Firm designed to bridge the ever-increasing gap.

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Eloisa Palacios is now a member of CROSS CULTURAL CONSULTANTS NETWORK 3CN Welcome Them! Oct 31, 2020. Claudia Landini and Baiguini Michela Solange are now friends Oct 20, 2020. Ettore Arpini updated their profile Aug 5, 2020. Tamara Pawluk updated. The lower back - also known as the lumbar spine - is a complex structure constructed of nerves, bones, and joints. For this reason, the area is prone to complications including lower back pain. Luckily your can buy a good mattress which can provide both instant relief and less risk of the back pain recurring

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At Connections we look at the pain points of an organization and we see these as opportunities to create transformation. As business coaches and consultants our facilitators look at where in the organization the struggles exist and what we find is several key issues, all of which can begin to be solved through an intentional strategy of cultural alignment Cultural Consultants - Cultural consultants have a deep understanding of the attitudes and characteristics of a specific culture and can therefore discuss challenges that may exist to those traveling or living overseas. Some of the cultural issues discussed by cultural consultants include

Cultural Planning Group - A Consulting Firm in the field of Art and Culture. The Cultural Planning Group is a consulting firm serving the field of arts and culture. We are based in California, Florida, Philadelphia and Hawai'i Cultural Competence is a set of congruent behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come together in a system, agency, or among professionals that enables effective work in cross-cultural situations. 'Culture' refers to integrated patterns of human behavior that include the language, thoughts, communications, actions, customs, beliefs, values. Foreign Cultural Exchange Consultants Inc. GET IN TOUCH. Decades of Excellence in Teacher Recruitment. Education THE NEED FOR QUALIFIED TEACHERS Meeting the demand and shortage for teachers, who are not only competent and qualified, but are also culturally diverse, prepares students with the skills needed to compete in a global market.. Cross Cultural Community Services is an organization owned and operated by three women of color who have personal and professional experience, who are dedicated to combating, advocating, and consulting on the experiences of people of color, and the immigrant and refugee communities. Having lived-long experience and working together for over 15.

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Cultural Consulting for Tabletop Games. In February, we were wrapping up the design to the second Tapestry expansion, and I decided to send the files to a cultural consultant. There was no particular reason I did this for Tapestry, as it's a civ game where you create your own history-it's not tied to real-world places, events, or people Facilitate compliance with local, state, and Federal guidelines; Data-driven decision-making; Family and Community Well-Being. Cultural Consultants Group, L.P. facilitates organizational change for Organizations and Community Groups by: Implementing strategies for social improvement Re-engineering process for rapid cycle change Developing survey forms for community assessment

Our team of culture change consultants can help. Organizational culture is defined as the underlying beliefs, assumptions, values, and ways of interacting that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization. Over the years, we've developed and refined our ADDIS methodology for culture change, using highly. With over 25 years of experience our consultants know that diverse teams stimulate innovation and new ways of problem solving; yet they need an inclusive culture and leadership to help them function at their best. Let us help you to create that culture Cross Cultural Consultants (CCC) is an Aboriginal owned and managed Business operating Nationally and Internationally. Over the past 30 years we have established a first-class reputation as. To achieve a high-performance culture, BCG's organizational culture consulting experts ensure that a company's purpose, strategy, and culture are closely interconnected. Purpose is an organization's WHY. It articulates why the company's work matters to the world. It is the foundation on which the company's mission, vision, values, and.

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Cultural consultants are community leaders with a wide range of knowledge of their own culture and can determine how a business can meet the needs of their community. Dynamic Language provides cultural consulting so you can be sure your message is received the way you intend it - with all the cultural relevance it takes to engage overseas. Cultural Resources. Rincon's Cultural Resources group is capably committed to providing high quality cultural resources services to private and public sector clients. Our group includes archaeologists who meet or exceed the Secretary of the Interior's Professional Qualification Standards for prehistoric archaeology, historic archaeology. Often, the matter of payment is hardly broached, and cultural consultants are expected to offer advice and expertise to businesses with little to no remuneration Refine the Cultural Core. The leading consulting firms have gotten a lot of things right, creating some of the more successful and durable institutions of the last half-century. But they know they. The Cross Cultural Health Care Program (CCHCP) has been providing consulting and assessment services to health care and human services institutions since 1992. We started by working with these institutions by helping them conduct health care needs assessments of the diverse communities they serve

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Cultural diverse arts practice. Data / information management. Digital. Disability arts. Exhibition design and development. Evaluation and benchmarking. Facilitation. Facility management. Festivals and events management 4G Consulting, LLC James Rust, MA, RPA 267 Mareia Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55406 651-298-0926 www.4gconsulting.net. A & B Cultural Consultants, LLC 1608 Sunset Driv Panamerican Consultants, Inc. specializes in terrestrial and maritime archaeology, architectural history, and cultural resource management

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A lpine Archaeological Consultants, Inc. is a respected, full-service archaeological consulting firm established in December 1987 to help clients implement their projects through compliance with historic preservation laws.. We believe that the best way to help clients realize their project goals is to offer expert services, delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner As a frontrunner in cultural transformation for more than 20 years, we are honored to have worked with our global network of Barrett Consultants and Coaches to help thousands of organizations and leaders around the globe achieve new levels of success. We look forward to bringing the same expertise and commitment to supporting you Rincon Consultants (Rincon) has provided environmental consulting services to the Towbes Group for over 10 years. The Towbes Group's services range from development and construction to maintenance and management of commercial, industrial and residential properties Cultural Business Consulting is hosting its monthly Sharing Our Cultural Stories and Debrief with the 4C's Coaching Process session. Don't miss it on July 21st at 8:30-10pm IST India, 5:00. Consultants should be aware of studies the CRU has completed, as well as the other historic context studies and MPDFs developed for Minnesota's cultural resources. GIS deliverables All survey information, including areas surveyed and areas not surveyed, method of survey (pedestrian or shovel testing), and the location of all historic properties.

1 review of Cultural Tour Consultants We are on a trip in England and the tour guide from cultural tour consultants is truly unbearable. She talks down to people and is inflexible and rude. Her commentary often includes soapbox issues like spending 5 minutes explaining how her training is so much better than the guides in Canterbury cathedral (who by the way we're wonderful) Cultural Consulting Network - Cultural Consulting Network. Cultural Consulting Network provides professional consultancy services to the heritage and arts sectors. Through challenge and support, we work closely with clients to understand their particular needs so that we can offer intelligent and workable solutions that bring lasting benefits The top Arts & Culture consulting firms in the world list presents the globe's leading consultancy firms in the sector, based on Consultancy.org's unique database of more than 10 million data points per year of clients and consultants, including expertise and consultancy projects delivered in the Arts & Culture industry

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Diversity Consulting for Companies ready to transform culture. How We Help . We work with leaders interested in creating a great place to work. We help you create, manage and evolve a culture that succeeds in the marketplace, and which your employees love. We integrate your Diversity initiatives, your need for innovation, and the requirements. Arts Consulting Group (ACG) is the leading team of professional management consultants who are personally and passionately committed to the creative industries. We are recognized internationally for our expertise, hands-on approach, and extraordinary results. ACG provides deep insight and active guidance for: Interim Management. Executive Search Honua Consulting is a cultural resource management firm providing services in cultural protocals and engagment, archaeological survey and monitoring, community outreach and public relations for Hawaii Established in 1983, Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc. (CRA) is one of the country's leading full-service cultural resource consulting firms. A certified small business, our success is rooted in our client-focused approach and team of professionals who are dedicated to meeting cultural resource and historic preservation needs across the country

Material Culture Consulting offers several types of environmental compliance services - archaeology, paleontology, architectural historian services, biology, and GIS. Our main office is located in Pomona, California - yet we have staff resources throughout the States of California, Arizona, and Nevada to assist in all aspects of project. She founded Honua Consulting in 2004 as a consulting company that specializes in non-profit organizations, environmental and cultural assessments, facilitation, strategic planning, community consultation and mediation. For over a decade, the company is a respected leader in environmental and cultural resource management

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AR Consultants was founded in 1977 when Dr. S. Alan Skinner was on the faculty of the Anthropology Department at Southern Methodist University. The purpose of the sole proprietorship, then known as Archaeology Resource Consultants, was to provide services in the cultural resources field to organizations that needed archaeological and historical. Our Cultural Transformation Consulting is scalable, appropriate for top down, bottom up and cross-functional application. A frequent client objective is for us to transfer the C3 system, supportive technology, critical thinking methods and tools to achieve self-sufficiency. This we do very successfully Led by Steven I. Simon, Ph.D., the father of safety culture, Culture Change Consultants, Inc. has the longest track record and broadest inventory of experience in North America in implementing culture-based strategies that reduce accident rates and associated costs. Culture Change International now extends these same pioneering methodologies developed and refined over three decades by Dr. My appetite for international news and fascination with cultural differences converged in the early nineties, as the Indian economy opened up and international business in India saw phenomenal growth. I had found my niche. I moved to India in 2001 with my family, and formed Shanti Consulting shortly afterwards Edhofer Culture Consulting is specialized in providing services to private individuals and corporations for their financial support of cultural and scientific organisations. Ms. Elisabeth Edhofer has been a successful manager in a leading Austrian cultural institution for many years, a communications professional and a financial adviser in.

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Large southeastern US Cultural Resources Management firm with offices in Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina. Our consulting services include archaeology, history, historic architecture, and physical anthropology. We also help our clients meet the requirements of the National Historic Preservation Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, the Native American Graves. Our multidisciplinary teams work backwards from your desired business goals and are relentless about ensuring we track and move the needle. Our work is powered by a proprietary DNA, Mind, Body, Soul framework that provides a human-centered, holistic approach to redesigning organizations and driving cultural transformation Culture Shift Consulting Group (CSC)is a powerful blend of vital disciplines and perspectives within the organizational effectiveness ecosystem. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is an increasingly relevant strategic dimension leading organizations are proactively engaging in fulfilling their values, mission, and vision and creating further. Consulting services. Backstage coaching in handling negotiations and organizational conflicts. Facilitating meetings, retreats, planning sessions. Assessing cultural and conflict issues in organizations. Mediating disputes. Much of our work involves teaching or training. Please note that we do in-house training, but do not sponsor public workshops

Simone A. Crawley is a respected subject matter expert who has helped countless organizations shift and, more importantly, prevent toxic cultures. Her expertise uniquely positions her to empower c-suite executives, HR managers, and diversity professionals to set a tone of inclusion that ensures success Pan Cultural Associates, Inc. is a highly qualified archaeological and historical consulting firm located in Northeastern Pennsylvania specializing in all phases and aspects of cultural resource management and related studies. We offer a wide range of Professionals, including Historic & Prehistoric Archaeologists, Architectural Historian, Biologists, Geologists and a Geomorphologist Work with an experienced consultant. You'll consult with one of our cultural competence experts who works with businesses across the world. They'll recommend a customized, blended solution of talent development strategies, scalable web-based resources, and face-to-face learning programs adapted for employees around the world JP Theberge, the President and Founder of Cultural Edge is a citizen of the world and veteran market researcher with a degree in International Relations and Sociology. An Argentine American who was raised in 4 countries, he speaks 3 languages fluently and another 2 conversationally. Starting out as an advertising executive at Goodby Silverstein and Partners and FCB, then VP of Latin American.