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REM sleep, another sign of a very deep sleep, just doesn't happen with cold-blooded animals such as fish. They do have reduced activity and their metabolism slows, so there is definitely It's really important not to keep the goldfish's light on in the aquarium 24/7 Yes, of course!ALL living things sleep!! I made the mistake of adding 2 male guppies in with my 3 Glofish. The Glofish are so hyper that they got to picking on the guppies and eventually eat their. No, GloFish do not need a light at nighttime. As with most tropical freshwater fish, GloFish should receive about 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, so keeping them in the dark at night is actually ideal Glofish Care Do's: Glofish Care Don'ts: Give your Glofish plenty of space. The ideal aquarium size for glofish is 10 gallons or more; Keep your Glofish in a small tank. While Glofish can survive in very small tanks, they do not enjoy it as they love swimming space; Keep the temperature between 72-80F; Fluctuate the temperature; Keep the. Glofish can't sleep in Blue LED lights. GloFish should be allowed time to rest each day just like humans and other animals. GloFish also need darkness to rest, but the blue LED or fluorescent can be a transition light from the basic white to sleepy time at night. How Many Hours Of Light Do Glofish Need

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The sleeping on their sides is normal for the loaches. Botia species (the YoYo if the true Yo Yo [three species get confused with this common name] is Botia almorhae) do this, and if you keep the light on a timer so it is consistent day to day, their circadian rhythm will enable them to anticipate the evening and come to rest. The behaviour of the rainbow shark I cannot comment on conclusively Researchers have determined that although fish don't sleep in the conventional way we think of, most species do in fact go into a restful state where they remain still and experience reduced breathing and metabolic rates, as well as lower brain activity. This promotes good health and disease resistance

Glo fish is sitting at bottom of tank~barely eating~other fish are being mean? By Angel, 7 years ago on General Freshwater Questions. 11,335 11.3K. Glo fish is sitting at bottom of tank~barely eating~other fish are being mean? I have had 4 Glo fish for about a year and 7 months now. Before this incident I have had no problems with them GloFish tetra is the same enduring as a common black tetra. This is an active fish that swims in medium and low tank water layers. The fish is perfect for community tanks, though they may become less active if not kept in groups large enough. Black tetra feels more comfortable and behave better in groups of 6-8 fish and more Unlike people, goldfish do not lie down when they sleep. Rather, they become less active, staying in one place and moving slowly to keep themselves stable. They look like they are hovering in the tank or pond, usually low in the water, an inch or so off the bottom, with their heads pointed slightly downward Glofish tetras are colorful and gorgeous tetras that can attract anyone. This tetra tends to do best in community tanks with other non-aggressive fish, and that's why many fish keepers like to pet them. Glofish tetra is 2 inches in length which has a short spin with a small body structure The nature of fish sleep is an area of active research. While fish do not sleep in the same way that land mammals sleep, most fish do rest. Research shows that fish may reduce their activity and metabolism while remaining alert to danger

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Well, I can answer that question with a yes and a no. Goldfish have no eyelids so they can't close their eyes like we do when we're asleep. Goldfish do, however, rest certain times throughout the day and most of the night Mammals, birds, insects, and fishes all sleep, but the way of sleeping is different for different creatures. In the case of fish, there are several different ways of sleeping for each species. Some shoaling and regularly swimming fish are suspected of remaining sleepless for their entire life

Almost all of them do, but there are some exceptions. Some types of species do not need to get any rest. These include blind, cave-dwelling fish and deep-water varieties who swim continuously. The theory is that sleep is a way to process information and visual stimuli from the day GloFish are brilliantly colored and beautiful fish. A natural fluorescence gene was added to the fish which resulted in fish that are fluorescent at all times. All GloFish are captive-bred and the fluorescent color comes with natural breeding. Because GloFish are a type of danio, barb or tetra, their care requirements are the same Interestingly, some fish species never seem to sleep. Both mackerel and bluefish swim constantly, and although they swim less at night than during the daytime, they remain responsive to stimuli 24-7. Another night-owl, the California horn shark, is far more active at night, although even during the day it remains responsive to disturbances Most danios tolerate a wide range of water chemistry and temperature, making them ideal beginner fish. pH should be between 7.0 and 7.8, alkalinity between 3° and 8° dkH (50 ppm to 140 ppm) and temperature between 70° and 78° F. If the aquarium is kept in rooms below 70°, use an Aqueon Aquarium Heater to maintain the correct temperature GloFish aren't livebearers - meaning they don't get pregnant or give birth to fry. Rather, the females lay eggs which the males then fertilize. Be wary, however, as GloFish are a patent-brand of fish and cannot be bred or sold legally by aquarium hobbyists. Only the GloFish company can lawfully reproduce and sell these fish

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Do Glofish sleep at night? The simple answer is yes! They are sleeping, and they can sleep at any time during the day or night. Fish do sleep with their eyes open, because they don't have eyelids (except for some sharks) to close! For fish, sleep is more like a resting period similar to a daydream that humans might experience Certainly you can put a betta fish in a Glofish tank.? It is only the lighting that is different compared to the traditional aquarium lighting. It would be harmful if you leave the ultraviolet light too long since there would be no sleep wake cycle and this will be deterimental to the health of the betta fish. Betta fish needs proper care When I first got my Glofish, I decided to do 4 of each color that was sold in my area at the time: greenish yellow, orange, neon pink, and red). There's nothing wrong with varying your colors--they'll all shoal together just fine--but I realized it was more striking if they were all the same color , instead of a mix of colors Glofish Care. Updated May 13, 2020 Author: Mike - FishLore Admin Social Media:. The Glofish is a genetically modified zebra danio that comes in several different fluorescent neon colors such as red, green, orange, blue and purple. You can now get other species such as tetras as well. They were genetically modified with the purpose to detect environmental pollution

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  1. This is a subject that I do not have an objective data on. However, I have observed that when glofish and wild type danio (zebrafish) are kept in the same tank, the glofish age quicker and die younger. By 'age quicker' I mean the show reduced vigor, a loss of muscle mass, and bending of the spine at a younger age than the non-modified fish
  2. Glo fish wont move when the light is on. (with parameters) I regretfully got glo fish for my kids room the other day. I already have my own tank but i thought setting up a little 10g might be fun for them to look at. These fish are not fun at all. They swim A LITTLE BIT but only if the light is off
  3. Complete GloFish Breeding Guide and Behavior. This is sure that glofish breeding is a fantasy maintained by their producers to shield people from reproducing them. Most of you know a lot of persons who have had them breed. They can say that reproducing is unlawful; however fundamentally, there is no legal legitimacy to it
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Do not add any other fish to goldfish and also gold fish need 30+ gallons of water per fish! Goldfish are cold water fish that don't very much enjoy the water that bettas need, 78 - 82f. If you can't afford a 150+ gallon tank i suggest TAKING THE GOLDFISH BACK! The 5 gallon tank would be perfect for JUST A BETTA A study carried out by the University of Zurich, evaluated and studied sleep in almost 200 species of animals including fish. It found that whilst the way in which animals sleep varies widely, all animals DO sleep in their own specific way. Most animals, but not all, need time to rest and slow down their bodies.Whilst fish might not fall into the exact dictionary definition of what sleep is to. The answer is a big YES. You should turn off the light in your aquarium at night. Most fish require a period of light and darkness each day to thrive. Therefore, turning off the lights in the fish tank is an excellent idea because it mimics the natural cycle of day and night, which is vital for fish's well-being These light timers are probably the most effective and easiest manner of replicating your fish's night and day cycle. If you don't want to go this route, you can use alarms to remind you each day as to when to turn the lights on or off. Also, a cheap appliance timer may do the trick if your bulbs don't eat up too much power

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Do glofish need a bubbler to thrive in a fish tank? Indeed, a bubbler is something you want to invest in as soon as you get the chance to do so. The aquarium bubbler for your glofish tank is going to be a game-changer. it's going to improve the water quality, add oxygen into the fish tank, and make it easier for the glofish to live Here's what you need to do. 1. Set up your Tetra GloFish® Aquarium. Kit contains aquarium, LED lighting, filter and filter cartridge. Some kits may also include a heater. 2. Add GloFish® brand décor and accessories. such as fluorescent gravel and plants, and ornaments with glowing accents. 3 Yesterday I adopted 3 fish. I adopted 1 danio fish and 2 danio GloFish for my 3 gallon (11 litres) tank. My 2 GloFish are as happy as can be in their new home, but I'm concerned about my normal danio. To make things easy, his name is Streek. He likes to hide behind my filter and sometimes next to the airstone in my tank Here are 7 main real facts about this problem. Why do Fish Lay at the Bottom of the Tank? Fish lay at the bottom of the tank because of high ammonia content, loud noise, less oxygen, disease, stress, trauma, and when they want to rest. If you notice that your fish is really slow and acting strange by staying continuously in the bottom, then. Why would glofish eat each other? 1. Lack of space. An aquarium that is too small, an overpopulation in a restricted space can provoke aggressive behavior in glofish, including Japanese varieties. By survival instinct, it will start to chase another congener, and can go as far as to injure it like tearing off the sails of the caudal, the.

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Object Moved This document may be found her Order by 12 am PT (3 am ET) Monday-Wednesday for same day overnight shipping. Orders placed Thursday-Sunday will be shipped the following Monday/Tuesday. Saturday delivery is available for an additional charge. Featured item: GloFish® Tetra Deluxe Assortment. Add a touch of elegance to your aquarium with the GloFish® Tetra Deluxe Assortment. Like people, fish have an internal clock that tells them when to do things like sleep and eat. So even if you accidentally leave the lights on at night, the fish may settle down and go to sleep. A glofish cannot get pregnant. One of the physical characteristics of female Glofish is a rounded, pot-belly. This may lead owners to believe that their Glofish is pregnant, but Glofish are egg carriers and do not give birth to live young. Instead, they carry eggs in their bellies from maturation age, which, when kept with a male Glofish, can.

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Among the many odd questions aquarists ask is whether aquarium fish can see in the dark. Well, the straight and simple answer is NO! But there is a caveat. Aquarium fish, whether betta, goldfish, guppies or otherwise don't exactly see in the dark, at least not with their eyes. Instead, they have rows of pressure-sensitive organs in lateral. The most common problem caused by excessive light is algae overgrowth. When a tank is lit 24 hours a day, algae can grow much more quickly. This can make your tank look dirty and if you have natural plants, algae may out-compete them. Some fish need periods of darkness to sleep, and without sleep may become lethargic or stop eating Goldfish like plants, variety in their food, a large, clean tank with a stress-free environment, lots of oxygen in their tank, nice cold soft water, other Goldfish as mates and some decorations in their tank. Most of these things are actually beneficial for them because it contributes to creating a healthy environment for them in the tank

For most indoor tanks, ones that do not contain corals, a light period of 12-16 hours and dark period of 12-8 hours is a good place to start. Keep in mind that not all fish will like the same light and dark periods. Fish will sleep and having a slow increase in light is better than a sudden switch. Some species will like to sleep in and. 3. Check the fish's eyes. Look at the eye as a whole. If they're sunken, your fish is dead or near death. Look for cloudy pupils, which is also a sign of death in most aquarium fish. If your fish is a pufferfish, walleye, rabbit fish, or scorpionfish, occasional eye cloudiness might actually be normal But once they do, they will discover how much fun it is to nibble on these all day long! (And they will be healthier as a result.) Tip: You can wilt the veggies first by steaming them to soften them up - this really helps in my experience. 3. Treats - Something Different & Nutritious. They say variety is the spice of life In the almost 15 years since GloFish were first introduced, the fluorescent fish have taken the freshwater category by storm, breathing new life into the aquarium industry and brightening up sales, literally. Create Excitement. One reason it seems there is always excitement surrounding GloFish is the constant addition of new fish to the line

The easiest way to do this is to remove the snails with some of their old tank water and then slowly add new water from the new environment over the course of a few hours. If you plan on breeding your nerite snails, try to include as many snails as possible. You should shoot for an even ratio of males to females GloFish ® GloFish ® Goldfish have no eyelids, which means they sleep with their eyes open and do not blink. Previous Next. ENVIRONMENTS Considering some goldfish can grow to be over a foot long, the more space they have, the better. We recommend our 20-gallon aquarium, or at the very least our Tetra 10-gallon tank.. Why Do Tetras Chase Each Other? + How To Stop Them? Do Tetras Like Current? (Neon, Cardinal, Glofish, Etc.) Are Glofish Tetras Schooling Fish? The main difference between glofish tetras and other tetras is in their physical appearances. However, the glofish displays the same behavioral traits as other types of tetras The GloFish 20 Gallon Aquarium Kit includes a 20 gallon glass aquarium, LED hood, Tetra Mini UL heater, Tetra Whisper 20 filter, GloFish 13 LED light stick, 3 GloFish plants, GloFish yellow anemone, fish food and water conditioner sample and a set-up guide. Watch as your aquarium is transformed into an underwater wonderland filled with pops. 1. Look for spawning tubercles on your male goldfish. When your male goldfish are ready to spawn, they will develop tiny white bumps known as spawning tubercles around their heads, gill covers, and pectoral fins. If you notice these white spots on your male fish, there is a greater chance that your female fish may be pregnant

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The GloFish 3 Gallon Betta Aquarium Kit contains everything you need to get started with your GloFish Betta experience. Perfect for beginners and hobbyists alike, this complete kit features a 3-gallon aquarium, LED lighting system Tetra Internal Filtration System with a medium Tetra Whisper Bio-Bag Filter Cartridge to help you create a thriving. Glofish tetra is observed not breathing fast during the dying stages of life. The fish do not breathe very often but usually emerge from the water and find a way to breathe. They cannot stay up for a long time, so they naturally dive back down to the bottom of the tank How Much Light? In the wild, goldfish live in cool rivers, lakes and streams where they have regular access to relatively bright light. In captivity, their light cycle should mimic the lighting of their natural environment. Give your goldfish 12 to 13 hours of moderately bright -- but not hot -- light daily GloFish aquarium kits, lighting and décor create an underwater fluorescent wonderland that appeals to all ages and levels of expertise. With our full range of vibrant accessories uniquely designed to work with GloFish LED lighting, you can transform any aquarium into a GloFish environment at the click of a switch 19. Show all 3 for $10.57. Description. Let your betta make like a leaf and hang out with the Zoo Med Betta Bed Leaf Hammock. This nature-inspired aquarium accessory makes for the perfect place for your betta to sleep, play, or relax anytime. Designed to bring a touch of nature to your betta's enclosure, it helps reduce boredom from captivity.

Do guppies need a light at night? No. Like any other mammal, the night is dedicated to the sleeping hours. The guppy does also needs the darkroom in the night for sleep. Also, the night is the time when guppy generally breeds. If you take away their time, the guppies will develop stress and anxieties Finally, glofish, a sorority of female bettas, or catfish are the best choice. they are all great options. The fact is, the more a fish looks like your betta, Nocturnal fish sleep during the day and hunt at night. As bettas are active during the day, they sleep at night. Usually,. A 2001 study found that introduced goldfish eat the eggs and larvae of the long-toed salamander.While they don't normally eat eggs, goldfish are fast learners. If they see other fish feeding on. Do fish like blue light at night? They do! Blue LED lighting can be used to mark the transition between dawn and dusk, as well as mimic moonlight. Don't worry about ambient blue light affecting your fish's night-and-day cycle and the growth of plants, corals, and algae. A Must-Read: Can Fish Sleep With A Red Light On I've had him and my two other glo fish for 10 months now, this is the first time he's acted this way.. and I'm concerned its distressing my other two. Vote Up 0 Vote Down Reply. 2 years ago. Amelia. That's the same with my fish.. Vote Up 0 Vote Down Reply. 1 year ago. Denise R Alarid

My betta's used to always sleep either behind the HOB filter or on the heater. I got the Betta hammocks and now they use those so maybe you want to get one. 6 black skirt tetras, one Glofish tetra, one Opaline Gourami, 4 White skirt tetras, 3 Amazon swords, Spiky moss on driftwood, water wisteria, Alternanthera reineckii, rotala, hornwor Do not attempt to use higher wattage as lava lamps are not made for them. Breakage. If in any circumstances there is a breakage or spillage, take not that lava lamp materials are not hazardous. You can simply use gloves and clean up the spilled material as soon as possible. Lava lamps with glitters may have a strong odor Jun 4, 2015 - Explore Mk Littlefield's board glofish on Pinterest. See more ideas about glofish, fish tank, aquarium fish Why do fish stay at the bottom of a tank? If you notice that your fish are hanging out at the bottom of your aquarium, there could be several reasons for this. Your fish could be experiencing stress, temperature changes, have non-compatible fish in their tank, fish diseases, an overcrowded area, water quality imbalances, or because your fish happens to be a bottom feeder Proper feeding aquarium fish is a blend of art and science. Feeding our aquarium fish is one of the most fun activities of aquarium keeping. But the fact is, over-feeding causes nothing but problems in the aquarium. In this post we help you to learn if you are overfeeding your fish and what you can do about it

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Pregnant Appearance Because female danios and GloFish display this curved, round belly at adulthood, many new fishkeepers mistakenly think that their adult female fish are pregnant. Cut down on the frequency and size of portions (and feed a good quality food) and you should see improvement in your goldfish's waistline. They release unfertilized eggs into the water where the male fertilizes. That said, the most common reasons for aquarium fish swimming erratically, depending on what you consider erratic, is either stress (glass surfing), ammonia poisoning and poor water quality (in circles and darting motion), and swim bladder disease (floating to the top, swimming sideways or sinking to the bottom) If your angelfish glofish tank is perfectly ready before purchasing Angelfish is then absorbed out of their time at the same tank as quickly. Buying a plant for years; given these Angelfish swim gracefully all day in your tank will actually resembles salt grain. As their name implies Black Moore is a high possibility that allows good bacterial fish food but will do if you replace around 25-30%. Method 2: The stun and stab. Step 1: Grab your fish. Step 2: Hit your fish with a blunt object. Step 3: Stab your fish. How NOT to kill your fish. Flushing your fish to kill it - Don't do it. Carbon dioxide. Using an ice bath to kill your fish. Leaving your fish to suffocate - Don't do it Since I am going to keep fancy goldfish and no more than 3 in the Biocube 32 and plan to do weekly water changes in the area of 40-50% do I need to worry about the almost non existent KH and the modest GH of 20 ppm given the PH of my water at the tap is right at 7 to maybe a touch over at 7.2

The most popular tetra fish include: 1. Cardinal Tetra (Paracheirodon Axelrodi) Cardinal Tetra. The cardinal tetra closely resembles the more popular neon tetra. It is indigenous to the South American countries of Venezuela, Brazil, and Colombia in environments like the Rio Negro tributary The GloFish 5 Gallon Crescent Aquarium Kit is one of the best small fish tanks for the beginner on a budget. With its fetching LED lights and interesting shape, this aquarium is sure to catch the eye of anyone who's visiting. The included filter and bio-bag are a welcome addition for the beginner who doesn't have a clue on how to proceed, while experienced fish owners are sure to either. It seems like there are a lot of unanswered questions floating around in this thread, and a lot of confusion. Others before me have done a good job addressing how glofish are produced. However, to address the original poster's questions: first of all glofish would pass on their bio-luminescence.. Additionally, since they do not have eyelids, diurnal fish (those active during the day) should be given a mostly dark aquarium at night so that they can receive a proper amount of down time that functions as their sleep mechanism. Although fish can survive under 24/7 lighting for long periods, (personal observation) it is prudent.

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There are lots of things that can cause sleep apnea. Some of these things are overweight and a relation to someone who has sleep apnea. Men are more susceptible Betta fish come from a tropical climate in Thailand so they require warm water in their tanks. Never let the water in your tank drop below 65 degrees or go above 82 degrees, and try to keep it in the range of 76 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the temperature bettas are happiest and active at This time it is their GloFish Aquarium Kit 3g. This aquarium kit comes with a clear plastic 3 gallon tank, a clear plastic lid with a VERY convenient feeding hole (this is by experience:), a LED light (this brings out the color of the GloFish), a black base, and a Whisper internal filter (this includes a medium Whisper Bio Bag) Oxygen is one of the most abundant elements in the universe, which makes it a bit ironic, then, that people with breathing problems are unable to get enough of it. The body needs to maintain a normal oxygen level, which requires a certain amount of circulating oxygen in the blood at all times to effectively nourish the cells, tissues and organs.When blood oxygen levels drop below normal, a.

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If an enlarged stomach or intestine is thought to be the cause of a swim bladder disorder, the first course of action is to not feed the fish for three days. At the same time, increase the water temperature to 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit and leave it there during treatment. On the fourth day, feed the fish a cooked and skinned pea A new study says, Yes, it probably can. Researchers studying archerfish found the fish can tell a familiar human face from dozens of new faces with surprising accuracy. This is a big, big deal. It. Can fish sleep with an air pump on? I have never heard a fish complain. In all seriousness though I think fish can sleep just fine with air circulating into the tank. As long as the air stone is not in a location that the fish prefers to rest or sleep. If that's the case then more the air supply before your fish become stressed and much worse 1/10 filled star. 19. Show all 3 for $50.23. Description. Make your finned friends feel like royalty with GloFish Castle Aquarium Ornament! This vibrant castle is available in two sizes and looks magical under LED lights. This castle provides your underwater buddies with a comfortable place to hideaway, which can help them reduce stress Do not cover the top of your tank to keep your fish submerged. This will result in decreased oxygen diffusion. Ask your veterinarian what can be applied to fish skin to protect it from air. Negative buoyancy disorders, with a fish spending too much time close to the bottom of the aquarium or pond on its side, belly, or head, will need to be.

Without other chromatophores, and thereby, pigments, to color the goldfish, it will appear white with a metallic sheen. This goldfish shows intense red due to erythrophores. Credit to @lukesgoldies on Instagram. Other chromatophores at play are xanthophores (yellow), erythrophores (red), and melanophores (black) Fish reproduction can occur in one of two ways, depending largely on whether fertilization takes place inside or outside the body. Fish can get pregnant on of the following ways: Oviparous fish: fertilization is external, which means that the female first lays her eggs, which are then fertilized by the male outside of the body.Depending on the species, the eggs could be deposited on the bottom. Shop GloFish® Pillow created by GloFishZazzle. Personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is! Always sleep with the fishes by purchasing this GloFish Pillow

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15. Harlequin Rasbora. Harlequin Rasboras. Compatible with many other community fish, the harlequin rasbora is a vibrant and colorful fish that grows to 2 inches and has a lifespan of 5 to 6 years. If kept in small groups, they become timid and reclusive, therefore, you should keep them in larger groups of at least 8 As pet owners, there is nothing that we would love more than to be able to speak with our pets and understand what they need.Imagine how helpful it would be to know that your dog needs to go outside or your cat needs to go to the vet simply by having them tell you!Unfortunately for us, our pets cannot speak to us. However, we can observe them and try to understand their behaviors and what they. Given only a few pieces of equipment to do so, we must ensure they are up to the task of keeping our tanks safe. Lacking proper filtration can cause constantly cloudy tanks with debris in each corner and algae covered rocks. A strong suction paired with adequate water flow will easily take care of your problems and leave your tank crystal clear What You Should Do to Find Out About 2.5 Gallon Fish Tank Before You're Left Behind The the best way to prepare a betta fish tanks is varied based on the kind of fish tank you've got. By means of example, aquarium crayfish can be aggressive and territorial and ought to be kept in size tanks at least 10 gallons capacity housed with a betta fish Having an aquarium at home is ideal for those who do not have much space and want the company of a quiet and colorful pet. Aquariums, regardless of size, are relaxing to watch, because the comings and goings of the fish can be very entertaining. However, you may have noticed that fish sometimes begin to chase each other in what looks like play or could be a fight

Goldfish live a long time when looked after properly, they are harder to keep then tropical fish, yet people still insist on thinking they are perfect first pets. A common goldfish lives up to 30 years. A Comet tail type lives up to 18 years. A Fantail/ryukin lives up to 12 years. A More/bubble eye lives up to 7 years Symptoms of a broken jaw include: Pain in the face or jaw, located in front of the ear or on the affected side, that gets worse with movement. Bruising and swelling of the face, bleeding from the mouth. Difficulty chewing. Jaw stiffness, difficulty opening the mouth widely, or problem closing the mouth. Jaw moving to one side when opening

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Some aquariums even feature photoluminescent aquarium substrates such as the Glofish aquarium gravel. Temperature . Maintaining a suitable temperature is necessary for the survival and comfort of the turtle. These turtles require temperatures between 70 to 90 F. It is usually unnecessary to heat the aquarium since the temperature in most rooms. GloFish® Long-Fin Tetras are beautiful, colorful fish that are sure to add a look of class to your aquarium! Choose from these brilliant colors: Starfire Red® Long-Fin Tetra Moonrise Pink® Long-Fin Tetra Galactic Purple® Long-Fin Tetra Electric Green® Long-Fin Tetra Sunburst Orange® Long-Fin Tetr The most common disease to cause a fish to swim sideways is swim bladder disease. This disease is a actually a broad term for a variety of symptoms such as swimming sideways, upside down and leaning to one side. This is a non-contagious disease but also indicates that other fish in the tank may develop symptoms It is a complex and painful subject but it can give way to an ultimately positive experience for students. The death of a classroom pet provides children with a unique opportunity to learn valuable life lessons in the comfort and familiarity of the classroom environment