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Conservation Research and Projects CuriOdyssey is proud to partner with the following organizations by contributing to funding of their conservation projects: BAY AREA BOBCAT PROJECT This project within Felidae Conservation Fund aims to assess local bobcat (Lynx rufus) populations to better understand their conservation needs Conservation Projects and Research The paper conservation staff pursues a wide range of research on works of art and artists' materials such as parchment, papers, plastics, dyes, and pigments

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  1. Here you can browse our current research projects by theme, geographical area or just search for a keyword. If you browse down you will see a list of all of our current projects. You should find that our core research draws on a wide range of natural science disciplines, including ecology, behaviour, epidemiology, genetics, parasitology.
  2. We publish our research, share our data, and strongly collaborate with other marine scientists and organizations to achieve a collective goal - protecting the ocean and its inhabitants during our lifetimes, and for future generations. SUPPORT OUR RESEARCH. RESEARCH PROJECTS. Current Ocean Conservation Society studies
  3. Current Projects - Research and Conservation Green Initiatives. In 2018 the Desert Museum took a major step along the path to environmental sustainability. The Museum now receives a significant portion of its energy needs from the Sun - about 13% of its annual demand, and as much as 30% of its power draw on a warm sunny day
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The Foundation's Science and Stewardship Department undertakes focused research, inventory and monitoring projects aimed at providing increased understanding of the rare resources found on our properties. staff from the Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration Cranberry Bog Program and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation. chapter conservation project. Some remove invasives on chapter property, while others branch out to a local park or public area—broadening the proj-ect into a community conservation effort. Before starting, contact experts with a local natural resource agency who can help identify invasive plants and instruct members on proper removal techniques Caretta Research Project is a hands-on research, conservation and education program dedicated to studying and protecting loggerhead sea turtles on Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge off the coast of Savannah, Georgia. Click here to volunteer and experience sea turtle conservation firsthan PROJECTS​ CRA is a registered charity in England and Wales (Registered Charity Number 1170640) which conducts applied research, education and capacity building to conserve wildlife in Africa. Based in Malawi (Southern Africa) CRA has been conducting a number of projects since 2013 Research Topics Since 1907, the Harvard Forest has served as a center for research and education in forest biology and conservation. The Forest's Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) program, established in 1988 and funded by the National Science Foundation, provides a framework for much of this activity

The Wildlife Conservation Research Unit. The planet's human population increases by more than 200,000 people every day. At the same time, global consumption and inequality are rising. As a result, our planetary footprint is unsustainable, with ever more severe and intensifying pressure on finite natural resources throughout the world Conservation Research Institute (CRI)is a private, 501c3 organization founded to create new possibilities for the promotion and understanding of environmentally sustainable planning and design. Conservation Research Institute — Design Projects WDC has thirty years' experience funding vital conservation, education and research projects around the globe. Wherever possible, we work with local communities and a guiding principle of any research is that techniques used must be as non-invasive as possible for the species involved Research & Conservation Projects Conservation medicine is a relatively new field that uses an interdisciplinary approach to study the relationship between ecological, human and animal health. In 2012, CROW's Board of Directors voted to support the diversification of our mission to include research applicable to conservation and wildlife medicine

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  1. We provide information to people from all walks of life — students, journalists, policymakers, scientists.... You protect what you love
  2. Wintertime in False Bay, South Africa is known for its awe-inspiring white shark acrobatics during predatory attacks on juvenile Cape fur seals. This project investigates the physics, characteristics, patterns, and locations of these attacks. EXPLORE
  3. In discovering colorful corals and powerful sharks at Shedd, you're connected to their wild counterparts—and the conservation research of Shedd scientists. Scientists from Shedd's Daniel P. Haerther Center for Conservation and Research conduct research to better understand wild animals and their habitats, helping us work with partners to.
  4. Research in conservation education, public engagement, or how our guests use, are influenced by, and view the Aquarium. RESEARCH COMMITTEE . The Florida Aquarium's Research Committee works to assure that all research projects, and related grant requests and Memorandums of Understanding
  5. A number of our projects also focus on applied conservation, where we study how human activities (e.g. fisheries, climate change) affect marine mammals and other megafauna, and how mitigating these threats using low-cost approaches and methods
  6. ation activities, and is driven by the needs of the heritage community in Canada
  7. Conservation at The Met The Metropolitan Museum houses a world-renowned complex of scientific research and conservation facilities, each of which serves as a training ground for conservators across a variety of specializations from around the world. This project list provides a small sample of conservation research activities across the Museum

San Antonio Zoo's Center for Conservation and Research (SAZCCR) Texas Horned Lizard Reintroduction Project seeks to restore the Texas horned lizard population by working with private landowners to introduce zoo hatched lizards in areas where it has disappeared in recent decades.SAZCCR assesses candidate release sites based on several criteria using remote habitat ranking and boots-on-the. Bat Scan Project. MTBC preserves Merlin's one-of-a-kind photo collection; the world's most comprehensive coverage of bat diversity, behavior, and values. It is irreplaceable and has served as literally the backbone of science, education and conservation, illustrating bats worldwide for 60 years and counting Our national and international conservation and field research projects span a range of topics and perspectives, from classical ecological research, to applied conservation, to more traditional zoo-based reintroduction activities Water Conservation Research and Pilot Projects A summary of the research and evaluations of the pilot projects used to develop a campaign to reduce lawn watering and conserve water Foundational Research & Pilot Projects Research Projects. Total Funding $742,671. Increasing seagrass ecosystem knowledge to enhance dugong conservation (LK5). LK5 seeks to influence decision-making and coastal area planning in Sri Lanka by delivering increased knowledge of the distribution and abundance of seagrasses in Palk Bay, the Gulf of Mannar..

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This project aims to enhance existing science education on Utila, engage students in environmental conservation and hopefully inspire the future generation of working Utilans to protect their local ecosystems while developing tourism and other industries responsibly Established in 1999, the Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project (OuTrop) - now a programme of the Borneo Nature Foundation - is dedicated to helping protect, restore and regenerate the Sabangau Forest through research, training and conservation support. Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) - 2010: General Funding Seventy-Five Scientific Research Projects You Can Contribute to Online high-resolution and small lenses have made camera traps indispensable tools for conservation.These cameras capture. Critical Wildlife Conservation and Research Projects Funded by AZA-Accredited Zoos and Aquariums. Silver Spring, MD - The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) today announced AZA Conservation Grants Fund (CGF) grants totaling nearly $250,000 to be awarded to 13 projects. AZA's Conservation Grants Fund provides support to AZA members. Updates & Outcomes. Historically, the Carnivore Conservation and Research Project has played a crucial role in helping to reduce the human-animal conflict in Namibia. Since the project's inception in 2006, staff and volunteers have combined their efforts to successfully rescue and release over 80 cheetahs, 30 leopards and 15 brown hyenas.

This project is currently Active. Galapagos tortoise migration plays a fundamental role to maintain healthy tortoise populations. Understanding the ecological, social, and sanitary implications of these movements allows us to reduce the threats the tortoises are facing and contributes to their conservation. This program is a multi-institutional. Past Projects. Completed projects of the Conservation Institute. Project name: A-C D-H I-L M-P Q-T U-Z. Adobe Consolidation (1988-1995) The Getty Conservation Institute, in collaboration with the Museum of New Mexico State Monuments, conducted a long-term research project on adobe consolidation at historic Fort Selden Zoo Conservation, Research and Education in Action at Wild Planet Trust's Living Coasts! In partnership with Valeport, this project aims to protect Torbay's seagrass meadows, the wildlife-rich underwater gardens with an important function in fighting climate change, via scientific research and public education Past Projects Some of the Smithsonian's Museum Conservation Institutes more interesting past conservation research projects, technical analyses, and collaborations are listed to the right. MCI has collaborated with the Smithsonian Museums, other US government bureaus, foreign government bureaus, national and international museums and. The GMERC is a research team focused on the behaviour, ecology, and conservation of the wildlife and especially primates that live across the Greater Mahale Ecosystem. Formerly known as the Ugalla Primate Project, in 2017 our group incorporated in Tanzania as GMERC, LTD

Art Conservation Research Projects 2019/2020 Projects are listed in alphabetical order by students surname, click on image to view poster larger: Evaluating Nanorestore Gel ® for Removing Ink on the Surface of Albumen Photograph Research Projects. The PCCRC provides grants to faculty to improve knowledge about the North Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea. Funding for the PCCRC is provided by members of the Pollock Conservation Cooperative, part of the At-sea Processors Association. It's not just about Pollock! While funding comes from the Pollock Conservation Coop, the.

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  1. Research Topics. Research undertaken by faculty and students in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment encompass a broad range of topics from Arid Lands to Wildlife Conservation. Please select any of the topics below for a list of faculty and staff involved
  2. The Tropical Research and Conservation Centre and Dr. Fernando Potess with the People Resources and Conservation Foundation (PRCF) will lead a local community driven project that will help establish community-led anti-poaching and anti-logging task forces to increase elephant conservation awareness in the Omo Forest Reserve of southwestern.
  3. 2019 Soil Science Collaborative Research Projects 15 Projects Selected to Advance NRCS' Soil Science Capacity Alcorn State University. Project Title: Serving to Serve: Training the Next Generation of USDA-NRCS UAV Pilots in Soil Conservation Applications Overview: Alcorn State University plans to address unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) expertise needs by preparing students to become Federal.

Project rendering Oceans cover 71% of the earth and exchanges between the ocean and atmosphere drive both weather and climate. The Scripps Ocean-Atmosphere Research Simulator (SOARS) will enable laboratory-scale simulations of the ocean-atmosphere boundary, reproducing the complex and interacting systems of wind, waves and microbial processes Based in the world's largest coral reef, the Island Reef Research and Conservation project offers volunteers the opportunity to participate in valued conservation activities and environmental research endeavours. Volunteers work in collaboration with various oceanographic organisations to research the ecosystem, monitor and survey the reef. Yellowstone Wolf-Prey Ecology. Since 2010, Hebblewhite has collaborated with the Yellowstone Wolf Project in Yellowstone National Park. He and his students are conducting research on wolf-prey dynamics, spatial ecology of predation, and survival and reproduction of wolves using long-term data collected by the National Park Service

Research projects & publications Research is one of the primary objectives of Dartmoor Zoological Society. As a charity, we aim to continually increase our research potential and output in view of the growing need to increase our knowledge necessary for understanding and undertaking conservation tasks both in the zoo and out in the field Research Projects On this page, you will find a summary and detail for recent research projects by Principal Investigator, Dr. Vera Krischik, and her research staff on beneficial insect and pollinator conservation including biocontrol, land management best practices, and pesticide effects on pollinators and beneficial insects

The Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN) website describes the germplasm held by the NPGS and how to order from these collections for research and educational purposes. Click here to link to GRIN. You may also link to the GRIN site from anywhere in the NPGS Ash Conservation Project website by expanding the References Links (at left) Convivial (literally: living with) conservation aims to transform conservation towards co-existence, (bio)diversity and justice. Blogs, podcasts and other engagement materials related to the CONVIVA - convivial conservation research project can be found here

WWF's Wildlife Adaptation Innovation Fund supports the testing of new ideas that have potential to reduce the vulnerability of wildlife to changes in climate through on-the-ground projects.Successes and lessons learned from these pilot projects provide useful guidance that move conservation beyond business-as-usual approaches and successful efforts can be replicated or taken to scale to help. Current Research Projects (click on project titles for poster) Applied Conservation Lab Homepage Assessing the Impacts of Invasive Species on Endangered Species in The United States (Undergraduate Researchers: Emily Ritter, Lauren Bleyer, Cameala Freed, Kayla Beundia and Gina Salerni Turtle conservation. In 2017-18 we conducted pilot community-led conservation research on turtles nesting in Sainte Luce. Targeting Loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta), which are listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN Red List, the project facilitated community-led conservation whilst also monitoring nesting populations and hatchling success

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Top PAID (or free) Conservation Internships - In Alphabetical Order BES Policy Internship. Organisation | British Ecological Society Location | London, UK. Theme | Information & Data Mgmt., Policy & Advocacy, Comms & Marketing, Science & Research Summary | The British Ecological Society is the oldest ecological society in the world.They have 6,000 members around the world and bring people. The Conservation Research Laboratory (CRL), founded by Dr. Donny Hamilton and currently directed by Dr. Chris Dostal, is one of the oldest continuously operated conservation laboratories that deals primarily with archaeological material from shipwrecks and other underwater sites. Operating under the the Center for Maritime Archaeology and Conservation, CRL plays an important role in the. EWCO protects conservation of endangered amphibians through research, conservation education, habitat restoration, advocacy and community engagement, including provision of alternative livelihoods to reduce pressure on habitat resource use. Our project combines basic research, awareness raising, citizen science, and conservation activities. We. Funded research projects contribute new knowledge to our understanding of bat ecology and conservation and help inform conservation strategies to protect bats locally and globally. Our Student Scholars program grows global capacity for bat conservation by supporting students and their research and building a connected community of bat.

End Date: August 1. Minimum Commitment: 4 weeks (may extend up to 8 weeks) Location: Los Amigos Conservation Hub, Peru. Application Deadline: April 15, 2021. Program Fee: $1800 for 4 weeks; $450 each additional week (includes food and lodging, transportation to the field station from Puerto Maldonado and back, training and use of field equipment Missouri Department of Conservation staff from various divisions all around the state conduct a wide variety of scientific research projects to help us protect and manage the fish, forests, and wildlife of the state, explained MDC Resource Science Division Chief Jason Sumners

All Research Projects. The New York Botanical Garden is one of the world's preeminent free-standing plant research organizations. The Garden's scientists conduct basic research in plant biology and study species of plants and fungi around the globe. Our scientists use sophisticated techniques such as molecular systematics, genomics research. Research projects completed since 2014. At the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI), research and development is at the core of its service and knowlpagedeedge dissemination activities, and is driven by the needs of the heritage community in Canada. Read more on the research and development that CCI conducts on the preservation and. Research Project: Investigating Naturally Revegetated Chat-Contaminated Soils-Assisted Revegetation . Location: Coastal Plain Soil, Water and Plant Conservation Research. Project Number: 6082-12630-001-021-A Project Type: Cooperative Agreemen CHIEF RESEARCH TOPICS. 1) Adapting to environmental change. 2) Fisheries-induced evolution. 3) Conservation biology of small populations. 4) Northern Fisheries monitoring: integrating traditional and scientific knowledge. 5) Eco-evolutionary dynamics in species restoration and captive breeding/rearing. 6) Genetic diversity at large spatial scales

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  1. e to what extent conservation projects explicitly or implicitly recognize and work on trade-offs. The underlying hypothesis is that few conservation projects, if any, explicitly and adequately identify trade-offs in undertaking their conservation projects, and so in success, in terms of nature.
  2. At Conservation Careers we're on a mission to help conservationists achieve career success, and create a world where wildlife thrives. We believe all conservationists should be able to pursue the best training opportunities, have the best experiences, conduct meaningful research and lead impactful conservation projects to boost their careers and ultimately help wildlife thrive. Bu
  3. Since 2003, the Save Our Seas Foundation has supported and funded over 300 research, conservation and education Projects worldwide. Project leaders. The Save Our Seas Foundation supports people who develop the original ideas and act as drivers of the projects in the field and in the lab
  4. Grants are awarded to 39 projects, providing support to respected conservation organizations already at the forefront of critical conservation efforts. 1998. Disney's Animal Kingdom opens, where guests can join Disney in supporting conservation by adding a contribution to their purchase at shops. 200
  5. The Tanzania Conservation Research Program protects threatened wildlife and helps people and wildlife coexist in Tanzania, Africa. Program researchers work with partners in the greater Tarangire ecosystem to identify and protect land that is critical to both wildlife and local communities who practice free-range pastoralism
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As a result, the Freer|Sackler Department of Conservation and Scientific Research is rehousing and researching the collection. This poster, presented at the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works Annual Meeting in May 2015, focuses on the storage project, the challenges associated with rehousing a large collection of. The conservation strategy was developed in cooperation with the IUCN Species Conservation Planning Sub-Committee. A new research project on the role of predation and pesticides for the decline of the species is funded by the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund and a breeding program was established at Thoiry Zoo. A new survey in 2015. Th esis: Critical Conservation of Chinese-American Culture - The Story of Los Angeles's Five Chinese Neighbourhoods Boya Guo, MDes CC 2017 Open Project: Critical Chinese Copying — Authenticity and Originality in the Built Environment of Contemporary China Ana Mayoral Moratilla, MDes CC 201 This had led to corrosion in the bore and along the underside of the cannon, where moisture was permitted to cause deterioration. In 2017, the Alamo Trust began a major project to rectify this situation and contracted with Texas A&M Conservation and Research Lab to conserve these guns Conservation and Research Projects. The preservation and advancement of knowledge have been fundamental to the Gallery's work since the founding gift of artworks that led to its opening in 1864. Equally important, the Gallery's conservation staff are finding new ways to study the collection, yielding fresh insights about a wide range of.

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STC Programs: Research Projects. Sea Turtle Conservancy's geographic focus is the Wider Caribbean and Atlantic because of the region's unique importance to the world's remaining sea turtle populations. The colonies of green turtles, loggerheads, hawksbills and leatherbacks that nest at Tortuguero in Costa Rica, Chiriqui Beach in Panama. Conservation Projects All the work we do at Raritan Headwaters has a purpose - to protect clean, safe water. Science informs everything we do, from conservation projects to educating our residents to advocating for environmental policies - all to protect and restore watershed resources Research interns work closely with our staff on a wide variety of projects, participate in outreach activities, conduct independent research projects, and present results at our annual Intern Symposium. Each summer, research interns have the opportunity to participate in projects that may include: Diamondback Terrapin Research and Conservation The cassowary is a keystone species on which the continued diversity of rainforest plants in Queensland, Australia, and nearby islands is vitally dependent. By latest estimates, fewer than 1 500 birds remain in the Northern Region of Australia. Threats to cassowary survival around human habitation and in the wild include vehicles, dogs, feral. PREDATOR CONSERVATION PROGRAM. The goal of the BPCT is to preserve Africa's large carnivore guild, that is African Wild Dog, Cheetah, Leopard, African Lion and Spotted Hyaena. In order to achieve thisour research focuses on the following: The behaviour and ecology of threatened and endangered large carnivore species

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Nature Conservation Research Centre is a home-grown Ghanaian NGO that manages about a dozen projects throughout Ghana, with new projects coming on-line each year. These include a sacred grove that harbors primates, a hippopotamus sanctuary on 40 km of the Black Volta River the needs of the specific research project and its stakeholders. The steps do not need to be followed in the specified order, for example, and some steps can possibly be skipped or added, depending on spe - cific project needs. 2.1 | Step 1: Establish the framework of the project Development of a conservation research project should begin wit This research will provide an understanding of the behavior, ecology, and genetics of Overton Park copperheads. Malle Carrasco-Harris, a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Memphis and Research Adjunct with the Zoo, records habitat preferences and life history traits, and compares genetic information with copperheads living elsewhere The Namibian Dolphin Project is a research and conservation project working in Walvis Bay and Luderitz, Namibia. The Namibian Dolphin Project was started in 2008 and has grown from strength to strength since then. Our core focus is research on coastal dolphins and whales in Namibian waters with the ultimate aim of generating high quality data. The Conservation Research Laboratory is associated with numerous research projects, including: Mt. Graham & the Sky Islands; Invasive Species; Fire, Insects & Forest Management; Climate Change; Ecology and Behavior; and other Species of Concern. The conservation projects page has details on these projects and the people involved

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This project aims for an integral approach in using of oral history for research in art conservation in a responsible way, using case studies from the Rijksmuseum and the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands Volunteers who join our Amazon Conservation project in Peru support the centre's conservation research and sustainable development projects and work on a combination of the projects during their volunteer placement.. Current research projects include: Blue Headed Macaw Monitoring Programme . The Blue headed macaws are found in the forest reserve and they have been classed as Vulnerable on.

Dolphins & Whales - Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation SocietyThe Uniqueness of Zhou Dynasty Artifacts: Archaeological101 Park Avenue - Local Law 87; Energy Auditing; BenchmarkingTapanuli Orangutans - Orangutan Outreach

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Moose, Wyoming. Each of our initiatives has a business plan developed by scientists and other experts, and approved by our Board of Directors. Grants are available to support the actions identified in the business plan. Additional programs support diverse projects for wildlife and habitat conservation across the country Our grants program provides students from Australian Universities a way to obtain funding to assist with their studies. University students who have suitable research projects, such as projects investigating methods of addressing or reversing impacts of wildlife, or addressing or reversing decline in habitat, or other applied conservation research in Australia, should consider applying for a. Assisting wildlife conservation in Kenya Famous for its spectacular wildlife and biodiversity - 61 species of birds are currently of global conservation concern. Countries Kenya Countries Ongoing Advocacy Education Organisation development Research Site protection Species protectio MDF is always looking for meaningful project proposals. We fund and put boots on the ground - every year, every month, every week - for mule deer habitat management, research, youth programs, public outreach projects and more. Let your imagination run wild. Think about the conservation needs in your region GVI's wildlife conservation programs give you a chance to get involved in conservation research, data collection and environmental education work abroad. Our projects promote sustainable conservation efforts in some of the world's most biodiverse places: from the verdant jungles of Jalova in Costa Rica, to the granitic island of Curieuse in.

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Marine Mammal Research & Conservation Projects. Overview The Aegean Sea is one of most important marine biodiversity hotspots in the Mediterranean, supporting key populations of cetaceans (dolphins and whales), Mediterranean monk seals and sea turtles (green, loggerhead and leatherback) Carnivore Conservation and Research in Kanaan. Become a big cat conservation volunteer in the stunning Kanaan region of Namibia, helping to ensure that the carnivore's habitat, and the habitat of all of the other animals that call the region home, is safe for years to come through crucial research. Project Video. YouTube The North American Orchid Conservation Center is the only continental-scale organization in the world devoted to conserving orchids through an integrated and collaborative effort that is based on an ecosystem approach to understanding the interactions between orchids and their mycorrhizal fungi

Research Projects. FWRI marine turtle program staff conduct research on the distribution, abundance, life histories, ecology, migrations, and threats to marine turtles in Florida and contiguous western Atlantic and Caribbean waters. Developing a Statewide Program of In-Water Monitoring of Sea Turtles in Florida Research Projects. Total Funding $742,671. Increasing seagrass ecosystem knowledge to enhance dugong conservation (LK5). LK5 seeks to influence decision-making and coastal area planning in Sri Lanka by delivering increased knowledge of the distribution and abundance of seagrasses in Palk Bay, the Gulf of Mannar.. Ducks Unlimited's conservation projects in Washington are tailored to fit the region they are in. Projects in western Washington are designed to provide wintering and migration habitat to waterfowl and facilitate fish passage and use. Eastern Washington projects improve degraded wetlands to provide optimal waterfowl production habitats CONSERVATION. How You Can Help Field and Research Projects Green Initiatives Partnerships. Field and Research Projects. Our employees are applying their skills and knowledge while participating in hands-on projects that are saving wildlife at home and around the world