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The act of slapping two penises together. Learned people (that's learNED pronounced with two syllables, boyee) often use the word discourse because they do not want to offend anyone by actually saying slapping two penises together The word 'faggot', 'fag' is commonly used as an insult towards gay people and in general people from LGBTQ+ community. It shouldn't be used by heterosexual people, as it's considered highly homophobic and disrespectful. The history behind the slur: Gay men were burned alive on a stack of sticks, while being called a 'faggot' A Yiddish slur for against a black person. Something your aging racist Jewish grandparent might say

(adj) Well-spoken, possessing a talent for lucid and effortless speech. A secret racial slur against blacks. When a black person delivers an impressive speech, interview, or story and is complimented as articulate, their temper will boil on sight. The tenuous implication being, you were surprised they could even speak A slur commonly used by Italians and Italian-Americans to denote a person of color. Melanzane in Italian means Eggplant, which itself is used as a slur against blacks because of the almost black color of an eggplant. The word Melanzane (or Melanzana) derives from the words Mela Insana, meaning noxious apple. It is often pronounced Moolinyan and written as such Literally thousands of funny, scary, and downright disgusting words can be found on the Urban Dictionary site, but none are as funny as those whose sole purpose is to insult someone.Like some of the more bizarre web expressions and acronyms, these ridiculous but very funny words are sure to make you laugh...and weep for today's youth.. So here they are, 14 of the greatest insults currently. Asian equivalent of Nigger for blacks. Two possible origins: the dictionary definition is A narrow opening or slit, meaning a reference to their eyes. Or could also refer to the sound of someone working on a railroad, which Chinese immigrants helped build in 1800's America. Technically should only refer to Chinese, but used for all Asians

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Urban Dictionary is a crowdsourced online dictionary for slang words and phrases, operating under the motto Define Your World. The website was founded in 1999 by Aaron Peckham. Originally, Urban Dictionary was intended as a dictionary of slang or cultural words and phrases, not typically found in standard dictionaries, but it is now used to define any word, event, or phrase (including. The patent office's first refusal to register the Slants runs 49 pages, including attachments. Attachment 1 is a screenshot of user-submitted content from Urban Dictionary, whose top definition for.. The Racial Slur Database, since 1999. Not copyrighted in any way, shape or form. This database was created entirely from data gleaned off the 'net and via submissions from people like you and your parents

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slur definition: 1. to pronounce the sounds of a word in a way that is wrong or not clear: 2. to sing or play notes. Learn more In a detailed and even-handed blog post, the linguist Deborah Cameron has concluded that, Terf does not meet all the criteria that have been proposed for defining a word as a slur, but it does meet most of them at least partially. But significantly, she added this: Terf is now being used in a kind of discourse which has clear similarities with hate-speech directed at other groups (it. Karen is a slur discourse brought to you by white feminism is a slur cis is a slur and TERF is a slur discourse. Almost as if their positions have always been vacuous and they covered for..

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  1. TERF IS A SLUR, people say, as if to completely spackle over the fact that excluding and neglecting the existence of a whole group of people is ACTUALLY BAD. But calling it out, they say, is just as bad, or maybe worse
  2. This usage of Monday began to be recorded on Urban Dictionary in 2006, and it first made an appearance in the online Racial Slur Database two years before that
  3. The origins of blick as a slur for black people with very dark skin is unclear. It originates in the UK at least by the early 2000s, recorded in Urban Dictionary by 2004. The term appears to mock how someone with a Caribbean or South African accent would pronounce black —and thereby slur those people themselves.. Discussions of the terms in the 2010s suggest blick was a schoolyard insult.

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  1. ority, gender, sex, or sexual orientation in a derogatory or pejorative manner. This list is comprised of slurs that have named references. It is not uncommon for
  2. See more words with the same meaning: homosexual, homosexual person. Last edited on Apr 11 2013. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA on Aug 26 2009 . a difficult task. This calc midterm is going to be a bear. See more words with the same meaning: hard, confusing, difficult, a problem
  3. noun - plural. augmented or fake breasts. Man, that's a hell of a set of bolt ons. See more words with the same meaning: breast, breasts. Last edited on Dec 29 2010. Submitted by dan k. from Columbus, OH, USA on Oct 30 2003
  4. Terms You Might Not Know Are Considered Racist. Nadra Kareem Nittle is a journalist with bylines in The Atlantic, Vox, and The New York Times. Her reporting focuses education, race, and public policy. Some racist terms have been included in the American vocabulary for so long that many who use them are often clueless about their origins
  5. interjection. an exclamation of frustration.Oh, arse! See more words with the same meaning: exclamations (list of). Last edited on Oct 24 1999. Submitted by Cyberchick from UK on Oct 24 1999.. noun. buttocks. Most uses of ass apply to arse, e.g. arsehole (); dumb arse (); etc. Origin: UK. Stick it up your arse!You can kick his arse.That bloke is a right arsehole
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The following is a list of religious slurs or religious insults in the English language that are, or have been, used as insinuations or allegations about adherents of a given religion or irreligion, or to refer to them in a derogatory (critical or disrespectful), pejorative (disapproving or contemptuous), or insulting manner Urban Dictionary includes the following definition: To be the 'black sheep' in the family, like the one that is the goof and the screw-up. Named after Fredo Corleone, who was Michael's. See more words with the same meaning: drug user. See more words with the same meaning: to take advantage of, cheat, trick. See more words with the same meaning: woman, women, female. Last edited on Feb 05 2000. Submitted by gregg j. from Tujunga, CA, USA on Feb 05 2000 . + There is a history of the douchebag as a white racial slur, stretching from when the word was first flung across a D&D game in 1982's ET to the recent, and all too premature, assessment by.

noun. a testicle. See more words with the same meaning: testicles. Last edited on Dec 29 2010. Submitted by Bev R. on Dec 27 2004 . a nut, i.e. a crazy person. Last edited on Jan 11 2016. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 05 2012 . the head or glans on a circumcised guy's penis I'll talk to you later. 5000. See more words with the same meaning: goodbyes (list of). See more words with the same meaning: to go, leave, exit. Last edited on Mar 31 2013. Submitted by Ryan L. from Washington, DC, USA on Oct 14 1998 . leaving. from the Audi 5000 automobile Cunt definition, the vulva or vagina. See more Slur definition, to pass over lightly or without due mention or consideration (often followed by over): The report slurred over her contribution to the enterprise. See more Ethnic, inner city, urban. What do these terms mean in education? I am a teacher educator who studies how people use language to talk about race. One word that I've examined over the past five years is urban. A quick look in the dictionary, and there is no surprise: Urban means related to the city, characteristic of a city or city life

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Cognitive dissonance definition is - psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously The Urban Dictionary gets points for encouraging creativity, and some of the tamer terms are funny or feature earnest definitions. However, while the site might help increase your tween's interest in words, the risk of your child running across some made-up monikers that you won't want repeated is pretty high -- so supervision is recommended

slut (n.) c. 1400, a dirty, slovenly, or untidy woman, according to OED Of doubtful origin, but probably cognate with dialectal German Schlutt slovenly woman, dialectal Swedish slata idle woman, slut, and Dutch slodde slut, slodder a careless man, but the exact relationship of all these is obscure. Chaucer uses sluttish (late 14c.) in reference to the appearance of an untidy man Slur definition is - an insulting or disparaging remark or innuendo : aspersion. How to use slur in a sentence Ragamuffin definition is - a ragged often disreputable person; especially : a poorly clothed often dirty child. Did you know Urban Thesaurus. The Urban Thesaurus was created by indexing millions of different slang terms which are defined on sites like Urban Dictionary. These indexes are then used to find usage correlations between slang terms. The official Urban Dictionary API is used to show the hover-definitions Slut definition is - a promiscuous person : someone who has many sexual partners —usually used of a woman

The Discourse. June 11 at 3:02 PM ·. Adrian Sylvester says he was biking along the highway in Duncan, B.C. on June 3 when a trailer hitch went flying in front of him. Sylvester says this is not an isolated incident. He says he's heard reports from other Indigenous people on Cowichan Tribes territory, who say they've had things thrown at. A Discourse on Urban Mental Health. Posted on May 11, 2017 May 27, 2017 by discourseonurbanmentalhealth. Affirming the Power of URBAN Communities: Mental Healing Through Political Empowerment (Oxford Dictionary.) To be political is to be involved in government policy making or to gain or keep power or an advantage (Merriam-Webster)

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Cracker definition is - a bragging liar : boaster. How to use cracker in a sentence Coon definition is - raccoon. Time Traveler for coon. The first known use of coon was in 1742. See more words from the same yea

Define slurring. slurring synonyms, slurring pronunciation, slurring translation, English dictionary definition of slurring. tr.v. slurred , slur·ring , slurs 1. To pronounce indistinctly. 2. To talk about disparagingly or insultingly. 3. To pass over lightly or carelessly; treat.. Liberal can be traced back to the Latin word liber (meaning free), which is also the root of liberty (the quality or state of being free) and libertine (one leading a dissolute life). However, we did not simply take the word liber and make it into liberal; our modern term for the inhabitants of the leftish side of the political spectrum comes more recently from the Latin liberalis. urban definition: 1. of or in a city or town: 2. of or in a city or town: 3. of or in a city or town: . Learn more

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I would never offend any group of people, he explained later, pointing to the definition of the turm in online slang oracle Urban Dictionary. You reporters can look for another story to blow up. The term was directed towards a producer claiming he 'ran' Miami or spick. (spɪk) n. usage: This term is a slur and should be avoided. It is used with disparaging intent and is perceived as highly insulting. — n. Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. (a contemptuous term used to refer to a Hispanic.) [1910-15; perhaps< an accented pronoun of (No) speak (English)] Random House Kernerman Webster's. Hadn't realised that Grandad Damon - who recently let slip that he was told off by his daughter for using the f-slur for a homosexual just months ago - had actually been born somewhere in the vicinity of 1928, when it might, and I use the word might very loosely indeed, have been (not-really-but-we'll-let-it-slide. Teen slang changes continuously. If you aren't sure what a slang term means, the website Urban Dictionary can help. It's dedicated to keeping up with today's slang and is a resource that parents can use. Be warned, however, as it features user-submitted content that may be crude Urban Dictionary, a crowdsourced reference work, is one of the world's most popular websites. Founded in 1999 by Californian computer science student Aaron Peckham, the site was originally.

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— Urban Dictionary Use it in a sentence: The ending of The Sixth Sense had me shook. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article The NFL player shared a screenshot of the slang database Urban Dictionary entry for the term g---, which states the slur is commonly used in South Florida to describe a person who is lame. The dictionary definition doesn't suggest it, and Urban Dictionary doesn't turn up anything either. My diagnosis: butthurt. They probably did a trogladyte thing and reacted like they were offended, even though they hadn't the slightest clue wtf the term even meant, and threw out that's transphobic to shut you up hoping you wouldn't question.

Jewish Racial Slurs List. Andrew Anglin August 7, 2016. Andrew Anglin. Daily Stormer. August 7, 2016. Here is an important list of Jew slurs found on racialslurs.com. I have shared this with the editorial staff of this site, and am now sharing it with you all as well. Some of these I've never heard and may have in fact just been made-up by. Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Carlton Davis has apologized for using an anti-Asian slur, saying he didn't realize it was an offensive term. On Sunday night, Davis tweeted Gotta stop letting g—s in Miami, using a word that most often refers to people of Asian descent in a derogatory manner. But Davis quickly deleted the tweet and sent out.

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Cincinnati Reds suspend broadcaster Thom Brennaman after he uttered anti-gay slur on air. By Jill Martin, CNN. Updated 5:47 AM ET, Thu August 20, 2020 Disclaimer. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only The Oxford English Dictionary finds derogatory usages for redneck —when defined as a poorly educated white person working as an agricultural laborer or from a rural area in the southern. Wigger, or wigga, is a term for a white person of European ethnic origin, who emulates the perceived mannerisms, language, and fashions associated with African culture, particularly hip hop. The term is a portmanteau of white and nigger.. One dictionary defines the term as a slang, derogatory reference toa white youth who adopts black youth culture by adopting its speech, wearing its.

Jap (slur) synonyms, Jap (slur) pronunciation, Jap (slur) translation, English dictionary definition of Jap (slur). n. Offensive Slang Used as a disparaging term for a person of Japanese birth or ancestry Apologizes for Tweeting Asian Slur. 12:09 PM PT -- Tampa Bay Bucs GM Jason Licht says the team has already been in touch with Davis and they will work on ways to help him learn and grow from this. According to Urban Dictionary, the term g***ks means this: A term commonly used in South Florida to describe a person who is lame. It is a synonym for lame, wack, fool or stupid faggot (n.2) male homosexual, 1914, American English slang, probably from earlier contemptuous term for woman (1590s), especially an old and unpleasant one, in reference to faggot (n.1) bundle of sticks, as something awkward that has to be carried (compare baggage worthless woman, 1590s). It may also be reinforced by Yiddish faygele homosexual (n.), literally little bird Print. Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Carlton Davis has apologized for using an anti-Asian slur, saying he didn't realize it was an offensive term. On Sunday night, Davis tweeted Gotta stop.

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Define kike. kike synonyms, kike pronunciation, kike translation, English dictionary definition of kike. n. Offensive Slang Used as a disparaging term for a Jew. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition With that said, a quick look on Urban Dictionary found that Karen is defined in part as gives raisins to kids on Halloween, a reference to a food that is, for better or for worse. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as slang for a Scottish or northern English sailor or soldier, as well as for any Scotsman. The OED also notes its first appearance as a jeering appellation for a north-country seaman, but it was the 20th Century and World War I which cemented it into the British psyche, along with Tommy and Taff Find 18 ways to say URBAN, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus Discourse: Dictionary of anthropology [home, info] Discourse: Dictionary of anthropology [home, info] Slang (1 matching dictionary) Discourse: Urban Dictionary [home, info] Tech (1 matching dictionary) discourse: Television: Critical Methods and Applications [home, info] (Note: See discoursing for more definitions.

rhetoric definition: 1. speech or writing intended to be effective and influence people: 2. the study of the ways of. Learn more Carlton Davis deleted a tweet in which he used an anti-Asian slur on Sunday night, and cited a different Urban Dictionary definition of the word in his apology

The slur used by Claude Callegari can be traced back to 2005. Then Wolves midfielder Paul Ince accused Millwall fans of chanting the term 'DVD' at South Korean team-mate Seol ki-Hyeon during a. How 'Ching Chong' Became The Go-To Slur For Mocking East Asians : Code Switch Spoiler alert: Like many bad things in life, some of the first usages of the slur that we could find are from children. coon (n.) popular abbreviation of raccoon, 1742, American English.It was the nickname of Whig Party members in U.S. c. 1848-60, as the raccoon was the party's symbol, and it also had associations with frontiersmen (who stereotypically wore raccoon-skin caps), which probably ultimately was the source of the Whig Party sense (the party's 1840 campaign was built on a false image of wealthy. derogatory definition: 1. showing strong disapproval and not showing respect: 2. showing strong disapproval and not. Learn more dipshit 1. noun, rude slang One who is stupid or foolish. Geez, he keeps pulling on a door that's clearly marked push—what a dipshit. 2. noun, rude slang Stupid or foolish. Wow, that was a real dipshit plan—no wonder it didn't work out. dipstick 1. One who is stupid or foolish. Geez, he keeps pulling on a door that's clearly marked push—what a.

New England Patriots star Julian Edelman, who is Jewish, published an open letter to Miami Heat player Meyers Leonard after the NBA center was recorded using an anti-Semitic slur while hosting a. Jump to: General, Art, Business, Computing, Medicine, Miscellaneous, Religion, Science, Slang, Sports, Tech, Phrases We found one dictionary with English definitions that includes the word salt lake and utah railroad: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where salt lake and utah railroad is defined chintzy definition: 1. having a lot of traditional decoration, especially using cloth with patterns of flowers; this. Learn more The NFL franchise in Washington, D.C., received a major boost in its fight to save its controversial Redskins name Monday morning, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling in a separate legal dispute. At issue is the team's federal trademark protections for the nickname, which Native American activists have described as a dictionary-defined.

The Urban Dictionary defines Karen as [t]he stereotypical name associated with rude, obnoxious and insufferable middle aged white women. Lightfoot has come under intense criticism — as had her predecessor, Rahm Emanuel — for failing to stop the violence in the city's streets, which is concentrated in African American and. Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive back Carlton Davis deleted a Sunday night tweet that included an anti-Asian slur, but many Florida residents have defended the remark as slang taken from the lyrics. Urban Dictionary or any of its employees do not accept or consider unsolicited ideas, including ideas for new advertising campaigns, new promotions, new or improved products or technologies, product enhancements, processes, materials, marketing plans or new product names. Please do not submit any unsolicited ideas, original creative artwork. chink (n.1) a split, crack, 1530s, with unetymological -k + Middle English chine (and replacing this word) fissure, narrow valley, from Old English cinu, cine fissure, which is related to cinan to crack, split, gape, from Proto-Germanic *kino- (source also of Old Saxon and Old High German kinan, Gothic uskeinan, German keimen to. proliferation definition: 1. the fact of something increasing a lot and suddenly in number or amount: 2. the fact of. Learn more

Find 43 ways to say RETARDED, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus Chink is an English-language ethnic slur usually referring to a person of Chinese descent. The word is also sometimes indiscriminately used against people of East Asian appearance in general. The use of the term describing East Asian eyes is considered highly offensive and racist, and its inclusion in modern works of literature or media has sparked controversies, and some sources defending. (slang, offensive, ethnic slur) A Jew. 1922, James Joyce, Ulysses: Shylock chimes with the jewbaiting that followed the hanging and quartering of the queen's leech Lopez, his jew's heart being plucked forth while the sheeny was yet alive. 1946, Mezz Mezzrow & Bernard Wolfe, Really the Blues, Payback Press 1999, p. 6 1680, Isaac Barrow, A Discourse Concerning The Unity Of The Church A raff of errors. The common rabble or mob; riffraff. A low fellow; a churl. Derived terms. raff merchant; Verb. raff (third-person singular simple present raffs, present participle raffing, simple past and past participle raffed