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Did You Check eBay? Fill Your Cart With Color Today Subway, Mosaic, Hexagon, And More. We Have Exactly What You're Looking For! 24/7 Expert Design Assistance. Our Tile Is Always In Stock & Ready To Ship Fast Oct 22, 2017 - Explore Heather's board Acrylic splashbacks on Pinterest. See more ideas about acrylic splashbacks, kitchen splashback, splashback acrylic backsplash. By Andy on November 18, 2015. After a false-start with flimsy Formica, we needed a more robust solution for our kitchen backsplash. We considered stacked white tile, but weren't convinced. Instead, we revisited a material we'd used before, in England: acrylic. Looks like glass, but cheaper and easier to handle Even though acrylic splashbacks have the advantage of being cheaper than glass, their lack of durability and flexibility of use makes it a poor alternative. The plastic is often used as acrylic wall panels and acrylic shower wall panels which can quickly wear out. Acrylic splashbacks can also be called a perspex splashback or plastic splashback

Discover the benefits of acrylic kitchen splashbacks. Our Zenolite range offers high gloss finishes with moisture and scratch-resistant properties Thin acrylic splashbacks will not look like glass, they look like a sheet of coloured plastic because they lack the depth (from being thinner)- especially when looking at kitchen, bathroom and laundry panel sizes. To achieve the glass look, ask for 6mm PMMA CAST acrylic

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Innovative Splashbacks are custom Australian Made acrylic splashbacks that look identical to glass. Unlike splashbacks from big hardware stores, our polymer splashbacks are supplied Cut to Size & shape, available in Any Colour or Digital Print image & delivered Australia wide. Stronger than glass, durable & easy to install, perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and known as Australia's. Fasade Traditional 1 18.5-in x 24.5-in Smoked Pewter Backsplash Panels. Transform an ordinary kitchen or bathroom into a stylish space. Decorative thermoplastic backsplash panels for use in kitchens and bathrooms provide the classic look of traditional tin backsplash at a fraction of the cost AluSplash is an aluminum kitchen splashback which is fire resistant, grout free and easy to clean and maintain. It is the ideal interior wall panel, as it gives a modern finish to any interior space, making it the ultimate wall panel solution for your home. Explore our Collections to find the ideal colour and finish for your home Behind kitchen bins and splash points; Feature panels under kitchen islands (they can also be digitally printed to create feature panels) The acrylic splashback on the below photo will change colour when you click the green FIND MY COLOUR button at the top of the page and select a colour. This photo, and the photos in the colour picker (which.

3mm Natural Crystal Finish. 3mm Uncoated (natural crystal 3mm) - A thinner 3mm thick alternative to our 5mm thick panels. These are much more flexible than our 5mm panels, making them perfect for slight curves or situations where ultra-light applications are needed. These do not have scratch, mould and chemical resistant properties The kitchen splashbacks we sell are made from high-grade Perspex (which is a brand of acrylic). Perspex is a reputable supplier of strong acrylic sheets that are fit for purpose around the home and garden. Their product range is known for excellent performance in whatever setting they're placed in. Perspex kitchen splashbacks are no different With an acrylic splashback, you're just a quick wipe away from good as new. Scratch-resistant, cost-effective and stylish, perspex splashback boards come in a huge array of colours and styles to suit your kitchen. Whether you're looking for a single panel behind your hob or want to deck out the whole wall above your worktop, you won't. Kitchen splashbacks & wall panels. Laminate splashbacks Quartz splashbacks Ceramic splashbacks Acrylic splashbacks. Easy to clean, stylish and durable, splashbacks and wall panels protect your kitchen's walls while you cook. You can choose from plenty of different styles: acrylic, ceramic, laminate, quartz and glass

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Printed splashbacks on the other hand let your imagination and flair run wild. Problem is printed glass splashbacks are hideously expensive. The good news is: There's a solution which looks identical to glass yet costs far less. Innovative Splashbacks are made from the highest quality acrylic in the world Acrylic splashbacks are inexpensive and a great choice for use within your home. If you're looking to install an acrylic splashback, then this is the guide for you. We'll take you through step-by-step how to DIY install an acrylic splashback, saving you money for the rest of your renovation Tile Effect Wall Panels. Reco Surfaces are the leading supplier of unique Acrylic / PVC bathroom tile panels and kitchen splashbacks.. The patented Reco Tile panels are moulded to look and feel like tiles but without the grout.The flat sheet Reco Space panels give a modern easy clean finish.. Here you can read more about Tiles vs Panels, get inspiration from our Gallery, understand the simple. IPA Acrylic Splashbacks & Wall Panels are used in kitchens, luxury bathrooms, laundries & major commercial projects. IPA Acrylic is available in 143 colours or make up your own colour! IPA Acrylic is 100% waterproofed, no colour fading or colour delmaination from water or moisture build up. ONLINE SHOP Splashwall helps you achieve the hottest trends, at the smartest prices. With shower panels and splashbacks that are designed to be installed quickly and easily and styles that will enable a stunning transformation to your bathroom or kitchen

3mm White Acrylic Splashback. 80. 4/5. £0.81 Inc. VAT. A solid high quality Perspex® colour sheet, for use in the kitchen or bathroom to protect your walls from splashes. While they are very practical, they can also be used cleverly as part of your interior design adding character to your room Coloured Glass Splashbacks. All of our coloured glass splashbacks are made from 6mm toughened glass with polished edges as standard. We also offer the option of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and thicknesses for bespoke applications. Add some glamour and style to your finish with ultra-metallic finishes, giving the appearance of sparkles in your glass Metaline® Kitchen Splashbacks and panels offer even more inspiration. This advanced aluminium based system is the smart alternative to glass, and is available in a range of contemporary colours in a spectacular high gloss finish. Featuring a sleek, continuous lookwith minimal join lines, Metaline splashbacks and panels offer inherent. 3mm Baby Blue Acrylic Splashback. 80. 4/5. £0.82 Inc. VAT. A solid high-quality clear Perspex® sheet printed with your choice of colour, for use in the kitchen or bathroom to protect your walls from marks and splashes. While they are very practical, they can also be used cleverly as part of your interior design adding character to your room

Reflections offers stunning kitchen splashback panels, that are superior to Acrylic Splashbacks Reflections Splashback and Wall Panels are the ideal product for affordable kitchen renovations and upgrades, delivering a stylish, convenient and cost-effective solution for a sleek, modern look Splashbacks protect your kitchen walls from all kinds of mess, and they look great. Learn how to measure up, cleanly cut and install a splashback to finish o..

Our kitchen splash backs require no grout, are easy to clean, simple to fit and 100% waterproof. The Reco Space kitchen panels are 610 x 2440mm and if you can't find what you want here then search for panoramic images on our image database. Our wall art collection is also an incredibly popular range for home owners wanting to brighten up. Stylish splashback for kitchen is the new trend in 2019. Modern designers have already tried using acrylic panels for bathrooms since last year or so and have attained success. They are now implementing the more advanced acrylic splashbacks for kitchens. What is the need for splashbacks in the kitchen An acrylic kitchen splashback gives modern kitchens a pleasant ambience thanks to its warm, silky surface. The radiant white blends in perfectly with white kitchen designs or contrasts effectively with black and grey fronts. In addition, acrylic is non-porous and homogeneous. This makes acrylic panels easy to clean and extremely durable Acrylic splashbacks from Innovative Splashbacks can bring a touch of class and style to kitchen spaces. Using high quality, durable acrylic these splashbacks look exactly like glass, install faster than both glass and tiles and have many advantages over alternative splashback products Innovative Splashbacks are custom Australian Made acrylic polymer splashbacks & the perfect wall panels for kitchen, bathrooms, laundries & commercial projects. They are supplied Cut to Size & Shape, in any colour or digital print image/graphic/pattern. Durable and long lasting they are incredibly easy to install and a breeze to clean

Innovative Splashbacks supply custom printed acrylic splashbacks & decorative wall panels to architects, builders, interior designers, home owners, DIY'ers, retail and commercial clients Australia wide. You have many options on image, graphic and pattern choices for your splashbacks and wall panels. And we will help you every step of the way Printed Splashbacks Our photos or yours, we print on all Splashbacks whether Kitchen or Bathroom, Acrylic or Glass View more. Bath Panel Printed Splashbacks Bespoke Printed Perspex® Splashback Bath Panel View more. Create Your Own We can print your image on all Splashbacks View more. Featured Products. Printed Splashbacks. ORANGE FROSTING

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Printed acrylic splashbacks and decorative wall panels from Innovative Splashbacks can transform ordinary walls into striking features. Kitchen systems, benchtops, cabinets and doors; Plumbing and drainage; Tapware, taps, mixers and showers Get in touch with Innovative Splashbacks about Printed acrylic splashbacks and decorative panels SuperGlass Acrylic Splashbacks. Acrylic Splashbacks, an eye catching and practical addition to your kitchen or bathroom. Our Superglass range is easy to clean, durable and hygienic. Ideal for both the home and commercial premises. Kitchen Splashbacks Multipanel's rest room wall panels are modern, hygienic and manufactured of timeless colours and finishes on your shower walls and kitchen splashback. from rest room wall panels to acrylic splashbacks, find out how you can use plastic sheets in your rest room. 2reco surfaces are the leading provider of acrylic/pvc toilet tile panels and. Zenolite® is the ultimate Acrylic high gloss panel, perfect for any kitchen splashbacks, providing a glass like appearance and modern finish. This surface has a simple, easy, and cost effective way to give any area a new designer look. Zenolite® can be used to transform any flat vertical surface into a high visibility surface that is impact resistant with stunning look and lines Our Acrylic range will create a new shine to your kitchen. Read More. Bathroom. Imagine a shower recess without scum or mouldy grout, just an elegant, modern colour finish! ShowerSplash® covers the walls of your shower recess with our stylish, cost-effective and hygienic bathrrom acrylic splashback panels. Read More

Alibaba.com offers 816 acrylic splashback kitchen products. A wide variety of acrylic splashback kitchen options are available to you, such as project solution capability, function, and warranty Kitchen Splashbacks Bathroom Splashbacks For panels 150mm wide or less the holes will be centred 15mm from the edge of the material unless you tell us otherwise. To avoid compromising the material, holes cannot be centred any closer to the edge than 15mm. Acrylic splashbacks are half the weight of an equivalent glass sheet and 25 x more. What's more, our coloured acrylic splashbacks never fade and are all cut to your exact specifications. Get the perfect splashback for your kitchen from Acrylic Sheet Form today. Call our friendly team in greater Melbourne today on 03 9330 0444 for cost-effective acrylic splashbacks Our acrylic splash backs are normally used for the walls of the kitchen and behind the hob we recommend using an aluminium composite or glass. Why choose Acrylic over Glass? Glass splash backs are more expensive , will shatter, are susceptible to chipping and cracks and you are limited to colour selections in glass Our large panel acrylic splashbacks are the perfect fit for modern kitchens. Now available in a range of larger sizes, these panels offer additional protection from cooking stains and a statement finish. If you're looking for an alternative to traditional wall tiles, choose large acrylic splashbacks

May 18, 2021 - Innovative Splashbacks® luxury colourback and digital print acrylic splashbacks & wall panels are perfect for DIY'ers. They look identical to glass, are 25x stronger, lighter & both quicker & easier to install than both glass and tiles. See more ideas about acrylic splashbacks, wall panels, kitchen splashback Acrylic splashback positioned between worktop and kitchen wall units - Image courtesy of theconstructioncentre.co.uk The best way forward when measuring is to draw out a plan on a piece of paper of the area that is going to be covered and also include any obsticles that will require cuts e.g. wall units, cooker isolators, sockets etc If you're going to glue your acrylic splashback to your kitchen wall make sure that you are happy with everything before doing so, as any adhesive suitable for this kind of job will be permanent. You will be able to adjust the splashback and get it into place while the glue is still wet but the second it is dry you are stuck with it how it is Jul 5, 2021 - Innovative Splashbacks® are Australia's Favourite Splashbacks. Our luxury Australian Made acrylic splashbacks look identical to glass & are 25x stronger making them safe for homes and families. Available in any colour or digital print image, cut to size & delivered nationwide directly to you. . See more ideas about acrylic splashbacks, kitchen splashback, home and family Ice White Diamond Sparkle cladding, Cladding Panels splashbacks Used in Kitchen, Office Ceiling and Walls, Perfect for Wet Walls in Shower, PVC Plastic 100% Waterproof 4 Panels 4.2 out of 5 stars 28 £23.49 £ 23 . 4

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Jul 13, 2021 - Innovative Splashbacks® printed acrylic splashbacks transforms kitchens into extraordinary. Examples of our unrivaled printed splashbacks featured in kitchens all around Australia. See more ideas about acrylic splashbacks, kitchen splashbacks, splashback Kitchen Splashbacks. Often a striking feature or warm earthy tone in a kitchen, Akril set size glass splashbacks provide a seamlessly easy to clean, durable and long lasting feature. With a range only limited by your imagination, Akril's toughened glass splashbacks will showcase and inspire any kitchen. If you are looking for a commercial. Splashbacks.co.uk Unit C27 Rosehill Industrial Estate Market Drayton, TF9 2JU. Tel: 01630 638389 Fax: 020 8675 8382 Email: info@sumnermirrorsandglass.co

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Acrylic splashbacks are generally cheaper than their glass counterparts, making them more suitable for people on tight budgets. Glass splashbacks are not, however, unaffordable; plenty of reasonably priced splashback suppliers work exclusively with glass, and their products do come with a number of other advantages (as detailed below!) Our laminate kitchen splashbacks are made from the same high-quality material used to create our laminate surfaces and feature a fibreboard core for strength and durability. These kitchen wall panels create a seamless appearance alongside laminate worktops, enhancing an adjacent wall with a coordinating surface Digitally Printed Kitchen Glass Splashbacks. Available in 25 colours and 5 graphic prints. 6mm Low Iron Toughened Glass. Colour / Print will not crack or fade. No dirty grout lines. Heat resistance. Hygienic, non-porous and easy to clean Acrylic Perspex Sheets. At Plasticsheets.com we are able to offer the best bespoke quoting service online, and with our speedy and reliable cutting and delivery services, there's no better online supplier to use for your acrylic sheets. All of our support team are well informed and have a vast knowledge of the range of plastic sheets used.

Please select a vibrant gloss kitchen splash back colour and thickness and enter your desired width and height to get an instant quote. 1. *. Plastic Type. Clear Acrylic Sheet. Clear Acrylic Sheet. Kitchen Splash Backs. Kitchen Splash Backs. Fluorescent Acrylic Sheet Here are our top 10 kitchen tiles! One large panel of glossy glass can create a sleeker, more sophisticated look if that's more your style. Our large panel acrylic splashbacks are the perfect fit for modern kitchens. Dulux colours will enhance any kitchen. Source: www.cutmyplastic.co.uk. Why people are choosing bathroom splashback instead of tiles Glass Splashback Kitchen Tile Cooker Panel ANY SIZE Mixed Liquids Marble 0410. £59.40. Click & Collect (£59.40/Unit) Free postage. 67 watching. SPONSORED. Ocean Grey Plastic Perspex Acrylic Kitchen Bathroom Splashback Like Glass. £92.15. Free postage. 188 sold. SPONSORED. ANY SIZE+CUSTOM MADE+TEMPERED GLASS SPLASHBACK+TOUGHENED+HEAT. Our broad selection of Alusplash aluminium splashbacks offer a bold statement and aesthetic appeal. These are a great alternative to acrylic and glass splashbacks with a premium high gloss finish and available in a number of sizes. Each panel is double-sided, meaning you receive two colours per panel that allows for more choice and versatility Printed acrylic splashbacks and decorative wall panels from Innovative Splashbacks can transform ordinary walls into striking features. Kitchen systems, benchtops, cabinets and doors; Plumbing and drainage; Tapware, taps, mixers and showers Get in touch with Innovative Splashbacks about Printed acrylic splashbacks and decorative panels

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Mazan Acrylic Splashbacks and Panels. Mazan - Beautifully tough, Daringly different, Endlessly versatile. Mazan is 100% waterproof, heat-resistant up to 100°C and 25 times more impact resistant and stronger than glass. And the impressive numbers don't end there. Mazan glass is available in five different sheet sizes to minimise offcuts KITCHEN SPLASHBACKS Vistelle Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks are perfect for refreshing your kitchen with the latest high gloss look. They feature a unique panel size, created to cover long bench areas with minimal joins. 760 mm 745 mm m m Vistelle Kitchen Glass Gas Cooktop Splashbacks are manufactured from high quality toughened glass, colou Splashbacks. When it comes to creating truly beautiful spaces, the difference is in the detail. That's why our splashbacks are so meticulously designed, and made ready for you to create awe inspiring interiors

May 24, 2021 - Innovative Splashbacks® printed acrylic splashbacks transforms kitchens into extraordinary. Examples of our unrivaled printed splashbacks featured in kitchens all around Australia. See more ideas about acrylic splashbacks, kitchen splashbacks, splashback Outstanding customer service, quick turnaround, excellent European; 'workmanship and quality material' (Acrylic / MIRROR / Glass), is what make OzzieSplash a leader in the splashback industry. But splashbacks are not only reserved for your kitchen Bars and hotels have embraced the acrylic splashback for their bathrooms, under bars, shower cubicles, vanities, commercial kitchens, laundries, spas, decorative feature walls, counter panels, and even white boards. It is not only kitchen splashbacks that are making a big splash (pardon the pun) in hospitality and throughout the business world Unlike acrylic splashbacks, Reflections is fire rated and can go behind gas stoves. Ideal for a quick kitchen upgrade. Using Reflections to cover an existing splashback is so quick and easy. Reflections is only 4mm thick and can be placed directly on top of your current kitchen splashback without compromising on bench space. So why not renovate.

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Alusplash kitchen splashbacks and wall panels are a great way to give your contemporary or classic kitchen and Bathroom touch of class. kitchen backsplash panels delicately incorporate style and functionality to give you the kitchen of your dreams. Grout free and easy to clean and maintain. Add a Designer touch to your kitchen Our splashbacks are not just a treat to the eye, they are stylish and protect your kitchen walls from grease stains. The splashbacks are easy to clean and heat resistant. Our glass cooker splashbacks have full colour prints in various themes. Peppers, fruit, vegetables, pizza, pasta, sushi, bread, soup, cheese, spaghetti, wine and cocktails Acrylic panels are characterised by their weight, strength, resistance, high durability and pliability. Acrylic wall panels offer an affordable and durable alternative to wall tiles. Acrylic wall panels are grout-free making them effortless in wet environments. Acrylic has a non-stick surface so will not harbour mould, soap or calcium build ups.

Acrylic splashbacks available in piano black gloss and brilliant white gloss. Splashbacks can be ordered cut to size to your exact requirements. Create a clean, contemporary look in your kitchen with Perspex® splashbacks. Learn more ». Cut to size options. Samples. From £0.96 inc VAT In stock Zenolite Acrylic Kitchen Splashback Panel - 122 x 100 x 0.4cm - Safari. GBP 179.0. £179.00. ZipPay. 4 instalments of £44.75 with zip Learn more. Product Description. This high gloss acrylic kitchen splashback panel provides a great focal point for your kitchen and is also easy to keep clean. This is an Extra Choice product Acrylic Splashbacks - Custom colours & cut to your sizes. Perfect for kitchen, showers, bathrooms & laundries. Easy install - perfect DIY splashbacks. Australian Made. Better Than Glass look identical to glass splashbacks, they are 6mm thick and give a stunning depth of colour just like glass splashbacks Kitchen Splashbacks Glass Splashbacks Splashback Acrylics The number one choice is Acrylic Glass for the following reasons: The weight is half as much as glass and is 17 times more impact resistant. Acrylic Glass is 92 percent clearer than glass, rich in colour and it reflects light evenly ,making it ideal for kitchen splash backs and others.

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  1. Bathroom splashback is uPVC cladding, made from acrylic sheets, that come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes from, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm and can be custom cut to fit your bathroom. They also come in a variety of patterns from wood, brick, sparkle, tile effect, and marble effect. They are the perfect fix for a cost-effective polished bathroom
  2. Turquoise colour 6mm Toughened glass - 1 large panel (1.8m high and over 3 meter long) + 0.5m x over 2m long panel, 5 sockets. In addition LED Lighting System fitted at suspended ceiling. Glass supplied and fitted, free measurement and quotation. Backsplash's Price: €900 inc VAT
  3. Splashback, Shower Panel & Kickplate Installation Guide Splashback, Upstand, Kickplate & Shower Panel Installation Guide About your Acrylic & Perspex™ splashbacks and shower panels Splash Acrylic splashback or shower panels are made from a superior quality acrylic with an anti scratch surface for residential and commercial environments
  4. SPLASHBACKS. Whether you're looking to replace your existing kitchen splashback with something a little fresher using acrylic splashback sheets or you're wanting to add more functionality to your kitchen with cooker splashbacks and kitchen tiles, we'll have the perfect solution
  5. Explore toughened glass splashbacks. Ceramic. With a variety of sizes, shapes and designs, a ceramic tile backsplash will allow you to get creative. Your builder will grout and seal it to prevent stains and water penetration. tile-effect. If you like kitchen backsplash tile ideas and want a low-maintenance alternative, choose a tile-effect.
  6. Splashbacks. Working on a kitchen with a splashback or wall panel? Our range of splashbacks offer an alternative to kitchen tiles. Lustrolite and AluSplash offer affordable yet durable kitchen splashback material and a colour selection that'll make any kitchen stand out
  7. Splashbacks.co.uk - Providing High Quality Custom Glass Splashbacks. Customers orders will be delivered by TNT and we will forward you the tracking details. We are based in Shropshire and all orders will be delivered to your door usually within 14 working days. We are trading as Normal and have no delivery problems
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  1. Move over grey - these green kitchen ideas will inspire you to add shades of emerald, olive and sage to your cabinets, tiles, worktops and walls. 3. Neaten up your backsplash with a shelf. (Image credit: Topps Tiles) This is a really neat kitchen backsplash idea - add a narrow, floating shelf where your tiles end
  2. Safe & Durable glass BACKSPLASH made of impact scratch resistant and heat resistant toughened glass with polished edges; highly durable surface. Our Glass Backsplashes can be used as: Kitchen Backsplash, Splashback for bathroom, Backsplash for ranges, protective panel for kitchen and bathroom sink, cooker backsplash. Showing 1-24 of 30 results
  3. Splashbacks.co.uk offer a huge range of kitchen glass splashbacks, designer splashbacks, printed splashbacks and custom made printed glass splashbacks for every location.Our Standard Coloured Splashback Range Select your preferred colour from our colour selector Splashbacks
  4. ation of many joints. The ease by which it can be cleaned. Glass offers anti-bacterial protection for your kitchen surfaces. Glass is tough, tough, tough
  5. The home of toughened glass splashbacks for your kitchen. We offer a fantastic range of finishes on our glass splashbacks, from our most Popular Colours such as Black, White, Flame Orange & Jewels Purple and Colour Matching to all major paint brands to our stunning High Definition Prints and fully Toughened Mirrors.No matter what you style we can create a stunning feature for you and your kitchen
  6. The splashbacks look gorgeous in our new kitchen and seem to be a very good quality material. I must say the customer service was first class as we had to order custom size panels through email, everything went smoothly and received the panels very quickly. Overall very happy with the experience and would definitely buy from them again

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