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Spanish nationals have their basic ID, called DNI (documento nacional de identidad), which works as a NIF (tax id for individuals). But if they set up a company, then they will need to request an extra identification number that is called CIF. What is a CIF number in Spain? The CIF is the tax ID number that identifies a company or legal entity. There are three different Spanish tax numbers that are used for a wide range of legal, economic, and social activities: the NIF (for Spanish citizens), the NIE number (for non-citizens such as foreign residents or non-residents with property in Spain), and the CIF (for businesses). This guide to Spanish tax numbers looks at what the number is. NIF (Personal Tax ID) of Individuals. As a general rule, the Tax ID Number (NIF) of the individuals of Spanish nationality will be their DNI (Spanish National ID) followed by the verification code and for those that are not Spanish nationals, it will be the NIE (Foreign National ID).The Ministry of the Interior is the competent body for its. All liable taxpayers will be able to obtain the DNI (Spanish National ID) voluntarily or they may request from the Tax Administration the allocation of a NIF (Personal Tax ID) that it will have an initial letter that will point to the nature of the number: L, for the Spanish residents abroad, and K, for the Spaniards residing in Spain who are. The NIF (Número de Identificación Fiscal) is the tax number for natural and legal persons in Spain. According to the 2008 legal reform published in Royal Decree 1065/2007 of 27 July, it applies not only to natural persons carrying out commercial activities but also to legal entities

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  1. NIF for foreigners When you need it? If we are a person, not a company or any other type of entity, we have to ask for the Tax Identification Number in Spain( called the NIE or Número de Identificación de Extranjero) to the Police Office
  2. The NIE is the number given to non-Spanish residents living in Spain. NIF number. The NIF number is the number of DNI used as a taxpayer identification number for Spanish citizens. The NIF number is not issued to non-Spanish citizens. To get the TIN, we can meet two different situations that will be followed by different compulsory procedures.
  3. Verify census registration.View personal tax ID (NIF) (legal entities) To check if the tax code of an entity is listed in the Tax Agency register, go to the Consult by NIF (legal entities) service in the list of procedures for Forms 036 and 037.Register of business persons, professionals and withholders - Register declaration for.
  4. NIF = Número de Identificación Fiscal (for individuals) CIF = Certificado de Identificación Fiscal (for companies) If you are not from Spain or havea busines shere then you probably could not put anything here :-) Nif is what in the Uk would be the National Insurance number for a
  5. How to get a NIF number in Spain, Barcelona & Madrid | 2018 Guide. Request Assistance. Book a call. BARCELONA +34 938 074 056. MADRID +34 915 367 806. LISBON +351210200969. BCN +34 938 074 056. MAD +34 915 367 806. LIS +351210200969
  6. For example, if the DNI number is 12345678, this, divided by 23 leaves a remainder of 14, therefore the letter is Z: 12345678Z. Non-nationals residing in Spain have a NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) which is made up of a letter (X, Y, Z), 7 numbers and a check digit

NIE Spain information. NIF: The Número de Identificación Fiscal (NIF) serves as a fiscal identification number for those born in Spain, and is the Spaniards' version of this number. CIF: The Certificado de Identificacion Fiscal (CIF) is the tax number for all companies in Spain. It serves as the VAT number The precedent of the NIF is the CIF, used in legal entities. Royal Decree 338/1990, dated March 9, regulates the composition and manner of use of the NIF, until the entry into force in January 2008 of Royal Decree 1065/2007, of July 27. In Spain the VAT Number (NIF) can be of 3 types (always 9 digits): 1.- For natural persons

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  1. Obtain your Spanish Tax Identity Number (NIF) or VAT Tax Identity Number (NIF-IVA) in order to operate in Spain, registering with the Spanish tax authorities. A Tax Identity Number (NIF) is compulsory for all operators who are VAT-taxable and who operate within the Spanish territory where this tax is applied
  2. 'L' (example: L12345678A) for Spanish citizens who live outside Spain. NIF (Número de Identificación Fiscal): This is the generic term for the tax ID number for all individuals. For Spaniards, it's the DNI. For foreigners, it is your NIE. For people registered as freelancers , you will use your NIF on your invoices to clients
  3. NIF (Número de Identificación Fiscal) This is the generic term for the tax ID number for all individuals. For Spaniards, it's the DNI plus one letter; for foreigners, it is your NIE. If you're a nonresident who has to pay taxes in Spain, you may get a NIF issued to you without having an NIE
  4. Related to TIE, NIE, DNI, NIF, CIF, Social Security, ID Cards For Residents of Spain Visa for Spain Spain Expat's comprehensive information for obtaining the various visas -other than a working visa- and residency information: retirement visas, self- employment or investment visas and more
  5. 3. Tax Identification Number (N.I.F.) and Foreigner Identity Number (N.I.E.) The applicable Spanish legislation currently requires that any individual or legal entity with economic or professional interests in Spain, or involved in a relevant way for tax purposes, must hold a tax identification number (in the case of legal entities) or a foreigner identity number (for individuals)
  6. ated card or polycarbonate, which details the name and surnames of the holder along with date of birth, address, parents, sex, residential address, city and province of birth, and contains a photograph (size 32 × 26 mm, with plain white uniform background, taken from the front.

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The intracommunity NIF is the identification number that allows companies in Spain (and in any other EU country) to start operating at a European level by issuing and receiving invoices from any of these countries without the need to add VAT. It was created because, within Europe, tax differences exist between its countries Translate Nif. See authoritative translations of Nif in English with example sentences and audio pronunciations Foreign companies which like to do business in Spain have to apply for a NIF. In particular, and among other cases, a N.I.F. must be applied for when a foreign company makes a direct investment in Spain or in the case of a shareholder or director of an entity located in Spain or of a foreign entity's permanent establishment located in Spain. 2 Framework (NIF) of Spain. It develops the three key success factors of the NIF explains how it addresses the interoperability principles, dimensions, agreements and governance, plus other issues related to interoperability, such as standards, common infrastructures and services, reuse of applications, electroni

Spanish Fiscal Identity Number. Spanish Fiscal Identity Number (Número de Identificación Fiscal, or NIF in Spanish) consists of eight digits followed by a check letter for Spanish people with DNI, or a letter, seven digits and a check letter for the rest of individuals. If we restrict ourselves to DNI, the check letter is one of the. How to obtain the Spanish TIN (NIF) outside Spain The State Tax Agency (AEAT) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation have signed an agreement under which the Consular Offices of Spain abroad may deal with the concession of the Spanish Tax Identification Number (TIN) to those citizens and non-resident companies in Spain if they so. In Spain, particularly for non-residents or foreigners that live in the country and want to make businesses internationally by exporting goods, it might confusing to differentiate the VAT identification from the NIF, being two completely distinctive sort of documents, with specific purposes In the case of Spain, the format of the NIF-IVA is ES +9 characters, of which the first and last character may be letters or digits and the rest only digits, for example: ESX1234567X. To apply for a VAT registration or NIF-IVA, the interested person must do it directly when applying to enter the ROI (Registro de Operadores Intracomunitarios.

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Generador de DNI online. Generar NIF, NIE y CIF aleatorio. Validar NIF, NIE o CIF. Generador de cuentas bancarias IBAN y CCC. Generador de códigos QR y de barras. Generador UUID. Contador de carácteres. Contador de palabras Get Registry and financial information about a business in Spain. You can search 5 million active Spanish firms. You can notably search with the local registry Number CIF or NIF. In Spain, companies with legal forms such as Sociedad Anonima (SA), Sociedad Anonima Laboral (SAL), Sociedad Limitada (SARL) are required to publish their annual accounts

Local name for VAT number in Spain is Número de Identificación Fiscal. Process of VAT number registration is maintained by the Agencia de Administración Tributaria (the Spanish Revenue or AEAT). Standard VAT rate is 21% and reduced one is only 4%, 10% CRS Implementation and Assistance. Tax identification numbers (TINs) Tax identification numbers. This section provides an overview of domestic rules in the jurisdictions listed below governing the issuance, structure, use and validity of Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) or their functional equivalents. The jurisdiction-specific information.

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Parece que funciona bien en general pero este nif falla y es valido: B67197210. I can see in NIE_REGEX: there are two options available: with 7 and 8 digits. Is NIE with 8 digits still supported in Spain and still is a valid format? This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Copy link Quote reply danielart commented Jul 18,. NIF number Spain NIE and NIF NUMBER SPAIN NIF . Spanish citizens' NIF is their DNI number plus a capital letter. As a foreigner, generally you will be requested to have firstly a NIE number for any transaction you wish to perform in Spain such as opening a bank account, study, work, buying a property, boat, car, et Apparently, all companies in Spain need us to provide them with our CIF/NIF Number, which is something similar to our VAT registration number. Since our company is not over the VAT threshold yet, we have provided them with our UTR number (Unique Tax Reference) but they are telling us this number is not correct or acceptable for the Spanish Tax. The Spanish VAT number, is called the CIF (Certificado de Identificación Fiscal). This tax number consist of a letter (ussually A or B) followed by 8 digits (or 7 digits + letter for foreign companies). To be alligned with the European standards, the CIF number is often preceded by 'ES'. You can check these numbers by using any of the websites. Spain: Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) - Further information - Update III. 04.06.2021. Note: This announcement, originally published on 19 February 2021 and updated on 21 April and 3 June 2021, has been further updated with additional information for the reporting and payment of the tax, details on the application for an Individual.

As a valued partner and proud supporter of MetaCPAN, StickerYou is happy to offer a 10% discount on all Custom Stickers, Business Labels, Roll Labels, Vinyl Lettering or Custom Decals. StickerYou.com is your one-stop shop to make your business stick. Use code METACPAN10 at checkout to apply your discount The Spanish VAT number is known in Spain as Número de Identificación Fiscal (short form: NIF) and is a prerequisite for European trade. Originally, the Spanish VAT number was known as Código de Identificación Fiscal. The NIF consists of a total of eleven characters. The first two are the classic country code, in this case ES Spain's standard corporate income tax rate is 25%, except for a few exceptions (such as ZEC entities in the Canary Islands ). New entities get a tax rate of 15% in the first year where a profit is posted, as well as the year after that. VAT Tax (IVA): national. The purpose of VAT is as a tax on end-consumers; businesses are generally entitled. You need to get a Portuguese tax number NIF but are afraid of applying incorrectly and missing the mark? Or are you not there and want to get one online, before coming to Portugal?. Lisbob takes care of all the process: Verification, request for a tax number NIF, sending of the notification, and change of tax address.. This all-in-one package allows you to focus on the essentials while Lisbob. Spain. ES0 Spain VAT Registration Number is called NIF-IVA. Where C1 to C11 are digits. It is the NIF number. ES1 Spain NIF Number is called NIF for natural persons and Legal entities and NIE for foreign natural persons. The NIF Number consists in 9 digits with a diferent format for l egal persons and other entities when called CIF and natural.

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actual NIF/TIN validator may be conserved for convenience, because people may ask to validate a NIF number, even though they ignore the relation with VAT validation. NIF/TIN may inherit from VAT validator only if we check that NIF validations rules and VAT validations rules are always the same, per country Benchmark. better-dni does a similar job as other libraries like dni-js, dni-js-validator, and @willowi/validate-nif but better-dni is built with optimization and speed in mind. Take a look at these benchmark results Get your 2021 NIE Number Spain for £29.99 + IVA . Do you need a Spanish NIE Number?? My NIE Number Spain is a Online Service with offices in Altea between Denia and Alicante (including Benidorm) on the Costa Blanca Spain, although we are able to obtain your NIE Number Anywhere in mainland Spain + Tenerife, Ibiza, Mallorca, Lanzarote, Gran Canarias, Fuerteventura & Palmas Spanish term or phrase: NIF & CIF Does anyone know what these abbreviations stand for? There are from a form asking for informatio from doctor's in Spain

Translate Nif. See authoritative translations of Nif in English with example sentences and audio pronunciations NIF stands for Numero de Identificación Fiscal (Spain) Suggest new definition. This definition appears very frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Organizations, NGOs, schools, universities, etc. See other definitions of NIF. Other Resources: We have 93 other meanings of NIF in our Acronym Attic. Link/Page Citation A NIF isn't something that you just use when paying for your groceries, though. In fact, you don't have to give over your NIF when doing your shopping, but you will likely need a NIF if you decide to buy a house or car, to open a bank account, get broadband or a mobile phone contract, or to use many Portuguese online shops 03/08/2021 ASTRAZENECA FARMACEUTICA SPAIN SA Nombramientos Madrid 03/08/2021 VERTICE FOTOVOLTAICA 2 SL Disolución Madrid 03/08/2021 CEREALS ANOIA SL Otros conceptos, Otros conceptos Barcelon

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2016 update. Spain NIFO Factsheet 2016 - p1 NIFO Factsheet - Spain Main interoperability highlights The Spanish National Interoperability Framework (NIF), Esquema Nacional de Interoperabli- dad (2010) is a Royal Decree (4/2010)1 which sets out provisions about interoperability stated in the eGovernment Law (11/2007)2 and is applicable to all public administrations in Spain - A 9-digit number used to identify an entity (company or person) for tax reporting purposes in the U.S. There are several different types of tax identification numbers, such as employer identification number (EIN), Social Security number (SSN), individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN), and adopted taxpayer identification number (ATIN)

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In Spain, the appointed fiscal representative must go to the police and present the certified photocopies together with a signed authorisation to act as the applicant's representative. Once issued, the NIF number must be used in all dealings with the Spanish Tax Office on behalf of the applicant Members. 31. Posted February 6, 2013. On 6/18/2010 at 10:57 PM, rocky said: Those are Spanish acronyms, do they don't need to be translated. DNI stands for Documento Nacional de Identidad, NIF stands for Número de Identificación Fiscal and NIE stands for Número de Identidad/Identificación de Extranjero The NIF number in Portugal is applied for in the local tax offices called Finanças and the local branch of a Citizen Shop. Before going into the closest one of either one of these offices to get your NIF number in Portugal, you need to bring the below documents with you: For non-Eu citizens, a photo identification When you move to Spain, there are certain papers that you are going to need in the Spanish bureaucratic jungle to work, study or buy a house. It can get quite overwhelming trying to figure it all out, but we are here to help you with the most important thing you are going to need as an expat: the NIE number (Número de Identificación de Extranjero, or Foreigner's Identification Number)


Introduction. According to the new legislation changes in Spain (Real Decreto 596/2016, de 2 de diciembre), a new VAT management system based on Immediate Provision of Information (SII system) allows a two-way, automated and instant relationship between the AEAT and a taxpayer United Parcel Service España Ltd. Y Cia SRC. Tel.: 900 10 24 10 Tel.: (+34) 91 745 64 00 (If you call from outside Spain) Vía de los Poblados, 1 - Alvento Business Park, Building C- Invalid Value in NIF tag for Online VAT Reporting for Spain (Doc ID 2568108.1) Last updated on MAY 21, 2021. Applies to: Oracle Fusion Tax Cloud Service - Version and late cod/nif# Required if both Registration BIC and Registration Name are not populated The alternative number assigned by Iberclear when no registration BIC is available; COD for nonresidents and NIF for Spanish residents 1 DTCC highly recommends that Spanish resident brokers provide the NIF# or Spanish fiscal number in their settlement instructions

A rental contract for a property in Spain A NIE/NIF number; Padrón That means that if you're not officially a resident with a Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano de la Unión green document, or a TIE (Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero) but you own a property or you rent one long-term, you can buy a Spain-registered vehicle Europe - Renfe Website for Spain Train Travel -- NIF number? - Hi All, I am trying to reserve train tickets on the Renfe website (Madrid to Seville first), and it forces me to first register as a. Looking for online definition of NIF or what NIF stands for? NIF is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionar Boletín Oficial del Registro Mercantil (Spain) Cierre provisional de la hoja registral por revocación del NIF: details: 2018-04-03: Boletín Oficial del Registro Mercantil (Spain) Cierre provisional hoja registral por baja en el índice de Entidades Jurídicas: details: 2010-09-30: Boletín Oficial del Registro Mercantil (Spain) Adm. Mancom. CMA CGM Group in Spain. CMA CGM: a world leader and a major economic player. CMA CGM Ibérica S.A.U is part of CMA CGM Group, one of the world leader shipping company, present in more than 160 countries through its network of over agencies with a fleet of 445 vessels, with more than 200 shipping lines. Every day, 8 CMA CGM offices in Spain work with a wide knowledge of our customer needs and.

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NIF: Nùmero de identificaciòn Fiscal El NIF es el Numero de Identificación Fiscal, en espana se pone el numero y la letra que aparecen en el DNI, en el caso de extranjeros es el NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros). El NIE es un codigo compuesto por una X o una T, 8 dígitos y una letra, los 8 digitos y la letra son de tu DNI Here is a complete example working in production: Imagine a User class with this fields:. class User implements Serializable { String documentNumber DocumentType documentType static constraints = { documentNumber (blank: false, nullable: true, unique: true, validator: { val, obj -> //Provide a documentType and the documentNumber to the validate method return DocumentType.validateDocument. The standard VAT rate in Spain is 21%; thisrose from 18% in September 2012. There is a reduced rate of 10% for passenger transport, hotel and restaurant services, and other goods and services. There is also a 4% VAT rate for food and drink, goods from chemists, construction work and some newspapers. There are many variations to the rates above. Spanish accounting standards, known as Spanish GAAP or Plan General Contable are broadly similar to IFRS. When analysing or planning to present accounts under Spanish GAAP, you may wish to consider the differences summarised here. The 2007 version of Spanish GAAP has been translated into English, which can be downloaded here Liqui-Box Spain is a pioneer in the manufacture of bag-in-box wine containers and flexible packaging for other liquid products. Liqui-Box Spain acquires CONOTAINER in September 2016, which strengthens our position to support the growing market needs in liquid and semi-liquid products

STAGE DESIGN STUDIO; Pol. Ind. Mas Alba; Derechos Humanos 29; 08870 Sitges | Barcelona | Spain; Phone : +34 935 089 690; NIF : B67361469; info@stage-spain.co This website is owned by CaixaBank, S.A., 2-4 Pintor Sorolla Street. 46002 Valencia, with Tax Id. No. (NIF) A-08663619, entered in the Commercial Register of Valencia, Volume 10370, Sheet 1, Page V-178351, entered in the Special Administrative Register of the Bank of Spain with the number 2100

The Decree (Real Decreto 338-1990) March 9th, establishes that anyone, of whatever nationality, resident or non-resident, who has any official business in Spain, must have a fiscal number (NIF/NIE). To avoid confusion, if you apply for an NIE only, you will be issued with a white certificate that will assign you your unique foreigner's ID. buildingsandplaces.spain@aecom.com César Asensio Director, Environment and Sustainability. environment.spain@aecom.com . Office. Madrid . Alfonso XII, 62 - 5 th Floor 28014 Madrid Spain T: +34 91 548 77 90 F: +34 91 548 77 91. See more AECOM office locations in Spain here. If you want to work at AECOM, click here Publications. AECOM Spain

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The NIF number known as Numero de Identificacion Fiscal, is the tax number you will be assigned by the Tax Office for tax puposes and it will match your NIE number, the only diference will be that instead of NIE it will be called NIF. You can apply for your NIF and NIE Number Online Now! This entry was posted on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 at 10. The NIE number is a tax identification number, similar to the NI (National Insurance number) in UK and equivalent to the NIF (Numero de Identificación Fiscal) for Spanish nationals. NIE numbers are issued by the National Police of Spain (same authority that issues Spanish passports and ID cards)

REGISTERED EUROPEAN LAWYER. EXEMPT EUROPEAN PRACTICE * Disclaimer: The professional duties and responsibilities set forth during the provision of service could suffer deferrals due to other professionals' actuations, including postage , legalization or notaries' delays Ovation Spain draws on the experience of an expert local management team in operating high touch incentive and corporate meeting programmes for national and international customers, whereby we operate all over Spain, including all islands. Our first Ovation Spain DMC office was established in 2007 in Barcelona and forms part of Ovation Global DMC Effective . immediately. according to the Normative instruction IN 1,297/2012 issued in October 2012 by the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service (Receita Federal do Brasil - RFB), foreign investors are required to provide the taxpayer identification number (Numero de Identificacao Fiscal - NIF) of the final beneficial owner in its country of residence Barcelona, 08034 Spain +34 932 52 55 00 . VIEW CAREERS A City of Contrasts. Castiza and avant-garde, this is Madrid. Between vermouth and quinoa the traditional chulapos move among hipsters, executives, artists and rockers flaps. MRM's office, sited in an old blue-jean factory, is a reflection of this effervescense and diversity Income Taxes as a Resident of Spain. Spain's tax rates are in the mid-range for European countries. Personal income taxes in Spain are known as Impuestos sobre la Renta de Personas Físicas, or IRPF. If you reside in Spain for 183 or more days in a given year, you are considered a tax resident of the country and must declare your worldwide.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube Open panel Add-ons > uProc for Sheets and choose I work on It area. Select field (nif), select tool Check NIF is valid (ES) and assign columns to parameters. Ensure that your sheet has next headers: nif. Check My sheet has headers and Process data. If your sheet has more than 200 rows, please use wizard instead See more of Nif Shop Infiesto on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Nif Shop Infiesto. Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care in Infiesto, Asturias, Spain. Community See All. 1,244 people like this. 1,244 people follow this. 5 check-ins. About See All. C/Covadonga 24 Infiesto (5,007.91 mi) Infiesto, Spain 33530. Get.

Portuguese bureaucracy can be very complicated, but applying for a NIF is at least a relatively gentle introduction. If you are going to live and/or work in Portugal, this number will chase you around, as you'll need it for any kind of contract (opening a bank account, buying or renting a house, setting up utilities, Internet, employment, etc.), so getting one should be very high on your to. Mobile Prefixes +34911, +34955, +3498, +34931, +34960, +34971: Toll-Free Prefixes +34900: National Prefixes +3451 If your thinking of moving to Spain and want to get your NIE Number Spain before you come visit the embassy at: Rue de la Science, 19, 1000 Brussels Belgium. If you have had enough of the waffles and prefer to take a cocktail in Spain give the Spanish Embassy in Belgium a call The online check module confirms whether the structure of the TIN you enter is valid (types and number of characters). It can also validate the syntax (i.e. algorithm/internal logic) only when the national authority has informed us of the algorithm.. Contrary to VAT number checks carried out on the VIES portal, it does NOT confirm the identity of a person nor whether the TIN you enter actually. NIF: Numero de Identificación Fiscal (Spain) NIF: National Islamic Front (Sudan) NIF: National Innovation Foundation (India) NIF: National Issues Forum (various locations) NIF: Neuroscience Information Framework (neuroscience resources network) NIF: Note Issuance Facility: NIF: NCOIC (Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium.

The SL company in Spain, which stands for Sociedad Limitada, is a private limited company suited for most small and medium size business. It is basically a close company, intended for a small number of partners. The SOCIEDAD DE RESPONSABILIDAD LIMITADA (SL) is a Private Limited Company that can engage, broadly speaking, in any kind of. Cost of Living in Spain. Family of four estimated monthly costs are 2,551.52$ (2,156.73€) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 722.91$ (611.06€) without rent. Cost of living in Spain is, on average, 19.88% lower than in United States. Rent in Spain is, on average, 45.68% lower than in United States spain. 3 of 11 81 asenjo gk 84 div. 82 han. 79 kic. 75 ref. 59 spe. 81 pos. 81 monreal lb 77 pac. 53 sho. 72 pas. 75 dri. 81 def. 73 phy. 81 deulofeu rm 91 pac. 69 sho. 73 pas. 87 dri. 26 def. 60 phy. 81 deulofeu rm 91 pac. 69 sho. 73 pas. 87 dri. 26 def. 60 phy. 81 camacho cdm 61 pac. 60 sho. 71 pas. 69 dri. 80 def. 81. NIF Israel Jerusalem, Israel +972 73 244 5000 +972 2 672 3099 fax [email protected] www.nif.org.i Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world by number of customers with a comprehensive offering and quality of connectivity that is delivered over world class fixed, mobile and broadband networks. As a growing company, it prides itself on providing a differential experience based both on its corporate values and a public position that defends customer interests

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Enzen Spain Enzen Spain S.L, 6th floor, Iberia Mart II, Calle de Orense 34, Madrid, 28020, Spain. Get directions +34914186900; tomas.demiguel@enzen.co Spain Email: gestion@toqi.es Tel: 985227895 / 607601601 NIF: B-74285883. Registration terms and conditions. Cookies Policy . contact@ emslibs2021spain.com. Freelance Guide. In this Freelance guide, you can find all the information you need to become a freelancer in Spain: tax forms, deductible expenses, etc. 1. Tax Agency and Social Security. Let's see a brief review of the two most important institutions for the self-employed worker in Spain and what to do to register. 1.1 Sixteen and fourteen odourants were identified by GC-O/NIF in LI and HI cooked hams, respectively. The two ham types differed in lipid oxidation odourants: polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) derivatives hexanal, 1-octen-3-one and (E,E)-2,4-decadienal were higher in LI ham; while monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA) derivative decanal was higher in HI

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