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What is Sawn Paving? Paving slabs described as Sawn Paving, have been machine sawn, creating an accurate, angular edge, which is also sometimes referred to as rectified. The term sawn on 6 sides means the 4 edges plus the top and underneath surface of a paver too. This method of cutting produces a very contemporary style of slab Sawn Edge Dove Grey Limestone paving slabs can be used to compliment traditional gardens, or contemporary paving areas. Sawn Edge Dove Grey Limestone is hand fettled to give a natural appearance

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  1. Sawn-edge Ash Limestone paving is a luxurious modern product. With sharp lines our Ash Limestone provides a contemporary look and finish. Order online
  2. Description Our range of sawn edge Indian sandstone comes in our most popular colours of Castle grey or Raj York and different surface finishes. All the paving has sawn edges, with surface finishes available as follows: Castle grey Sand blasted or natura
  3. Free edge. The free edge of a paving slab is the side that is free of mortar. Riven and sawn paving slabs. Riven paving slabs are those with uneven surfaces, giving them a more natural look. This is not to be confused with sawn paving, which refers to any slab accurately cut (or sawn) by a machine, resulting in clean, uniform lines..
  4. Classic/Contemporary Aesthetics - With their sawn edges these precision paving slabs can be laid with traditional wide or contemporary close joints to achieve either type of aesthetic Limestone - attractive, durable paving which features a softer riven relief in the surfac

Hand cut edge paving is a widespread and affordable finish for riven (hand split) paving, it naturally complements the surface and provides the rustic charm of a natural stone paving. Infinite Paving has years of experience supplying Hand Cut edged stone in both Sandstone and the Limestone across our entire range of paving stone colour options Edge milling is a special type of milling that is commonly used when an overlay is installed. If you can imagine what adding as much as two inches of paving asphalt to your existing pavement would do, you can easily see the need for milling Key features. Patio Paving - These natural sandstone slabs are ideal for garden patios and terrace paving; Styling - Sawn edged for the 'contemporary feel'; Variety - Rainbow sandstone has variations in colour and patterning each flagstone is unique; Versatile - These classic sandstone pavers come in four different sizes; Durable - Sandstone is hardwearing and long lasting, and it is easy to. What does sawn edge paving mean? What is Sawn Paving? Paving slabs described as Sawn Paving, have been machine sawn, creating an accurate, angular edge, which is also sometimes referred to as rectified. The term sawn on 6 sides means the 4 edges plus the top and underneath surface of a paver too The sawn edges and natural face caters for this style. Whether a contemporary or rustic finish is required, this collection has the ability to produce either. The versatility and stamina of this product allows it to be utilised internally or externally. Home > Natural Stone Block Paving > Sawn Square Edge Sandstone and Limestone Collectio

Slate Paving Among the many types of stone used for paving, slate is widely regarded as an excellent choice due to its strength, its strong colours, and its hard-wearing properties, but those very features that make it an attractive option can also pose challenges when it comes to installation Sawn & Honed Smooth Paving This range of stone has had processes applied to it which leaves the stone smooth with straight uniform edges. They are still non-slip despite this finish and make a perfect alternative to the riven slabs. Polished Raj Green Paving - Sawn & Hone

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Our Edge Machine Cut Kandla Grey natural Indian sandstone paving slabs are hand split to give a riven surface. Kandla Grey paving displays fairly consistent tones of silver grey. As with all natural stone paving, each slab has unique patterns, tonal variations and slight differences in colour which give it's charm What is the best garden paving? For a luxury natural stone patio, Fairstone Sawn Versuro Jumbo King Size Paving really is king. With some of the largest sized paving slabs on the market, it is cut from superior quarzitic sandstone and has a fine-grained surface that boasts excellent non-slip characteristics Black Limestone 1200x600 - Sawn Edge Black limestone paving is a very popular limestone that is very dark charcoal greyish black in colour to achieve a Contemporary looking patio with straight sawn edges to add the wow factor. The colours are only a reference and because of the nature of natural stone, there may be slight colour variation with.

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Our Hove Edge Sawn Paving stone is diamond sawn six sides to create perfectly smooth paving, Hove edge is a contemporary alternative to the traditional Brighouse Buff. Hove edge is a mixture of Grey and Buff in varying natural shades. This gives a real movement to the stone, creating a contemporary design How to cut paving slabs with a hammer and chisel: Firstly, measure the perimeter of the space that needs to be filled by the paving slab with your tape measure. Taking on board these measurements, draw the cuts you need to make for the paver with your chalk. Then, use the hammer and chisel to cut a shallow (1-2mm) channel into the paver Smooth Paving. Smooth Paving offers a premium appeal for a sleek, modern finish to any patio design. Choose from beautiful, eye-catching patterns and veining or single colour slabs for a more neutral look. Our Sawn Sandstone features a smooth surface texture, whilst Porcelain Paving offers a flat surface with a non-slip finish. Low Maintenance Stunning Natural Colour Sawn/ Flat Paving for sale at Paving Superstore. One of the most popular choices is Paving Superstore Pro Range Porcelain Italiano Columba Paving Slabs.These paving slabs are constructed from exclusive Italian porcelain, which looks beautiful and it is definitely going to transform your outdoor space Despite the fact that it is a fantastic quality, sandstone paving prices are surprisingly low, which means you can create your dream garden for a fraction of the cost of other types of natural stone paving. What are the alternatives to paving? A cheap alternative to paving is asphalt

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With a block of stone standing on edge, a quarryman forces small metal wedges and chisels between the readily visible strata. The resulting pavers can be left irregularly shaped, but the availability of modern diamond-disc saws means the slabs also can be cut into rectangles or other shapes for standard architectural uses Handcut Sizes. 15 no. 900x600, 15 no. 600x600,15 no. 600x295 and 12 no. 295x295. Pack Size. 17.82 m2 coverage for full pack. Weight (kg) 1000. Rustic Slate 600 Series 4 Mixed Sizes Machine Cut Riven slate - It is natural slate that originated from India. Premium quality product that looks very stylish and contemporary after it has been laid out Kadapha Limestone features sawn edges rather than traditional hand-cut edges. This means that this paving will complement classic and contemporary gardens alike, giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to creating your dream project Sawn sandstone paving is cut straight off the block rather than being split naturally. The slabs are then cut down to size and sawn on all 6 sides, meaning that the 4 edges are also straight and machine-cut with a smooth finish to complete the contemporary look. The top surface is then honed creating a smooth finish with a slight sheen to offer.

The newly-quarried and sawn stone sett paving now widely available, is cut to accurate rectangles and is ideally suited to being laid in courses. Reclaimed setts and hand-hewn materials are much more irregular and so need to be laid to a taut string line to ensure the courses remain parallel and true to level Smooth Sawn Mint Sandstone Paving £ 28.00 Inc VAT; Sawn Smooth Raj Green Sandstone Paving £ 32.00 Inc VAT; Rainbow Sandstone Sawn Edge Paving £ 26.00 Inc VAT; Silver Grey Sandstone Paving Calibrated 22mm £ 27.00 Inc VAT; Rippon Buff Sandstone Paving £ 24.00 Inc VAT; Raj Green Sandstone Paving £ 24.00 Inc VAT; Autumn Blend Indian Sandstone. Install edge restraints, these should be sufficiently robust. Lay a minimum of 100mm sub base. Thoroughly compact each layer with a plate vibrator. Wash the units with a sponge and clean water. Prime the back of the flags with cement based primer. Add a mortar base layer of 4:1 sand to cement. Lay Sandstone Paving in the bed, 8-10mm apart

LivingStone Sawn Edge Dove Grey Limestone is a best selling grey paving slab available in a choice of sizes. to compliment traditional gardens, or contemporary paving areas. Sawn Edge Dove Grey Limestone is hand fettled to give a natural appearance Sawn Edge Welsh Midnight Paving. In stock. From £32.40 per m2 Inc. VAT. A stylish choice of Sawn Edge Welsh Midnight Limestone is offered to suit both contemporary or traditional settings. Available as a mixed 4 size paving pattern, or in 900x600mm single size for where simplicity is preferred, there will be a style to suit any home, garden or. It is required to pave the width of a road in multiple lanes because paving the full width of the pavement in a single pass is usually impossible. It is the interface between the two In order to remove the low-density portion of the mix, the longitudinal edge of the previously placed mix is cut back using a saw for a distance of 25 to 50mm. An extremely dark shade paving which is absolutely sublime when sealed. The stone is calibrated at 22mm thick and has sawn edges. A deep black colour when newly quarried which will eventually fade in natural sunlight to a charcoal grey shade

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The incredibly popular Kota Blue Limestone Paving has a steel effect finish with subtle shades of grey and blue with occasional white coral flecks. This paving has gone through an additional process where the edges of the stone have been sawn cut to provide a very contemporary straight edge. The surface finish of limestone is much less riven. The porcelain paving collection by Hardstone, the perfect solution to pave outdoor areas in residential and commercial applications as well as any space requiring excellent technical properties and anti-slip features. The 20mm range offers a large choice of floors of various types that faithfully reproduce the surface, graphics and details of the most prestigious natural stones and wood. LivingStone Sawn Edge Azzura limestone patio flagstones are tumbled with a weathered surface, the edges are clean sawn and they have a consistently cool grey colour.. Azzura Antique tiles are of a reasonable consistent colour across each tile, with a speckled surface ensuring a unique aged finish, that's particularly well suited to period. One of the most basic and necessary steps in hardscaping is making the necessary cuts. In this video, we'll be covering six different ways to cut a paving st.. Rainbow Sandstone sawn edge. £ 26.00 Inc VAT. This is a beautiful natural stone from India. We also split packs so you can order as much or as little as you require standard pack size is 20.5m2 and the stone is sawn and honed at 20mm. It comes in mixed size project packs but single sizes can be arranged (extra £1m2) 01934 740163

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how to | cut paving bricks | jig for holding paving bricks | dave stanton . Need to cut a few paving bricks but don't have or don't want to hire a brick saw?.. Sawn Edge - All sides of the paving machine cut Calibrated - Paving is cut to the same depth give or take 1 to 2mm tolerance (easy lay) Handcut - Paving is cut by hand, will be different depths all over (within 5 - 10mm), sides and surface will be Rive Black limestone Paving is a very dark charcoal greyish black in colour which achieves a Contemporary looking patio with straight sawn edges to add the wow factor. Because of the nature of natural stone, there may be slight colour variation with tones and patterns Pool Coping. Our sandstone Pool Coping comes in a choice of 7 colors and 4 styles, bullnose, natural chiseled, natural double chiseled and eased edge, allowing for both modern and traditional designs. Offering homeowners versatility, the coping can also be used as step treads and wall caps on retaining walls Each paving slab is 600mm x 900mm with a thickness of 22mm and each pack contains 33 single size slabs covering 18.36 m2. Sawn Edge Textured Grey is a very unique and natural looking sandstone with predominantly grey colour with slight tones of yellows and browns with shot blasted texture on top to make it slip-resistant

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  1. This paving has gone through an extra process whereby the edges of the stone have been clean-cut sawn to provide a perfectly smooth edge. The benefit here is two-fold - any visible edges create a very contemporary look with the smooth edges and also, the perfectly straight edges mean the slabs sit alongside each other like a jigsaw
  2. Paving A wide range of paving moulds, from standard plain all the way to super realistic derbystone moulds. 04SAW10A - Sawn Edge Riven Pattern - 45cm x 45cm x 3.8cm Email Now for Prices - precast@armcon.com; 04SAW10B - Sawn Edge Riven Pattern - 45cm x 45cm x 3.8cm.
  3. Paving Setts - Sawn Edge, Textured & Tumbled These clean edged Limestone and Sandstone setts with a slight tumbled and textured face, will give a stunning finish to any driveway. Available in four different colours and in a range of sizes to help create that tryly individual design

Step 8 - Compacting the Paving Stones. Finish installation of edge restraints. Then sweep the surface to remove debris. Starting on the perimeter and working towards the center, make two surface passes with the plate compactor to embed pavers into the sand. Make final adjustments in alignment or leveling at this time Kota Limestone Sawn Edge Paving. Sizes: 900 x 600. £28 per m 2 +VAT. < Back to colours. We have a large display area and a wide range of Sawn Edge Paving in stock. All our natural stone paving products are continuously monitored to maintain excellent product quality and high ethical and environmental standards

Kurnool Grey Limestone Paving, Dove Grey Sawn Edge 900×600 22mm Cal (18.5m2) £ 384.00 Inc Vat - £ 320.00 Exc Vat Kurnool grey limestone paving slabs, also name as dove grey, which has a very uniform appearance, its relatively smooth (but not slippery) and flat and has an orange peel type of look to its surface

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Our Smooth Sandstone Paving is sawn on all 6 sides, meaning that the 4 edges are also straight and machine-cut with a smooth finish to complete the contemporary look. Sawn sandstone paving offers an entirely different appeal to riven sandstone and features more pronounced patterns and colours. Our sawn sandstone has a level of natural slip. Alibaba.com offers 1,647 edge paving slab cut products. A wide variety of edge paving slab cut options are available to you, such as project solution capability, design style, and warranty Our unique Kota Blue Limestone Paving, Sawn Edge paving slabs are one of our best sellers due to the attractive colouring. Find numerous shades of blue, grey, green, and occasionally white running through. Each slab comes complete with a soft riven finish and sawn edges which makes them the perfect addition to any garden, driveway, or terrace An edge restraint is required if the paving does not abut a solid structure, this is to prevent pavers from spreading or opening up after a time. The most common method applied is finishing the unsupported edges of the paving with a concealed concrete edge strip. It should be kept at least 10mm below the finished level to allow for compaction Castacrete Paving Slabs Uk delivery 01322787312. Landscape Gardener. We Can Give You A Garden Of Your Dreams. What Ever You Would Like In Your Garden We Can Deliver And Your New Garden Will Come With Our Full Parts & Labour Warranty

Marshalls Keykerb Smooth Edging Stone Pack - Red 100 x 127 x 200mm 25.2m. (0) £690. £690.00 per EACH. Marshalls Fairstone Sawn Versuro Smooth Coping Stone - Golden Sand 500 x 136 x 50mm Pack of 50. (0) £1,900. Marshalls Antique Rope Textured Edging Stone - Midnight Blue 465 x 170 x 50mm Pack of 52 Beveled Edge: For a more cobbled appearance, a beveled edge brick provides more visual texture and patterns tend to stand out more when used without mortar. Scalloped Edge: An undulating or zig-zag edge is not widely used but is available for specialty brick paving. Tumbled Edge Indian sandstone paving is a very popular option in the UK for driveways and patios due to its quality finish, durability and versatility, and gives any garden a nice amount of rustic charm with the characterful subtle marks and ripples only found on natural stone. Indian sandstone is resistant to harsh weather, and doesn't wear or fade easily Sawn Edge Limestone Paving Slabs are a stylish choice to suit both contemporary or traditional settings. Available as a mixed 4 size paving pattern, or in 900x600 single size where simplicity is preferred, these flagstones give a colour, texture and style to suit any traditional home, garden or commercial space

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  1. g increasingly popular. Black Limestone offers a naturally flat surface sawn straight edge. A popular choice to add contrast to your garden within planted gardens as the dark slabs offer a contrast to floral areas and turf
  2. Silver grey granite cobbles give a subtle and modern finish with flecks of light. Also known as: Grey Granite Cobble Setts. Sandstone Paving. Granite Tiles. Surfaces must be tarmac, block paving or concrete
  3. Black limestone paving slabs are one of our most popular sellers! Our attractive, durable limestone paving features a modern sawn edge and black finished surface. These natural limestone slabs are ideal for any UK Garden. Black Indian Limestone patio packs are natural sandstone with a hand-cut edge riven surface and warm colour tones
  4. Product Description. Kota Blue 22mm Sawn Edge Natural Limestone 900×600 Kota Blue is a beautiful natural stone with graphite tones of blue, greys and green, with a naturally flat surface cut riven to give texture and authenticity to the paving
  5. Kandla Grey Sawn Smooth Honed Sandstone 18M2 900 x 600 Patio Pack. Kandla Grey Smooth 900×600. Kandla Grey Smooth is a Natural Sandstone which has been honed to give the paving that desirable smooth finish. The smooth honed surface is then complemented with a sawn cut edge to really give the paving that premium and contemporary look
  6. We have found that choosing to go with a hand dressed edge is a more forgiving material when it comes to completing the work. Sawn edges pavers tend to require a bit more work to get the joints perfectly even and you may have to cut a few pavers onsite to achieve perfect joints

Black Limestone Sawn Edge 900x600 Calibrated - 17m² Pack Natural Indian Stone Paving Range Black Limestone Sawn Edge Black Limestone is a very attractive dark patio option and is becoming increasingly popular Sawn paving should not be butt jointed. A small gap is required for expansion and contraction of the paving, ideally about 5mm. A traditional sand cement pointing mortar or Pointfix. (opens in new window) jointing compound can be used to point the paving. The colour swatches reproduced here demonstrate the overall hue of a paved area

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Raj Blend Sawn Edge Paving. This first grade RAJ BLEND Indian Stone paving has the same rivened top surface as the handcut & calibrated range but the edges have been sawn for a clean cut joint. This process gives the overall look of the paving a very neat and contemporary finish. £22.00 + VAT per square meter for Calibrated (22mm Thick Natural Sawn Edge Limestone Paving, in Ocean Blue. This is a very durable and hard wearing natural stone that is ideally suited to a traditional or contemporary garden patio feature. Ocean Limestone benefits from a modern sawn edge with a slight riven surface that gradually weathers over STEP 5: Edge restraint. Where the paving does not abut a solid structure, an edge is required to prevent the pavers spreading or opening up. Finishing unsupported edges of the paving with a concealed concrete edge strip is the most common method used to support the paving Best choice of paving for driveways, and thresholds are: Our Grade A Indian Paving is available in the most popular colours in a driveway thickness of 25-35mm. We have a variety of colours of Grade A Indian Sandstone and Limestone Cobbles and Granite Cobbles suitable for driveways, threshold and edging stones Step 6: Paving installation. Always begin laying block paving from the bottom of a slope, preferably starting from a right angle or a straight edge. Place the blocks on top of the laying course ensuring blocks are around 5mm above the desired finished level. The 5mm will disappear to become flush once the final compaction has taken place

In this project, we had to remove a failing paving stone walkway that was initially laid on top of a stump. As you can imagine, this created sinkholes that made it no longer safe for heavy pedestrian traffic. So we removed the pavers, removed the roots and the stump, and cleared a path for new pavers.. To prepare your base, you'll want to do the same things, including excavate 7-13 of. While retaining your favorite lawn side flowerbed or paving the way in the lawn, you feel the necessity of landscape edging. But the more crucial part of any landscape edging is to cut the edge in the proper way than installing it. And when it is about metal edging, many fall into confusion. No worries Home › Black Limestone Paving, Sawn Edge 22mm Calibrated 900x600. Black Limestone Paving, Sawn Edge 22mm Calibrated 900x600. Regular price £0.00 Sale Hurrify, only a few left: Quantity. Add to Cart Join Waitlist. ×. Inform when this item available: Vendor: Stone Paving. Landscape Edging Comparison Chart (PDF) 1. The Concrete Mow Strip. Poured concrete - This is the industry standard for lawn edging. It is formed up, then concrete is poured in place. The high cost of this option is largely due to labor building the forms which average about 8 apart

Thornton is an affordable diamond cut sandstone that can be utilised in many ways. It is similar in appearance to the more expensive Yorkshire stone, whilst generally being a little more consistent in colour. Thornton stone is used for paving, coping stones, steps, pool edgings, feature stones amongst many other applications. Buff sawn and honed is a premium grade paving that has subtle veining, and provides a tasteful, refined and elegant backdrop to any garden. The edges are machine cut smooth. Suitable inside or out Instead of a hand split fettled edge, the edges have been machine sawn to give a clean modern feel to carbon. Sandstone naturally has a more riven finish. There are many options in selecting this range including patio packs in the budget 18-22mm in Fernlea, Autumn Brown, Umbra and Buf Large range of handcut, tumbled & sawn limestone paving for paths & patios from Stoneworld. Call today for all your stone paving requirements

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  1. Bricks or stones put down flush with the surface of the lawn make mowing a pleasure. You don't have to strim the edges or do anything else apart from running the mower with one wheel on the edge. Here's some pictures of a returfed area together with a newly created lawn edge along the fence made with block paving bricks
  2. g pool surrounds
  3. Unlike herringbone pattern laid at 90 degrees which uses mostly halves of cut paving brick, Herringbone laid at 45 degrees will need complete cutting at the paving edge. It is very difficult to match the waste cut pavers cut at 45 degrees to another area of the paving. So wastage of cut pavers is greater in a 45 degree design of block paving.
  4. Kota Black Indian Limestone Sawn Edge Calibrated Patio Paving Slabs Pack 15.5m2 22mm. Special Price £396.00 (£24.32/m²) Regular Price: RRP: £445.00 Save: £49.00 . Out of stock. Kota Blue Indian Limestone NATURAL 22mm Calibrated Patio Paving Slabs Pack Sawn Edge 600 x 900 - 16.5m2.

British sawn Yorkstone finished with a bullnosed edge is a perfect choice around any outside swimming pool. RUSTIC FINISH. The mixed sizes and colours of riven Yorkstone paving create a more rustic finish. Having made the decision to build our own house we wanted the materials to all come from one source. Cotswold Natural Stone was the obvious. The jagged edge left below the cutting line provides a good rough edge for the new concrete to bond to. How do you cut paving stones? Use the hammer and chisel to score or cut a groove into the block or paver on all sides Marshalls Sawn Versuro Edging Antique Silver Multi. 0. out of 5. £ 551.99 Includes VAT. Add to basket. Add to Wishlist. Quick View. Edging This pattern is more commonly used in wall construction than in outdoor paving. Wall brick is always mortared, so the bricks do not shift. In paving, any movement in the brick distorts the neat lines of the pattern. However, jack-on-jack works well for grid patterns or edged paths because the grid or edging keeps the brick from shifting

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The sawn stones are more uniform in size and, being sawn along all edges, and can be laid precisely and with very narrow joints - ideal for flooring. Setts. We supply setts in a variety of sizes and finishes: Diamond sawn, shot sawn, split face and tumbled. These can be sawn to specific sizes or split edged and random sizes . Crazy Paving Textured Sandstone Paving. Sawn and textured sandstone is a less riven, more modern look on the traditional Indian Sandstone Paving. With a flame textured surface this product is very slip resistant and still remains one of the more durable natural products on the market

Natural stone steps or setts particularly those made of contemporary sawn stone (like the natural granite examples below), can also look great alongside porcelain to finish off and add character to a project.. Find out how to order bullnose steps and profiled edges for your project.. What grout do I need for porcelain? How you joint your paving will make a huge difference to the overall effect Concrete Block Paving is both practical and affordable to all, and can produce the look that you are aiming to achieve, whether it is traditional or contemporary. Stonecraft Paving have been manufacturing driveway blocks for many years, and with time comes experience and knowledge Paving Stones & Slabs by Pave Direct. Welcome to Pave Direct. Based in surroundings of Peterborough we are renowned to provide quality Indian Sandstone Paving products throughout United Kingdom. When it comes to Paving, we stock and supply a huge range of Indian Paving materials. Choosing a right type of paving stone can be a confusing task and. Sawn bluestone pavers have a beautiful light blue-grey colour and feature surface pours (commonly referred to as cat paw), which gives the surface texture. Sawn bluestone gives exteriors a classic look and is especially stylish when paired with white glass pool tiles, travertine tiles or granite pavers • Rolled edge or bullnose. Flat and smooth with a rounded edge at the end. Good for diving from, or for holding onto from inside the pool. • Tumbled Edge or Mitred Edge. Flat surface with no sharp edges. Easy to get in and out of the pool by climbing over this edge. • Cantilevered OR Drop Face. This coping runs out flat then drops at a 90.

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  1. imal, streamlined look. Stone materials that cannot be naturally riven (split) are sawn to create paving flags, giving them.
  2. Jan 27, 2020 - Black Kadapha Limestone Paving - This black natural limestone paving slab has a light riven surface with contemporary sawn edges
  3. Raj Green Sawn & Honed. £ 36.00 - £ 39.00 sqm. With variations in colour from gentle browns to greens with grey and olive tones, Raj Green is one of our bestsellers. The colours in this paving create a rustic, traditional feel to any garden. Once wet or sealed, the colours become even more vibrant and stunning
  4. If you prefer a more formal cut stone edging or kerb stone, then again, no problem give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss. 100mm x random length setts Pictured above is an application using 100mm x random length tumbled setts for a courtyard look that is traditional in appearance whilst being functional and practical
  5. Sawn Edge New Riven Yorkstone Paving. Sawn Edged paving is for people looking for a more contemporary finish. This look is created using a mechanical saw to create smooth as well as a perfectly straight edge. Hand fettled: From £80 per sq metre Sawn edge: From £72 per sq metre Crazy paving: From £30 per sq metr
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Description. The Smooth & Sawn sandstone goes through several processes before its packed and shipped from India. The blocks are bought to our factory from mines near Kota (Rajasthan), then cut to precise 20mm with our block cutter. After this the surface big slabs are honed (semi-polished) and then further cut to smaller sizes for our UK market Fairstone Sawn is a fine grained Quartzitic sandstone product from India. The stone is hand selected for colour and quality consistency. Each paving slab is precision sawn to ensure dimensional accuracy. Marshalls source all their Fairstone Sandstone from Kota in India, as part of their ethical trading initiative Chivas Santa Fee Paving. From decking paths to gravel and garden paving, each has a huge impact on a garden's character. Choosing the appropriate paving stone is the key. Santa Fee is one such stone that stands as a perfect choice for turning your patio into an area of grandeur and elegance. Available in subtle tones of grey, green and brown. Paving slabs can be both attractive and functional. Whether it's a natural stone patio, a feature garden path, or edging for the conservatory, our paving stones include everything you need for a stylish new look. Our durable concrete utility slabs are an excellent choice for hard-wearing and functional paving King Size Paving is a stunning addition to PAVE WORLD's contemporary sandstone range, developed with keeping in mind for larger projects. In wonderful larger format, with smooth, fine grained surface finish, this smooth diamond sawn sandstone provides a tasteful, refined and elegant backdrop for any garden, patio or commercial pavement

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Sandstone Cobble, 40mm Thickness, Smooth Sawn edge finish with a riven surface. Our samples will give you a clear indication of the beauty of the stone. Dark Grey Anthracite Porcelain Patio Paving Slabs Tiles 600×900 With a wonderful variety of sawn and riven stone paving and our popular porcelain paving all available in a range of colours, you'll be able to find something that will perfectly suit your outdoor space, whether you are looking to have a traditional, contemporary or modern contemporary design scheme

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