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Business address: 600 Washington Street, 6th floor, Boston, MA 02111 Business telephone number: 617-478-2086 Business email: DCF.RAO@state.ma.us This website is solely for questions pertaining to the public records request process or a public records request status and are the only matters that will be addressed through this site In Massachusetts you do need to make a written request to the local area DCF office or a copy of the redacted records which means the blacked-out records. You should also keep a copy of the letter with that request in a file in case there is a disagreement Standing Order 2-11 says says how the Court gets and uses information from DCF. It says: If the Probate and Family Court decides that it needs information from DCF to make a custody decision, it must either: get your written, informed consent for DCF to produce specific documents o Section 51B: Investigation of report of abuse filed under Sec. 51A; removal of child; transmission and filing of written reports; notice to district attorney; disclosure of information by mandated reporter Section 51B. (a) Upon receipt of a report filed under section 51A, the department shall investigate the suspected child abuse or neglect, provide a written evaluation of the household of the.

Produced by an AmeriCorps Project of Western Massachusetts Legal Services updated and revised Massachusetts Law Reform Institute Reviewed May 2010. What happens after the investigation? After the investigation is finished, DCF will decide if the original report of abuse is supported or not supported AUTHORIZATION FOR RELEASE OF INFORMATION FROM DCF 2-21-2019 NOTE: A separate Authorization for Release of Information from DCF form must be completed by each employee or volunteer of a childcare facility and each member of a family child care provider's home who is 16 years of age or older. I, (Your name)_____, do hereby authorize the Connecticut Department of Children an

any and all exculpatory information in affidavits supporting applications for ex parte orders of temporary custody. Do I need a release from the parent in order to get records related to my client's case? As to DCF records, if you represent a child, Conn. Gen. Stat. § 17a-28(f) provides that DCF 3 attorney answers. Posted on Dec 22, 2017. It would be almost impossible to sue DCF under these circumstances. State employees have a type of immunity from these suits. If they didn't, none of them could do their job. It is not up to DCF to schedule the 72-hr. hearing. The court does that and rarely are they held within 72 hours Dept. of Children and Families Dirty Tricks. This material is an introduction to the operating procedure of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF), and most of the state child protection agencies around the country. You won't find this stuff in the DCF policy manual, but it ought to be there, since most of the social.

Our Massachusetts DCF Lawyers Help Parents during Hard Times Serving a client in DCF Investigations for Neglect or Abuse. Attorney Nicole K. Levy provides Lynch & Owens clients with a unique range of services in connection with Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) investigations for child abuse or neglect. Attorney Levy is a leader in the field of DCF representation in. Pursuant to law authorizing the release of information from DCF records (e.g., to the Inspector General, Federal or State benefit agencies or auditors, or the Department of Veterans Affairs). For statistical research and audit activities necessary to ensure the integrity and improvement of DCF programs AUTHORIZATION FOR THE RELEASE OF INFORMATION (FROM DCF) DCF-2131(F) 1/13 (Rev.) I, authorize the Department of Children and Families to disclose to (First and Last name of person granting permission) (First and Last name, address and telephone number of person, institution or organization receiving the information Department of Children and Families AUTHORIZATION FOR RELEASE OF INFORMATION FOR DCF CPS SEARCH DCF-3031 12/15 (Rev.) Page 1 of 1 I, do hereby authorize the Department of Children and Families to research Applicant Name its records to determine whether or not I am on the central registry of persons responsible for child abuse and neglect I understand that this information ma Why does it take DCF so long to release information on child deaths? By Kay Lazar Globe Staff, June 28, 2019, a child welfare policy advocate at the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute.

A parent can consent in writing to the release of information from their DCF records. An emancipated child or youth age eighteen or older can also provide written consent, as can an attorney or authorized representative of the DCF client. Clients generally consent by signing an authorization to release information from these records In all other cases, where DCF does not have custody of the child who is the subject of a delinquency proceeding, the child's parent or legal guardian must sign a release for the child's information, or there must be a court order authorizing the release of information (110 CMR 12.10) The Massachusetts Male Aging Study estimated that in the end almost certainly will end badly. But in younger men, it's more likely to be viagra caused by lifestyle and behavior choices. It's not safe to take nitrates with Viagra, but many other heart drugs are safe to take with heart conditions. A doctor can diagnose and viagra treat erectile. The Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services (HHS) announced today that they reached a landmark agreement with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF).. The agreement resolves findings by the Justice Department and HHS that DCF discriminated against parents with disabilities in the administration of its child welfare program in violation of the Americans with. DCF agreed to work with HHS OCR and DOJ to ensure full compliance with DCF's obligations under Section 504 and the ADA. Under today's agreement, DCF will take critical steps to ensure the Section 504 and ADA's protections extend to parents with disabilities throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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cf-fsp 5230, pdf 02/2013 [65c-13.025, f.a.c.] authorization for release of health and medical information for prospective foster or adoptive parent DCF-F-369-E (N. 03/2011) DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES: Division of Management Services: Sections 19.35 & 19.36, Wis. Stats. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. RELEASE AUTHORIZATION. Completion of this form authorizes the release of information described in the section below called Specific Description of Records Authorized for Release. The. • Information about prospective resource family parents and their children. Release of client information in CP&P records is in accordance with the policy outlined in CP&P-IX-G-1-100, Collection and Disclosure of Client Information. For release of health related information use CP&P Form 11-90, HIPAA Authorization to Disclose Information as a child protective investigator by calling the investigator's local office (see contact information listed at the end of this brochure) or contacting the Florida Abuse Hotline's toll-free number at 1-800-962-2873

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The Department of Children and Families (DCF) knows that it hurts a child to see or hear domestic violence. DCF's job is to protect your child. If your DCF worker knows that your child hears or sees the other parent abuse you, your worker may open a case to protect your child. You did not choose to be abused, and you may not be able to. 1411 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02120-3401 Phone 617-859-0400 | Toll-Free 800-272-0990 | info@MetroHousingBoston.org | MetroHousingBoston.org Authorization to Obtain and Release Information _____ Nam The Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services (HHS) announced today that they reached a landmark agreement with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF).. The agreement resolves findings by the Justice Department and HHS that DCF discriminated against parents with disabilities in the administration of its child welfare program in violation of the Americans with.

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  1. It does, however, place your name on a list. That list is held by DCF and can be shared with other such agencies around the country. Should you be looking to work in the area of taking care of children, or anyone else, you will have to sign a release so that your perspective employer can access any DCF records of findings against you
  2. If I have authorized the release of information to a person or agency providing services under contract with DCF, I have also authorized release of the information to any person or agency providing that service under sub-contract. This consent may be revoked in writing at any time prior to any action which has been taken in reliance upon it
  3. I was ask by dcf to sign a financial information release form. Why are they investigating me. Or is this normal. This is a firs
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  5. AUTHORIZATION FOR THE RELEASE OF INFORMATION (TO DCF) DCF-2131(T) 1/13 (Rev.) I, authorize (First and Last name of person granting permission) (First and Last name, address and telephone number of person, institution or organization in possession of the records / information) to disclose to the Department of Children and Families (DCF) an
  6. Section 51A: Reporting of suspected abuse or neglect; mandated reporters; collection of physical evidence; penalties; content of reports; liability; privileged communication Section 51A. (a) A mandated reporter who, in his professional capacity, has reasonable cause to believe that a child is suffering physical or emotional injury resulting from: (i) abuse inflicted upon him which causes harm.
  7. RS staff may release information without a signed release from the client to DCF contractors and service providers on a need-to-know basis. Contracts include assurances that the contractors, who are acting on behalf of RS and DCF, will use the information appropriately and maintain confidentiality standards

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Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute Reviewed February, 2021. The state gets involved with your family through the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Courts. DCF is the main state agency that gets involved with your children's welfare This guidance updates and replaces guidance jointly developed by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) and Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) 1, and issued in 2002.It reflects current federal policy as well as the policy of both agencies concerning the needs of children in DCF care or custody who are eligible for special education. The records produced by DCF will be redacted; information about the 51A reporter and certain other identifying information will be blacked out. Each area office handles the records requests slightly differently, and it is therefore important to check in periodically with the designated records person at the area office if the records are not. When the case plan necessitates releasing the information to an authorized agency pursuant to N.J.S.A. 9:6-8.10a (see Statute on Confidentiality of Child Protective Service Information, above), the client's consent is obtained in writing by using CP&P Form 26-15, Authorization for Release of Information. If a protective service client is.

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confidential information release authorization This form gives the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) legal authorization to release information you specify about your child support case to a specific party, authorized representative, or organization for a specific amount of time Release of Information DCF Blanket Consent. File Format: PDF. Accessibility Statement. This document has been formatted to meet accessibility standards under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1978. If you encounter errors in formatting or structure that prevent you from accessing the content in this document, please contact the webmaster 'Photo ID' Copy * 'Release Of Information' Form *. Other File(s) I hereby certify that I will not: (A) use any list of names or addresses contained in or derived from the records or information for the purpose of selling or offering for sale any property or service to any person listed or to any person who resides at any address listed; or (B) sell,give, or otherwise make available to any. Department for Children and Families. Home Page. Some 200,000 Vermonters rely on the Department for Children and Families (DCF) for programs and services. Use our A-Z List to quickly find the resources you need. Test2 - About DCF Release of Information All releases and fees should be sent via postal mail to the attention of: DCF, Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry, P.O. Box 2637, Topeka, KS 66601. Please complete the information below by printing legibly in ink. All requested information is required to process this request

To understand the substance abuse dilemma in Massachusetts, we first have to consider the Opioid crisis. The crisis has permeated through the Northeast. As a consequence, DCF officials are now mandating that social workers track when substance abuse is cited in an initial allegation of child abuse and/or neglect. (The Boston Herald) AUTHORIZATION FOR RELEASE OF INFORMATION FOR DCF CPS SEARCH DCF-3031 10/18 (Rev.) Page 1 of 1 I, (Applicant Name): (This area for DCF Use only) do hereby authorize the Department of Children and Families to research its records to determine whether or not I am on the me central registry of persons responsible for child abuse and neglec

DCF Academy for Workforce Development. Central Office Academy. 505 Hudson Street. Hartford, CT 06106. Main: 860-550-6418. Alternate: 860-560-5055 (inclement weather recording only) Southern Academy. One Long Wharf Drive. New Haven, CT 06511 P.O. Box 2637 Topeka, KS 66601 DCF.CentralRegistry@ks.gov Release of Information OBI 1011 9/2018 Page 1 OF 1 Complete form by printing legibly in ink. Fee of $10.00 per Release of Information form may be required prior to processing. All releases and fees are to be sent to the address or email listed above (see below for specifics writing to DCF - Economic Services Division, Application and Document Processing Center, 280 State Drive, Waterbury, VT 05671-1500. Making changes or stopping permission will not affect previously shared information. • If I do not stop this permission, it will be in effect as long as I am receiving benefits from ESD

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  1. Department of Children and Families P.O. Box 729 Trenton, NJ 08625-0729 Phone: 1-855-INFO-DCF (1-855-463-6323
  2. . Code § DCF 12.03. BACKGROUND Check Request. This form is required to request a background check under the provisions of Wis. Stat. § 48.686 and Wis. Ad
  3. The DCF-CO Instructional systems designer will work with the Institution's training managers to develop training materials and implementation plans to meet their unique staffing concerns. 5. Will there be standard confidentiality and release of information procedures for DCF
  4. However, G. L. 111, § 70 only applies to hospitals or clinics licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Therefore, medical practices and other groups may not release PHI in response to a subpoena without first securing a HIPAA compliant authorization from the patient, or a proper judicial order. Additionally Protected Information
  5. The DCF investigator would like screen out the report, stopping the 51A investigation in tracks. 7. The Take Away: the Screening Stage of a 51A Investigation is a Critical Moment for Parents Under Investigation by DCF. Massachusetts parents and caretakers under investigation by DCF often want one thing: to get DCF out of their lives
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  7. DCF Attorney Nicole K. Levy outlines the DCF Fair Hearing process for individuals seeking to appeal a supported finding of neglect or abuse. In Massachusetts, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) conducts so-called 51A investigations into allegations of abuse or neglect against parents or caregivers of children. After the investigation is completed, DCF is required to enter one.

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RELEASE OF INFORMATION PPS 10400 REV 1/18 I, , give permission for the release of information concerning (PRINT ONLY) myself in the Adult Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation Central Registry to: Contact Person(s)* Phone Agency name Agency mailing address Agency email address Check box if agency is a CDDO, CMHC, or ILR If DCF or the parents are really opposed, a petition for guardianship will be difficult. Don't take on that effort and expense without advice and assistance of an attorney if you are facing DCF opposition. To questioners from West Virginia & New York: Although I am licensed to practice in your state, I practice on a day-to-day basis in. Contact Us. Miranda Gray, Interim Deputy Commissioner Child Development Division (CDD) 280 State Drive Waterbury, VT 05671-1040 Phone: (802) 241-3110 or 1-800-649-264 Posted on May 3, 2014. Yes, generally DCF cannot prevent you from leaving the state. Even if the case was about you and not just about your partner, you would still be free to leave. The only time general statement might not apply is if DCF had filed a care and protection case in juvenile court and gotten temporary custody of your child (ren) Covid-19 Information and Requirements. DCF requires all Applicants to submit proposals electronically through our FTP System. To submit electronically, the required Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) form must be completed and sent to DCF.ASKRFP@dcf.nj.gov . Instructions on our FTP electronic system is outlined in the RFP

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  1. Forms Search To find DCF Publications, please go to the publications search page. Below is a searchable list of forms used by programs and DCF staff. The table can be searched via title, number, and language or by scrolling through the complete list. Court forms can be found on the Wisconsin Court System web page. Child Support related court forms can be found on the BCS Court Resources and.
  2. DCF Forms - Search. Attention INTERNET Users: Adobe Acrobat Reader (8.1.2 or higher) is required to open, fill in, and print out a form, EXCEPT Microsoft Word 2003 (or higher) is required to open, fill in, and print out any form whose title ends with Microsoft Word. (NOTE: A completed PDF form cannot be saved using Reader
  3. If I have authorized the release of information to a person or agency providing services under contract with DCF, I have also authorized. release of the information to any person or agency providing that service under sub-contract
  4. Click here to view or print the DCF Form HIPAA 1.A.1.. Click here to view or print the DCF Form HIPAA 1.A.1(S).. POLICY . The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 (Public Law 104-191, and regulations promulgated by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, 45 CFR Parts 160 and 164) was enacted to establish national standards for privacy and.

Sample Authorization for Release of Information Click here to download a sample, HIPAA compliant form that has been prepared by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. By filling out this form and giving it to your health care providers, you are giving them permission to share your medical records with the people or organizations listed. DCF Careline Background Searches 505 Hudson Street - 5th Floor Hartford, CT 06106 Massachusetts MA Massachusetts Dept. of Social Services 24 Farnsworth Street Boston, MA 02210 Authorization for release of information is required. Call (651) 296-3971 to obtain a copy FINANCIAL INFORMATION RELEASE Autorizacion Para Informe Economico Date (Fecha):_____ _____ Case Number or ACCESS Number (Número del Caso o Número de ACCESS) To Whom It May Concern: (A Quien Pueda Interesar): I hereby grant permission and authorize any bank, building association, employer,.

Burlington, MA 01805 I hereby authorize Lahey Clinic, Inc. & Lahey Clinic Hospital to release my medical record information to: *This Authorization is valid for 90 days (30 days for alcohol/drug abuse treatment) unless you specify otherwise:_____________ Of the 77,974 initial reports performed by the Massachusetts DCF in 2014, 30,383 cases (39%) were screened out. 3. The 51B Investigation Ever since the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decided two cases back in 1995, Care and Protection of Isaac, 419 Mass. 602 (1995) and _Care and Protection of Jeremy, 419 Mass. 616 (1995), the DCF has had almost complete control of all children in its custody

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  1. Trinity Health Of New England Medical Group - Massachusetts*. 395 Southampton Road, Suite 100. Westfield, MA 01085. (413) 782-4047 (F) (413) 796-6712 (O) Mercy Medical Center. Mercy Medical Center. Attn: HIM Department. 271 Carew Street
  2. Boston, MA 02114. Main: 617-788-6221 Plan Counter: 617-788-6253 Registered Land: 617-788-6251 [email protected] PUBLIC RECORDS. Public Records Access Officer-Thomas M. Ryan First Assistant Register of Deeds Suffolk Registry of Deeds 24 New Chardon St. Boston, MA 02114 (617) 788-6275 [email protected
  3. Advanced Information Technology, the Internet and Cybersecurity. Bill Text: H136: Relative to data privacy. Advanced Information Technology, the Internet and Cybersecurity. Bill Text: S1791: For legislation to provide a retirement enhancement opportunity for certain members of the Massachusetts Teachers Retirement System. Public Service. Bill.
  4. As of the above date, I hereby revoke all prior signed consents to release medical information to any entity, including insurance companies, other providers, family members or legal entities. Even if you receive a request that has a copy of my signature, do not release any information from this chart
  5. › Release of Information for Emergency Contact. Release of Information for Emergency Contact. Please Note: If the client is 12 years old or older, they will need to complete and sign the release of information. You will need an adult other than the primary signee (client or legal guardian) to sign the form as a witness

Judge Baker Massachusetts Child Abuse Emergency Line 800-792-5200. The MA Child Abuse Emergency Line is available evenings, weekends and holidays when the DCF Area offices are closed. Social workers and mental health counselors are available by phone to take reports of missing children (runaways) and to respond to mandated reporters and others. Information Release Form Keywords: Information Release Form Created Date: 8/27/2018 11:28:22 AM.

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  1. Release of Information. Attn: Medical Records. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. 330 Brookline Avenue, RA-OB14. Boston, MA 02215. We will mail your records to the address specified on the release of information form. For patient privacy protection, we do not fax or email medical records (except in the case of emergency care) to the provider
  2. Hampden County Sheriff's Department Operational Changes Amid COVID-19 Pandemic. As the threat of COVID-19 continues, the Hampden County Sheriff's Department is maintaining significant steps to protect the staff, the incarcerated individuals in our care, and the general public
  3. to release your medical record information. Please follow these steps and leave no box blank: A. Patient Name, Address, Date of Birth, Medical Record Number, Telephone Number and Social Security Number: Print the name, address, date of birth, medical record number (if known), telephone number and the last 4 digits of the Social Security Number.
  4. AUTHORIZATION FOR RELEASE OF PROTECTED OR PRIVILEGED HEALTH INFORMATION Mail or Fax to: Partners Release of Information 121 Inner Belt Rd. Somerville, MA, 02143 Phone #: 617-726-2361 Fax #: 617-726-3661 For copies of radiology images or films, contact 617-952-6249 / Fax 617-952-5942 A. PATIENT INFORMATION PATIENT NAME: PATIENT DATE OF BIRTH
  5. Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm 800-421-0938 (Voice) 617-847-6578(TTY for the deaf and hard of hearing
  6. The scholarship assists early educators and after school/out-of-school-time professionals in pursuing undergraduate degrees at participating Massachusetts colleges and universities. Scholarship applicants may receive financial assistance up to 11 credits per semester in the fall, spring and summer (subject to funding availability)

must be accompanied by an Authorization for Release of Information for DCF CPS Search signed by the subject of the check. The law requires individuals applying for certain specified positions and licenses to submit to a background check from the registry. According to DCF, in 2013 the department's Background Check Unit (BCU Pittsfield, MA 01201. Medical Records is located on the ground floor of Berkshire Medical Center. Office Hours for Requesting Medical Records: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Closed on holidays. Release of Information Requests: 413-346-6739; Release of Information Charges are based on Massachusetts Published Rates. Additional Information

Health Information Services/ Medical Records Dental Records Smith Campus Center 75 Mt. Auburn Street, 6th Floor Cambridge, MA 02138 (617) 495-2055 Fax (617) 495-8077 Email: mrecords@huhs.harvard.edu Radiology Smith Campus Center 75 Mt. Auburn Street contact Radiology directly Cambridge, MA 0213 77 Massachusetts Ave., E23-528 Cambridge, MA 02139-4307 Phone: 617-253-1501 Fax: 617-258-5500 Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information (PHI) — Dental Record Important information about releasing patient dental record Report: Release of Information Pursuant to Penal Code Section 11167 (d) and 11167.5, 0500-501.15, Releasing Case Record Information to Child Welfare Agencies Outside California, and 0500-501.10, Releasing DCFS Case Record Information; thereby, cancelling those policy guides By mail: 759 Chestnut Street @ Whitney Avenue Springfield, MA 01199 ATTN: Correspondence Fax: 1-413-322-4346 or 1-413-794-4759. In person: You may walk in and pick up your records between 8:30 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday Consent to Release Protected Health Information Form Keywords: By signing this form, you are telling us that it is OK for your PH-MCO and BH-ASO listed below in Part 1 and the providers listed in Part 2 to share health information about you with each other. NJ Children's System of Care, authorization, release, information, client, records.

Contact the Release of Information Unit at 617-726-2361 with questions about specific requests. Mass General does not provide birth or death certificates. To request medical records of a deceased patient, the request must be accompanied by authorization from the executor of the estate. Please note that a fee may be associated with a medical. Welcome to ACCESS Florida. Get Started Now. Am I Eligible? Apply for Benefits. Create My Access Account. Learn More. Welcome to Florida Department of Children and Families Automated Community Connection to Economic Self Sufficiency (ACCESS) Many agencies and providers that work with, or seek access to, confidential information have consent forms for parties to sign to authorize the release of otherwise confidential information from records involving an individual they are serving. By signing an authorization to release information, a party is consenting to provide another party.

DCYF has a single, statewide toll-free Hotline operates twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week. This Hotline is dedicated to the receipt of reports concerning abuse and neglect. The number is 1-800-RI-CHILD (1-800-742-4453). All calls are recorded. You may call anonymously. Child Protective Services Q&A. Contact or Visit Us The goal of the Massachusetts public K-12 education system is to prepare all students for success after high school. Massachusetts public school students are leading the nation in reading and math and are at the top internationally in reading, science, and math according to the national NAEP and international PISA assessments

dma-5044 Consent for Release of Information — Policies and Manuals. Divisional. Aging and Adult Services. Child Development and Early Education. Health Service Regulation. Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services. Health Benefits/NC Medicaid Programs. The Federation currently oversees over 15 projects related to supporting families whose children have special educational needs and special healthcare needs, as well as families of culturally and economically underserved populations by promoting family engagement within general education. The projects are organized into five. About ACCESS. Welcome to Florida Department of Children and Families Automated Community Connection to Economic Self Sufficiency (ACCESS). The ACCESS Florida system allows customers to connect with their public assistance information 24/7, through the online application and MyACCESS Account Release of information (ROI) in healthcare is critical to the quality of the continuity of care provided to the patient. It also plays an important role in billing, reporting, research, and other functions. Many laws and regulations govern how, when, what, and to whom protected health information is released. The HIPAA privacy rule contains. 4. If DCF finds that your child is in imminent danger they can apply for and will likely get a temporary custody order. 5. Within 72 hours you will be granted a Probable Cause hearing. If you have not talked to DCF or provided them with information it is unlikely that they will have probable cause. 6

The medical record information release (HIPAA), also known as the 'Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act', is included in each person's medical file.This document allows a patient to list the names of family members, friends, clergy, health care providers, or other third (3rd) parties to whom they wish to have made their medical information available Process for Release of Information. As outlined in state law ( see § A.R.S. 8-807 F (2) ), the process for releasing DCS information in cases where a child dies or nearly dies of abuse or neglect is as follows: The death or near death of a child is reported to DCS and the death or near death of the child is determined to have been caused by. In Massachusetts, a family may work directly with their DCF office or one of the agencies with which DCF contracts. To obtain the contact information for the agencies that are located in your area and up-to-date information on MAPP trainings in your area, please contact MARE by phone or e-mail using the contact information above Go to the county of the adoption and contact the county clerk to learn the rules about obtaining information for a closed adoption. You may need to be the adopted person or be of a certain age to access records. Ask for a petition form. Fill out the petition form and file it with the county court to review. If a court date is set, meet with the.