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Made in 2009 this amp is a 2 channel 2x12 valve combo with 2 Celestion G12NV-70 speakers custom designed for Blackstar. 2 reviews, 5,162 hits, 3 comments 9.8 Super If you're really into tube-driven amps, then we'd suggest Blackstar's HT5R. It bears one 12AX7 in the preamp section and one 12BH7 in the power amp, driving a total of 5 watts of output power. This is all accompanied by one simple 12-inch speaker and an emulated cabinet output

Blackstar! You cheap asses. You don't enclose a power supply and you refuse to sell the amp and extension cabinet as a kit. You try to sell us an overpriced bag for the damn thing and no power supply. As if that made any sense. What you should do is sell the amp and extension and include the damn wall worth for both amp and extension The amps in Blackstar's new Silverline series breathe fire with the best of them. The tubes, however, are AWOL: They're digital modeling amps. We reviewed the Silverline Standard, a 20-watt combo with a single 10 speaker. The China-made series also includes the Special (a 50-watt combo) and the Deluxe (a 100-watt model that comes in combo. Blackstar Debut 10E and 15E. These two new practise amps are rated at 10 and 15 Watts respectively. One feature worth pointing out is the onboard ISF technology, that lets you morph between British and American amp tones. Both amps provide a built-in tape delay, clean and overdrive channels, plus a basic EQ The tone isn't really reminiscent of anything else Blackstar do. It's a classic low wattage non-master volume amp, and it has great chimey cleans at low volume that really crunch up as you push the volume. It also has an EF86 preamp, similar to a vintage Vox or Matchless amps, which delivers a fatter, punchier tone

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We're yet to come across anyone with an overly extreme or negative opinion on Blackstar's range of reasonably-priced tube amps. You hear phrases like solid, dependable, reliable and unpretentious, and that's no bad thing. Take the Blackstar HT Club 40 MKII, for example, which is the brand's mid-range offer All told, while this sits at the higher end of the practice amp spectrum, the quality and versatility on display make for a pretty compelling package, and a standout model in our best practice amps guide. (Image credit: Blackstar) 2. Blackstar Fly 3 Blackstar's Sonnet series of acoustic amps was designed in collaboration with British singer-songwriter Jon Gomm, and if you are serious about your playing and want to take your acoustic electric sound to the next level, and yet need something more accessibly priced, the Sonnet 120 might just be for you

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Overall, the Blackstar FLY 3 mini digital amplifier is a compactly built musical equipment that offers a plethora of features to give guitarists the best musical experience. Our guide to the best electronic drum kits features more quality instruments for musicians Blackstar Sock Monkey Accessories £22.99. Blackstar Tone:Link Accessories £19.99. Blackstar Raglan T-Shirt Clothing £19.99. Blackstar FLY 3 Stereo Pack Amplifiers £79.99. Top

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Reviews Amplifiers. Blackstar Fly 3 Review. Overdrive, delay, an MP3 input and the noise of a mighty three watts, all for the price of - well, frankly, fifty quid. By Richard Purvis. 16th December 2014. Share. Email Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Blackstar ID15TVP 15-Watt 1x10-Inch Programmable Guitar Combo Amplifier at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users 44w. Vincent Denis recommends Blackstar Amplification. May 20 ·. Blackstar produces good quality amps. I love my Blackstar amp. It is solidly built, has tonality and really does what a guitar amp needs to do; screams all the girls into your bedroom. Comments. Bryan Hopkins reviewed Blackstar Amplification — Of the Venue series, Blackstar sent us the HT Club 40 for review. Powered by two ECC83 and two EL34 tubes, it is, by appearances and a glance at the data sheet, your standard mid-range valve combo minus the digital doodads amp makers tend to stuff into products at this price point. Plug in your guitar and tweak a few knobs, and you quickly.

The Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 10 is a entry-level practice modeling amp with computer programmability - and it was EXACTLY what I was looking for to replace the beat-to-hell DigiTech RP-250 I'd. The big brother of Blackstar's game-changing Fly 3 mini-amp, the Super Fly is aiming to bring some of that Fly magic to buskers, street performers and open-mic'ers.Roughly double the size of its forebears, the Super Fly also sports twice as many three-inch stereo speakers and, at 12 watts, four times the output power Blackstar Silverline Stereo Deluxe 2x12 2 x 100-watt Combo Amp. 100-watt Digital Combo Guitar Amplifier with 2 x 12 Stereo Speakers, 6 Amp Voicings, 6 Virtual Output Tube Types, 12 Onboard FX, Speaker-emulated Output, and USB Connection. $849.99. Or $141.66/month for. 6 mo. with Easy Pay i

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Blackstar ID:CORE 100 Amp Review. I have the Blackstar ID:CORE 10, a little $99 tabletop amp that I keep upstairs in my bedroom. Sitting next to it is my modified Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus. When I'm upstairs and I need to play a stereotypical 70's blues rock lick, I'm in good shape Blackstar Fly 3 Specs and Dimensions. Blackstar Fly 3 is designed to be a portable amplifier, which provides versatile tones for different situations. Power: 3Watts Amplifier-type: Analogue/Solid-state Speaker: 3″ speaker Channels: 2, Clean & Ovedrive Controls: Gain, Volume, Overdrive Switch, EQ (Tone)(ISF), Delay Level, Delay Time Inputs: 1/4 Instrument Cable, 1/8 AUX-Cabl Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 100. This affordable studio- and stage-friendly amp boasts extra-wide stereo effects, a looper, and direct-to-DAW USB recording. Blackstar are now well established as manufacturers of both valve amps and digital modelling amps. This latest series falls into the latter category, but what sets it apart is the combination.

Andertons exclusive demo of the new HT1R 1 watt, small valve amp from Blackstar! We test out the whole range of sounds and features of this incredible new am.. The Blackstar HT-5 is only 9.2 X 17.4 X 16.9 inches, and weighing just over 25 pounds, this particular amplifier is not much of a burden and you can move it wherever you need to go for playing purposes. This Blackstar model utilizes dual-triode 12BH7 to create some of the smoothest, richest sound even at lower volumes

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Blackstar Fly 3 Amplifier Review; 10 Best Double Bass Pedals Compared & Reviewed; 14 Best Bass Strings Compared & Reviewed; The owner of this website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. I'm interested if anyone has tried out the Blackstar Unity 500. A 500 watt, 2x10 combo amp. Picked one up a couple weeks ago after watching several company review videos. As far as flexibility goes, it's a genious system. What I found extremely disappointing was how quickly it failed at just half volume (master and gain at 50 percent) All Your Music Needs In One Place. Get Great Deals Every Day, In-Store & Online

Would like to see higher wattage for $500. 2. Blackstar ID Core 10 V2. The ID Core series is Blackstar's most popular practice amp, which ships with included amp and effects pedal models . In this version, you have six amp sounds to work with and 12 different effects. Chorus, delay, and reverb are all included The preamp simple voices the amp but the power section is all about feel and dynamics. OVERALL OPINION At new these amps come in right at around $1899, which is a bit high for an amp at this wattage. I think this one is made in the UK where as many of the Blackstar's other amps are built in the China Background to Blackstar. Formed by ex-Marshall employees in 2007, a relative newcomer. and based in the UK and US. Notable artists using Blackstar amps include Razorlight, The Cure and Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi. Amps incude the Artisan series, between 30 and 100 watts, providing substantial power according to one journal 1,905. Location: Maryland. So, as a cable guy, I'm in and out of peoples homes all day. Just so happens, the other day, I ended up at my amp tech's house, Jim Hill of VVT Amplifiers. I got to talking with him, and he was explaining to me why he doesn't do any repair work on Blackstar amps. Jim is an experienced guy in the world of guitar tech Blackstar Amps Vs Marshall the basics! Marshall amps have been my go to since I started, my heroes use Marshall (namely Slash of GnR). The iconic and legendary look, the logo, the cab style and that sound that iconic sound of Marshall Amplification has always been second to non. Because I've always been a Marshall fan, I never really.

January 23, 2021 Guitar Gear Reviews amp, amplifier, Blackstar, guitar, HT1R, tube derekunderwood.com One of the very best small amps I have had the pleasure to work with is the Blackstar HT1R and it also happens to be a real tube amp Bass amps sometimes need a more little consideration especially for practice purposes, generally speaking, we want a large speaker to handle the low-frequency vibrations, but it is always to have a smaller more portable knock-about for bedroom use. Table of Contents [ show] View The Best Bass Amp Below. 1. Fender Rumble 25 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier

The Blackstar HT5R Combo is the best deal to break into the world of Blackstar amps and get accustomed with its sound. The Blackstar HT5R is a small 5 watt amp, recently upgraded to a 12 speaker from 10. With a bright and cutting sound, this 5 watt amp is surprisingly loud and best for room practises, whilst giving you clarity in sound. More Marshall Amps. Extended meta-review below: 8. Blackstar ID:Core 20 V2: This relatively new guitar amp builder is now an established and sought after brand. While they are mostly known for their tour-grade high-end amps, compact amps like the Blackstar ID:Core 20 V2 have allowed the brand to get into the rooms of more and more guitarists

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Conclusion. The Blackstar HT5R MkII amp is a good sounding amplifier that has some great features that will surely make you happy. There are just a few problems with this amp, but those problems can be fixed with the purchase of a new tube for the preamp and right bias. If you don't mind spending an extra 25 dollars to get a tube for your amp. Guitar amps are crowding the market by the minute, so finding the best new guitar amps and high-quality guitar amps in 2021 isn't as easy as it used to be a couple of years ago. That's the reason why we've taken the liberty to scrounge the market for only the best of the best, which resulted with this electric guitar amp review Find the Top Guitar Headphone Amps with the MSN Buying Guides >> Compare Products and Brands Blackstar amPlug2 FLY Guitar Headphone Amplifier By 9,345 reviews scanned The 10 Best Headphone.

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  1. All user reviews for the Blackstar Amplification HT Club 50. Tube Guitar Amp Head from Blackstar Amplification belonging to the HT-Venue series. I was looking for a versatile amp and I turned on the grain Blackstar. I was already the proud owner of a HT Dist-X and I was fully satisfied, so I turned to the head of the same brand..
  2. You buy a Blackstar HT-1! Or, take a look at a different guitar amp for practice in the Roland Cube Light review. Blackstar HT-1 is a measly 1 Watt tube amplifier with all the classic valve harmonics and compressions. This one is specifically designed for bedroom players who want a tube like performance
  3. Reviews; Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 40. Stereo Guitar Amplifier . Guitar Technology; By Paul White. Published September 2014. Can you really enjoy super-wide stereo sound from such a tiny amp? The design idea for Blackstar's new ID:Core series of guitar amps was to create a small but impressive-sounding amp that could be used at home for practise.
  4. Blackstar Guitar Amplifiers (237 matches found) Blackstar Guitar Amplifiers. Blackstar HTV412B MKII HT Venue Series 320W 4x12 Straight Guitar Speaker Ca... Since 2004, Blackstar has been specializing in solid-state and tube amplifiers that allow guitar players to capture the exact sound they had in their head
  5. Blackstar Amps Ever since a group of bandmates (some of whom worked for Marshall) decided they wanted to form their own effects and amp outfit in 2007, Blackstar has quickly gained a reputation for their tube-powered effects pedals and quality, accessible amps

Blackstar ID:60 TVP Review. Blackstar's ID series is a family of modeling amps, from 15-watt combos to 100-watt heads, that has caught ears and raised eyebrows with a more lively and, let's say it, organic guitar tone than is expected of the affordable modeler, ever the vessel of squishy, unconvincing burble The Design. Blackstar's design team is on to something with this four-mode, 100-watt, dual-channel head. Featured in the Series One amps are two controls that are unique to the Blackstar brand: the ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) and DPR (Dynamic Power Reduction). The ISF interacts with the tone controls to further shape the voicing characteristics Blackstar Silverline Special Amplifier Review. By Chris Devine on May 11, 2020. Modeling amps have come a long way. Blackstar's new Silverline series concentrates on practical amp versions and features that guitar players actually want. The whole package is quite classic, with the silver (hence the name) control panel, and the light grey/dark.

This is a 40 watt 2 channel combo from Blackstar. It has 2 ECC83 pre-amp tubes and 2 EL34 power-amp tubes. The clean channel gives me anything from a fairly clean tone (not perfect, but with some a compressor this thing sounds crystal clear) to some ballsy heavy distortion Blackstar ID:Core 100 Guitar Combo Amplifier. Equipped with powerful ID:Core technology and two 10 speakers, this 100-watt tube combo packs quite a punch while still weighing in at only 27.5 pounds. Blackstar ID:Core 100 Guitar Combo Amplifier. $379.99 The minimalist design of Blackstar amps makes them easy to overlook in favor of something more visually ostentatious, but this range is designed to let your music do the talking. Aimed at beginners and anyone wanting great tone in a budget amp, the Blackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier (LT-ECHO15) features gain, volume, and a two-band EQ The Blackstar Fly 3 {AKA Blackstar Fly 3 Mini Guitar amplifier) is a lightweight practice amp designed to be portable and usable in a variety of situations. It can run on batteries or a power adaptor. It was designed to sound great and be affordable for beginning guitarists of all ages BOSS Katana MkII vs. Blackstar Silverline Amps. Two of 2019's biggest guitar amp releases happened within just a week of one another. Officially launched in early October, BOSS unveiled updated versions of its best-selling Katana amplifiers while Blackstar introduced a brand new lineup to contend with the Katana series' overwhelming popularity

Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Blackstar Combo Guitar Amplifiers at Guitar Center. Most orders are eligible for free shipping Blackstar Artist 10 AE Price: $759.99 MSRP by Pete Prown Tube-amp lovers know that low-watt combos are among the hippest tone-boxes in the land, as they can provide the sweet spot between home jamming and studio recording. In fact, rock trivia buffs know that classic guitar tracks like Layla and.. The Blackstar ID:60TVP ( current price in Finland: 499 €) is a mid-size, 60 Watt guitar amp, equipped with a single 12-inch speaker. The compact combo's cabinet is covered in a black, leather-like vinyl, and sports black plastic corner protectors. The ID:60TVP's back is almost completely closed, which no doubt helps with achieving. Blackstar Amplifiers. Blackstar HT Venue Series Club 50 MKII 50W Tube Guitar Amp... Blackstar Def Leppard Fly 3 Bluetooth 3W 1x3 Guitar Combo... Blackstar Super Fly Act 12W 2x3 Powered Extension Speaker... Blackstar Studio 10 EL34 10W 1x12 Tube Hybrid Guitar Combo... Blackstar Unity 250ACT 250W 1x15 Powered Extension Bass..

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Blackstar Fly 3W Guitar Combo Amp. Standard agreement offers 12 months to ownership. 90-day purchase options cost more than the retailerâ s cash price (except 3-month option in CA). To purchase early call 877-898-1970. The advertised service is lease-to-own or a rental- or lease-purchase agreement provided by Prog Leasing, LLC, or its. Review: Blackstar HT-1R MkII & HT-5R MkII combos. There was a great deal to like about the original Blackstar HT-1R and HT-5 amplifiers, with both proving very popular due to their high-quality valve tones and affordability. Launched at NAMM 2019 in January, these new 'MkII' versions offer not only tweaked aesthetics but also new. Reviews & ratings: Blackstar ID:Core 10 V3 Sugar Skull 2 Limited Edition 2x3 Stereo Combo Amplifier for Electric Guitars MFR: IDCORE10V3SS2. Buy now & save $80. Amplifier Compatibility: Guitar Amplifier, Amplifier Type: Solid State Amplificatio Blackstar Amplification, Northampton, Northamptonshire. 567,475 likes · 2,570 talking about this · 118 were here. Welcome to the official Blackstar Amplification page. Please direct all questions..

Blackstar amps are an innovative producer of Guitar Amps, Cabinets and Pedals, based in Northampton, UK. Blackstar specialise in both solid-state and valve amps for Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitars. Starting out in 2004 from a garden shed and growing to a full factory in Northampton in a few short years, Blackstar has become a worldwide name. Blackstar Amps are designed in the UK and built in Korea to the company's exacting specifications. The HT Club 40 is an affordable dual channel 1×12″ combo that focuses on tone rather than a slew of ancillary (and probably unnecessary) features

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Here's what Blackstar says about the ID:Core V3 20w: The best-sounding, most-popular entry level amps in the world, upgraded for the way you play today. Incredible tone and immersive Super Wide Stereo sound will inspire your playing Reviews & ratings: Blackstar HT1R MKII 1-Watt 1x8 Tube Combo Amplifier with Reverb, Bronco Gray MFR: HT1RMKIIBG. Buy now & save $30. Amplifier Compatibility: Guitar Amplifier, Amplifier Type: Tube/Valve Amplificatio Blackstar Combo Amps. Filter. Showing 18 out of 64. Show. per page. Sort By. Blackstar Silverline Deluxe 100w Combo Amp . £549.00. Add to Wish List. Blackstar Studio 10 6L6 Combo Valve Guitar Amplifier . £499.00. Add to Wish List. Blackstar HT Club 40 MkII Valve Guitar Combo Amplifier. 1. Blackstar IDCORE40 Guitar Combo Amplifier, 40W. By blackstar. 9.8. View Product. 9.8. 2. Blackstar ID Core 10 V2 Sugar Skull Guitar Amplifier + Keepdrum Guitar Cable. By blackstar

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Blackstar HT5R — A 5w amp that delivers the goods. The Blackstar HT5R delivers crunch and breakup tones that you'd expect from a 100 watt amp through the use of a 12BH7 dual triode valve in push-pull configuration. The result is a big sound, from a modest, 5-watt amp. Check Amazon Price. Here's a great all-around dem The Blackstar is a really versatile amp. It has two channels: Clean and Overdrive which can be selected by the (included) footswitch. The Tone knob for clean sounds gives you a warm, rich clean tone as well as that bright sparkle. More info, Prices and Reviews for the Blackstar HT-5R. 2 - H&K TUBEMEISTER 5 Ive always considered blackstar to be aggressively mediocre amps for the price. I dont particularly like how they take pedals, and the clean channel is a little flat, but i enjoy the gain. Its got a very 90's rock tone imo. 8. Share. Report Save. level 1 · 3y. I had an HT-40. I traded it for a DSL40C, but it was a good amp, especially for the.

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  1. Blackstar might not be as famous a name as Marshall or Fender, but they make some pretty amazing amps. At this price, the Blackstar is competing with the Fender Champion and the Fender Mustang, so it's got some pretty healthy rivals. So, why would you choose this amp instead? For starters, Blackstar 10W Digital Stereo Combo is a more modern amp
  2. Blackstar HT-5R. Blackstar's popular all-tube HT-5R wraps up this list with its incredible high gain tones. This 5 Watt 1x12 combo amp comes with Blackstar's ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) technology, which expands the tones that you can get. See our detailed description below
  3. i amp is a powerful amplifier designed to provide all the benefits of a full-size amp without the heavy, bulky shape. Even at low volumes, this
  4. Find more Blackstar Blackstar HT Club 40 Venue Series Club Guitar Combo Amplifier information and reviews here. Play Video Video related to blackstar ht club 40 mark ii guitar combo amplifie

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  1. To finish up, here is a list of the other amps that were mentioned in the survey, but that didn't make it into the top makes and modes listed above. AER Compact 60 $700 - $1,450. Acoustic Image Clarus (Head) $500 - $1,000. Marshall MG30 $200 - $230. Mesa Boogie Lone Star $1,200 - $3,500
  2. The Roland Cube 60 is clearly a winner, very popular jazz guitar amp with amp emulation that works.Besides being very good, it's also one of the cheapest amps in this roundup. The Cube 15, 20 and 30 exist as well, but while they are good practice amps, they don't compare to the Cube 60 (update: a reader reports using 2 Cube 30s work even better than 1 Cube 60)
  3. Blackstar HT5R Tube Amp. 1. Marshall DSL Series Tube Amp Head. Check Price On Sweetwater. The DSL 15H sounds and feels like genuine, powerful Marshall tone, and is exactly what you would expect from a brand that has produced some of the best guitar amps in existence
  4. i tubular amplifier review. Tubular amplifiers are famous for delivering high wattage, strong outputs, and far projections. Moreover, they maintain the natural sound of the guitar at high volume levels with a dynamic distortion in the mix
  5. This amp voicing all the classic Fender clean tones without the impracticability of its tube amp counterparts is the reason why it makes it a great contender for a solid state amp perfect for jazz. The Champion 100 is a 100 watt 2×12 combo, loud enough for a small to medium sized venue and includes a ton of modeling technology
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  1. Blackstar has unveiled its new Debut combo amplifiers, the 10E and 15E. The 10W and 15W amps both feature clean and overdrive channels, a built-in tape echo effect and Blackstar's Infinite Shape Feature, which adjusts the EQ sweep from American to British. The amps also feature line in and headphone/emulated line outs, plus a pair of 3.
  2. So reliability is good with me for now. Price: 10/10- can't beat it. In this price range, you either go modeling, or go for tone; you can't have the best of both, so this amp does a good job competing with the modelers that come with 1,000,001 effects and sounds. Versatility: 9/10 - as I stated, this is very versatile
  3. Blackstar Amplification, Northampton, Northamptonshire. 568,053 likes · 1,127 talking about this · 117 were here. Welcome to the official Blackstar Amplification page. Please direct all questions..
  4. Blackstar FLY3 Bass Combo Amplifier. If you're in the market for a very portable, battery-powered practice amp, this is a good option. While it delivers only three watts, it does have two channels (clean, overdrive) tape delay and provides the right tone for its size

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Service Review: The Blackstar HT40. This will be the first in a series of reviews of amps as they show up around here for repairs. I intend to look only at a limited number of parameters: ease of serviceability and availability of documentation. These opinions are my own. Recently a Blackstar HT40 like the one in the picture arrived The FLY 3 is a tiny, compact amp with classic Blackstar good looks. The FLY 3 comes with one amp and one speaker. The speaker can be connected to the amp for a 6 W stereo setup. The amp features Gain and Volume knobs and an Overdrive channel. The top of the amp also features Blackstar's Infinite Shape Feature (ISF), which is an EQ control that. Re: Question about Blackstar HT Club 40 (and amps in general) The number of pre-amp tubes won't tell you if it is an all tube design. A lot of companies make budget tube gear in which they run some 12AX7s in a starved plate design vs. full voltage. These designs are more for show than any real practical use and are a sales gimmic

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Verdict. The Blackstar HT-5RH is a straight forward, easy to use tube amp that is perfectly suited to the guitarist who wants a great practice amp that is also suitable for jamming or recording. It is solidly built, looks fantastic and most importantly, it sounds amazing Blackstar HT-5 Amplifier Head Review posted by Guitar Jar Contributors. This review was submitted by Guitar Jar contributor: Paul. I got this amp as it was the most versatile 5 watt amp about. I play 80's hair-metal & rock, and it kicks arse. This amp provides TV volume playing with an excellent sound

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Blackstar Silverline Deluxe 100h 100-watt Digital Guitar Amp Head. 5 out of 5 stars. (1) Total Ratings 1, $529.99 New. $449.00 Used. Blackstar FLY3 Sugar Skull Guitar Amplifier. $99.99 New. Blackstar Fly 3 Mini Amplifier With Power Supply and Guitar Cable Review: Blackstar ID:30 TVP 16 Apr. The minute Blackstar announced the ID:15 and ID:30 True Valve Power amplifiers, I posted a rhetorical question on Twitter about whether this would be the perfect solution to my session amp woes. I love the sound of glowing tubes, but I've been led to realize that even my 20-watt amp turned out to be way.

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At Blackstar, we are all musicians and understand the importance of great tone, whether practicing at home or on stage in a live environment. Based in Northampton, England with over 50 years combined experience in guitar amplification design and production, we are totally committed to providing you with the ultimate tools for self expression BlackStar's amps are designed and engineered by BlackStar amplification in the UK. The ID:Core BEAM amplifier is a 20 watt stereo guitar amp with Bluetooth functionality and channels for both electric and bass guitar. It was hard to believe that an amp this small could offer all these features and look good to boot

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Blackstar HT-1R Amp Review. Reyezikiyi. Follow. 3 years ago. So today we check out the AWESOME!! HT-1R 1 Watt combo amp by #BlackstarAmplification!\r \r \r \r \r 1 WATT, PUSH-PULL DESIGN\r \r The HT-1 power amplifier is a low powered push-pull design which produces the crunch and break-up chareristics of a traditional 100W output stage but at a. Long & McQuade is Canada`s biggest guitar store offering a huge selection of guitar amps, pedals & guitar amp accessories. Shop online today *Designed by the same UK R&D team as Blackstar™'s high-end valve amps. *The same level of testing and critical listening tests as all Blackstar products. *Stereo linear speakers perfect for music playback. *The speaker emulated output has tonal characteristics of a guitar speaker cabinet and provides a natural tone for recording or headphone use Blackstar was awarded brand of the week at Thomann on 28.10.2013. At the moment you can find a total of 3614 media, tests and reviews on Blackstar products - among them the following 865 pictures, 45 different 360 panoramic views, 562 sound samples, 2040 costumers' product reviews and 102 test reports from magazines (in several languages) Joining Blackstar's patented ISF tone control is a USB and balanced XLR outputs for pro recording, a power reduction switch, and a newly voiced studio quality reverb. Blackstar HT20R MkII Guitar Amplifier Combo Reverb Features. 20 Watts, all-tube combo amp with Reverb. Tube Complement: 1 x ECC83 (12AX7), 2 x EL84 Power Tubes